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How much do you spend on e-liquid per month?

On average in the UK we pay around £4 for every 10 ml bottle of branded, flavoured e liquid we buy.

At this price, getting through one 10 ml bottle of e-liquid per day (a reasonable estimate) costs UK vapers roughly £120 per month, or £1,460 over the course of a year (3.65 litres of e-liquid in total).

That’s over three times more expensive than the alternative option of buying shortfill e-liquids – and almost 15 times the cost of DIY mixing your own vape juice.

And yet we just keep buying those tiny 10 ml bottles!


Shortfills explained

Shortfills are made of a mixture of base e-liquid (PG and/or VG) and flavourings.

It should be explained that shortfills generally do not contain any nicotine (although some stores will add it for you), as users are expected to add nicotine themselves in preferred quantities.

Shortfill e-liquids usually come in bigger volumes (50 ml/ 100 ml/ 250 ml, etc) and containers are larger than necessary to allow space for nic shots to be added, hence the name.

Shortfills are also known as Shake ‘n’ Vapes because you’re supposed to shake the bottle once you’ve added your nicotine to your flavour base in order to mix the two together before vaping.

How shortfills can save you money

Even including the cost of extra nic shots, 3.65 litres of mixed and ready-to-vape shortfill e-liquid would cost you at most £50 per month or around £600 per year. (Rounded calculation based on average UK 100ml shortfill price of £11.50 + 5 x nic shots @ £1 each). 

If you’re already a habitual 10 ml bottle buyer, opting to buy bigger 100 ml shortfill e-liquid packs instead of the usual 10 ml bottles could save you up to £900 per year, based on 10 ml daily usage as already suggested.

How much do shortfills usually cost in UK?

In the UK, shortfill e-liquids tend to cost between £9 and £12 for a 100 ml bottle.

Though shortfills are nic-free, they often come with one or two 10 ml nic shots thrown in. If not, you can usually add extra nicotine shots to your order for a reasonable price (around £1 or £2 per shot) or else just buy your own cheap nicotine shots from another supplier.

The total cost of a single purchase of 100ml shortfill e-liquid plus four or five extra nic shots would therefore probably not exceed £16 (at least ten day’s supply based on 10 ml per day usage).

Even cheaper ways to vape than shortfills

There are of course even cheaper ways to vape flavoured vape juice – and DIY mixing is by far the cheapest, but shortfills are the easiest way to make huge savings on your juice purchases without having to get your hands dirty – or mess around collecting tons of separate items and ingredients.

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