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Fans of the classic ePuffer Titan X will be happy to know that a brand new version of this popular
Here is my review of the Jac Vapour S17 Topfill Vape Pen for beginners. On the surface, it's a pocket-sized

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Can even heavy smokers stop smoking with vaping?

Heavy smokers may find it harder to stop smoking with vaping than lighter smokers, but they too can make the switch. This is supported by the fact that (in the UK) thousands more regular – and heavy – smokers are managing to quit smoking with vaping every single year. With the right vape set up, Read more…


Reasons why your vape has no flavour

It’s not nice when you suddenly realise you’re getting weak flavour – or no taste at all from your vape pen, tank or pod. But why does this happen? Why can’t I taste my vape? Weak or non-existent vape flavour often happens because of incorrect device wattage or airflow settings. But using the wrong vape Read more…


The UK’s best vape reviewer? Green Winch

Who is the Green Winch? Ever heard of the Green Winch? Neither had I until last week, when I found myself rooting around for reviews on YouTube. I needed a replacement for my favourite battered old mini-mod that had finally conked out.  And then this video pops up with a guy who looks like one Read more…


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