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Nic Salts – Friend or Fad?

As all seasoned vape nerds will tell you, nicotine salts – or “Nic Salts” – are the latest must-try e liquid innovation, apparently promising to offer a more satisfying vape that matches more closely the experience of actual smoking. But are nicotine salts just a passing fad, or are they worth the spend?

what-are-nic-saltsWhat are Nic Salts?

Nicotine salts and nic salt bases are a new type of e liquid, made from nicotine extracted from tobacco using a different process to conventional e liquids. As such, manufacturers claim nicotine salts offer a stronger, smoother throat hit, a richer depth of flavour and even a cigarette-like head rush, something which standard e liquids don’t usually achieve.

Nic salts: Why now?

Vapers like high wattages and strong vapes, but they are sick and tired of harsh throat hits. Nicotine salts are designed to let you enjoy nicotine vapour at higher concentrations without the rasping throat ache and inevitable hiccups.

Over the last few years, vaping has gone super high-tech. High wattage DTL devices with more efficient coils mean more vapour, and more nicotine consumed, but guess what? Really high nicotine levels just annoy people. More and more vapers have noticed that more (standard “freebase”) nicotine in their big clouds does not equate to a bigger nicotine hit, hence the demand for a new, smoother nicotine formulation.

Are nicotine salts legal in UK?

Yes, though only recently. Though technically possible to import, up until early 2018, “alternative” e liquid formulations were not permitted in UK.

Now, nicotine salts have been approved for sale in UK and are being snapped up by all of the big suppliers.

Best nic salt brands?

A few nic salt suppliers are selling well-made, reliable formulations that are tested and manufactured in clean lab environments. See my latest review on this brand new nicotine salt DIY mixing liquid from JAC Vapour UK.








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