This is my updated 2020 review of the JacVapour Series B DNA75. This is a beginners’ guide for new users. For this reason, my review focuses on the most basic features of the Jacvapour DNA 75 only.

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What is the JacVapour Series B DNA75 mod?

jacvapour series b dna75 review

  • The Jacvapour Series B DNA75 is a 75 Watt 3-button battery power mod. You can attach it to almost any juice tank (RDA, RDTA or RTA) for either mouth-to-lung (like a cigarette) or direct-to-lung (cloud-machine) vaping 
  •  JacVapour designed the Series B as a UK-designed alternative to Chinese and US-made mods
  • Originally an advanced user device, the Series-B has since become popular among new vapers. This is thanks to its easy-to-operate panel, no-fuss appearance and sturdy build  

DNA 75 Mod – Review of Main Features

First impressions: appearance, feel and design

DNA 75 Mod Review - feel and weight

Right out of the box, the Series-B looks and feels quite chunky. It has a compact, sturdy feel in the hand, and a bold, smooth, streamlined shape.

Buttons and panel layout

There are three buttons on the control panel in total. That’s one large power button and two smaller buttons at either end of a longer button-bar.

Power controls are really simple to understand. You don’t need a degree in electronics to make the buttons on the DNA 75 do what you want them to do.

Just tap right on the power bar to increase power and left to soften. After that, you simply hit the power button to release vapour.

Five clicks will also lock – or unlock – the power button. This is if you need to lock the power button for any reason (kids, pets, etc).

There are more nerdy power settings for advanced users if you really need them. These include power profiles to match coil type and size, vape history tracker, etc.

However if you’re a beginner, chances are you’ll just want to keep things simple at first. My advice is to just let the buttons do the work and start vaping.

Both buttons are set almost flush with the surface of the panel.

Button positioning allows you to reach buttons easily with a thumb or finger, while your hand is wrapped around the device.

Button clicks on the DNA75 feel smooth and soft, and are very responsive to touch. You’ll also notice that when buttons are pressed, there’s almost no click sound, which is nice!

DNA 75 mod batteries and power review

Unlike many modern sub-ohm mods available now, the Jacvapour Series B DNA75 requires just one flat-top IMR 18650 battery. This should last you for at least a year (mine’s still going strong two years in).


The Series-B battery case is fully spring-loaded and holds the battery tightly. This means it’s less likely to jiggle out after bumps or knocks.

The magnetic battery cover also falls tightly into place very easily, but can be a bit tricky to remove sometimes.

Be careful not to get the tiny magnets wet. if you do, the glue will melt and the magnets may fall off (I stupidly left mine outside overnight after taking photos of it for this review).

Charging the DNA 75 mod

Don’t want the bother of having to remove and charge your DNA-75 battery?

If so, you can charge your device via the USB charging port and cable supplied. Charging time is a bit longer this way, but the built-in charger is a useful feature nonetheless. I used it to charge the mod for this review, and it worked fine for me.

This way, you should still be able to charge up in about 4 hours. This is a bit longer than using a dedicated charger, but is a lot easier to set up.


Responsiveness and tank compatibility

I like the Series-B because it’s responsive, even at lower wattages. You’ll also find that vapour is less harsh at higher power settings.

The DNA 75W works pretty well with Jac Vapour’s S-22 tank (see picture above). However, you can of course use it with almost any MTL or DTL tank of your choice.

Unboxing the Series B

Strong Points 

The Jacvapour DNA75 is a great beginner device, as I hope this review has made clear. Great that is, as long as the thought of such a serious-looking device doesn’t freak beginners out. It is after all, bigger, heavier and more sophisticated than your average fixed-power e-cig or vape pen.

But in my opinion isn’t really something new vapers should worry about.  After all, you can simply use the features you want and leave the rest to the nerds to figure out.

 The Series-B is also a fair bit bigger than its sister vape, the Series S17 Topfill Vape Pen. Also, unlike a vape pen, the DNA 75 is tough, durable and extremely reliable.

It has a long daytime battery life and more optional power settings than you can throw a stick at (if you want them).

On the other hand, just like a vape pen, it’s a super-easy vape device to use and carry around.

The Series-B is a hard-wearing and reasonably foolproof mod, which – if you look after it – will probably last you at least a couple of years. It should also give you a lot of satisfaction in the mean time.

Weak points 

Charging with the USB charger takes too long

Charging time is a bit too long with the onboard USB charger.

If you want to reduce charging time, it might be worth investing in a separate battery charger, plus an extra battery. You can then charge one battery while you use the other one in your device.

Minor scratches possible 

The casing and matt paint coating of the device are pretty tough. However,  after a while, minor scratches may appear. After I tested the JacVapour DNA 75 for about six weeks for this review, small scratches had started to appear on the case. 

To keep these to a minimum, try to avoid putting the device in your pocket with keys, coins etc. Better still, get some kind of cloth carry case for it.

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Is Jac Vapour Series B DNA75 for beginners?

The JacVapour DNA 75 aims to provide an enjoyable vaping experience for beginners and more experienced users. Progressing beginners can use it as a vape pen, while intermediate users who want to get a more focused vaping experience.

This means that more advanced features of the Series B (such as vape history tracking) are optional, and can be ignored if users don’t want to use them. In other words, the Series-B DNA75 can be used by more experienced users and beginners alike.

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