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JAC Vapour UK have just released their new mouth to lung-dedicated S-22 vape tank (£18.99, JAC Vapour) in a bid to satisfy vapers who still enjoy mouth-to-lung vaping as opposed to direct lung vaping, which has taken centre-stage in the last year or two, much to the annoyance of “traditional” vapers!

JAC claim their top-fill S22 tank will offer a more natural (cigarette-like) draw when used with the correct coil and airhole adjustments, though can likewise be used by direct lung vapers with open airholes and a lower-resistance coil. Here’s my quick review of the S22 vape tank after a couple of days’ puffing…

S22 Tank by JAC Vapour: review

jac-vapour-s-22-reviewAppearance and practicality: the Jacvapour  S-22 tank consists of three easy-to-assemble main sections – base, body and mouthpiece, aimed presumably at more practical assembly and cleaning. Pretty sleek-looking overall, with brushed steel surface (nice) and zero branding (at least for now). There are only two vertical slots for “windows” on the body of the tank to see how much e liquid you have remaining, so a big departure from the all-glass Kanger-style models of the past, though this sturdier design is probably more likely to survive a clumsy drop onto a hard kitchen floor (I haven’t tested that, yet).

Versatility: I screwed the S-22 onto two of my battery mods – firstly onto my 50W Series B Tilt mod, which will power practically any tank you throw at it, and then onto my Reuleaux RX2/3 (150W). Both worked well with no power issues and connections were tight on both devices.



Vape test – MTL (1.0) coil fitting with air holes closed: the 50 Watt mod gave an initial “NO TANK” error message on the display when I first fitted the S-22 with the MTL coil, suggesting a loose connection somewhere – on closer inspection, the coil had become wet after I had filled the tank (presumably due to loose assembling in factory) though once dried off and reinserted more tightly, worked as expected.

The ventilation (air hole) spinner certainly provided a cigarette-like draw, and gave quite realistic resistance, as long as air holes were completely (or nearly) closed. For me, the key issue with MTL (1.0) coil fitted was that my heavier VG e liquid performed a little too sluggishly in initial tests – a switch to a brighter, 50/50 PG/VG eliquid gave instantly better results in flavour and quality of vapour, even at quite low wattages (15-20w). This may have been due to my particular brand of e liquid (homebrewed) though results were definitely much better with a lighter e liquid.

Vape test – DL (0.5) coil fitting with airholes open: no problems this time in terms of connections and there was no need to soak or prime the coil, either. The JAC S-22 gave out clean and strong-tasting vapour within about a minute of assembly without any issues at all (again starting at about 15w), and on both of my mods though vapour was much keener at 20 watts, though at 25W was a little too warm on the tongue for my liking.

Though performance (in terms of vapour production) was adequate with ventilation holes fully open, I got a lot of noise (whistling) in this position – by twisting the air hole spinner to the half-closed position, I was able to get a noticeably quieter draw, vapour became thicker – and much stronger and brighter in flavour. In terms of e liquid compatibility, the DL (0.5) coil seemed to manage my heavier (VG) e liquid much more effectively than than did the MTL coil in my previous test.

SS22 Tank Review: Round-up

jacvapour-s22-tank-reviewJacvapour’s S22 tank is perhaps not as radical a tank system design as many, and is considerably less glassy and bulky in appearance than some of the more classic tank designs of late, but interesting nevertheless. The S-22 looks good, doesn’t leak at all (as far as I can tell so far) and gives out lots of fresh-tasting vapour in both DL and MTL settings.

Simple design of the S22 makes for quick cleaning and filling, and MTL air hole setting provides a realistic cigarette-like draw. However, to be honest, I preferred using the 0.5 DL coil with airholes shut and found this to give a more “realistic” smoking-like mouth-to-lung performance than did the MTL coil, which I think may require a lighter e liquid to improve vapour production and flavour. All in all though a versatile, reponsive tank and a monster vapour-maker, whether you are a mouth or lung vaper.

Find out more about JAC Vapour’s new S-22 tank here








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