Jac Vapour E Liquid and E Cigarette Reviews: Which Jac Products?


This review looks at Jac Vapour, which is a popular brand and one of the most long-standing online vape suppliers in Britain. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Jac Vapour cater mostly to new vapers, and especially those trying to stop smoking. However, they do also supply e cigarette kits and accessories for intermediate and more experienced users, too.

More reviews of Jac Vapour?

I don’t usually review individual UK vape stores, though Jac Vapour is one brand that I’ve used myself and have been impressed by over the years. In fact, it was Jac Vapour’s store that supplied my first “proper” e cigarette in 2011. I even still own an old Jac Vapour mod that I reviewed back in 2015 or so. And amazingly, in spite of a few bumps, dents and scratches, it still works!


From the beginning, I’ve always liked the way that Jac Vapour have stuck close by their original customers (me).

I originally ordered from them because I was a recent ex-smoker who wanted to give vaping a go without a massive spend. And this was at a time when most other UK stores were slowly beginning to cater more to experienced vapers. And Jac Vapour still continue to supply beginner kits that are actually designed for smokers, rather than those which aren’t.

Since then I’ve done quite a few Jac Vapour reviews on my site, and have loved pretty much all of their products (apart from the discontinued Wee Vim).

I still also like how they design their kits in their own UK workshops rather than just rebranding and reselling generic gear. Jac Vapour products are solid, well-made and reflect the effort and thought that goes into designing them. And this is a big plus in my opinion.

So perhaps, if it hadn’t been for Jac Vapour, I might not have started vaping in the first place. Isn’t that a good enough reason for a Jac Vapour store review?

Jac Vapour Products Worth Trying

JAC products range from smaller, easy-to-use pod vape devices right up to larger, big battery models and accessories. The more advanced devices are for more confident users or heavy smokers who want more vapour, flavour and battery life. They also supply an impressive range of both pre-mixed e liquids and low-budget DIY vape mixing ingredients.

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Review of e liquids at Jac Vapour

If you want to get a taste of what Jac Vapour are all about, I would recommend first checking out their range of e liquids. This long-established UK-designed vape juice range includes several excellent generic flavours.

Tobacco e liquid range

But where Jac Vapour really excel is when it comes to their tobacco flavours for smokers, many of which I’ve reviewed over the years.


In particular, their “smoking” e liquid range offers a powerful, rich-tasting blend of genuine tobacco flavours and smooth-vaping nicotine salt liquid.

Both UK tobacco and Menthol flavours are extremely satisfying, and I’d strongly recommend these to ex-smokers trying vaping for the first time.

For the purposes of this brief review, I’m not going to detail every single Jac vapour product worth buying. I can however give you an idea of a handful of devices that I’ve tried and have enjoyed using.

Remember though that Jac Vapour offer vape mods, pens and pods for light smokers as well as heavier ones. They also provide different buying options for different budgets. So, you’ll need to match whatever Jac Vapour device you want to buy to your own needs and preferences.

Which Jac Vapour e-cigarettes are best for trying out vaping or stopping smoking?

If you’re looking to try out vaping or to help you stop smoking, I’d recommend either Jac Vapour’s VIM AIO Pod, or else their S22 Mesh Kit. Of the two, the VIM AIO is the cheaper and by far easiest-to-use try-out kit option. I’d recommend you check out my review of the VIM AIO before you buy.

Jac Vapour’s VIM AIO

The pricier S22 Mesh Kit on the other hand offers more battery life, is a bit more serious, and is a more reliable kit in the longer term. Both units can be refilled, and both can be filled with Jac’s own “smoking tobacco e liquid” without clogging up.

Jac vapour S22 Mesh Kit

On the other hand, if you want a device that’s somewhere between the VIM and the S22, Jac Vapour’s S17 is a good choice, also. This is really a vape pen, but is still pretty solid-looking and and worthy first-time e-cigarette for smokers. I’ve done a review of the Jac Vapour S17 here, if you want more information about it.

Finally, for heavier vapers or those after a more reliable, long-term device, Jac Vapour’s Series B DNA75 Mod is probably the one to go for. This is a powerful battery mod that can be combined with any Jac tank to provide more flavour, strength and vapour.

Series B DNA is recommended for heavier users

The Series B DNA75 (see review) is aimed principally at heavier smokers coming into vaping. Though more versatile, this Jac Vapour e-cigarette is perhaps a less suitable choice for light smokers or first-time vapers.

Safety, guarantees and customer assurances

All Jac Vapour products are supplied with full user guarantees and warranties. Their no-quibble returns policy allows you to return anything that doesn’t satisfy within 14-days. This covers all products apart from e liquids which have already been opened. In my experience, Jac Vapour review and respond to any customer complaints promptly and efficiently.

All JAC Vapour chargers and e cig batteries are CE compliant and safety-checked. They’re also designed and tested in accordance with strict UK safety guidelines and regulations.

Likewise, JAC manual e cigarette batteries include a 5-click on-off feature. This allows users to lock off the power button quickly when not in use. A useful feature which keeps vape devices safe from  from inquisitive kids or pets.

JAC Vapour e liquids and refills conform fully to EU/UK bottle and labelling standards. What’s more, all e liquid bottles come with childproof safety caps as standard.

Average JAC prices, deals and discounts

JAC Vapour’s most basic rechargeable e cigarette, the Series S17 Topfill Kit starts for £27.99. Meanwhile, their next entry-level product in the beginner’s range is the Series S22 Kit. This sells at £37.99.

There is currently a 15% off discount for new Jac Vapour customers from this review site with the following discount code: ECF