Review of main JAC Vapour features

JAC Vapour e cigarettes and e liquids have become hugely popular in the UK over the last few years.

JAC Vapour products compare well with other UK e cigarette brands thanks largely to their UK-made ranges, quality, user satisfaction, savings and regular product discounts.

All JAC Vapour products conform to EU safety standards, and sales of all JAC Vapour e cigarettes are covered by full guarantees. Here’s my 2020 review of JAC Vapour:

Standard product range

JAC Vapour now offer an impressive range of e cigarette kits,  many of which are designed and produced in their UK factory. JAC products range from smaller, easy-to-use single battery devices (ideal for recent quitters) down to larger, big battery models and  accessories for more experienced users who want more vapour, flavour and battery life.


There is an on-going 15% discount offer (see above), available on all Jac Vapour e cigarette devices and e liquids for new customers, so if you are one, don’t pay the full price!


JAC also stock their own-brand UK-made e liquids, including “nic salt” e liquids, favoured by recent ex-smokers, and even “Clear Steam” vapour-less e liquids for those who prefer to vape unnoticed…

Safety review

With so many horror stories about exploding e cigarette chargers these days, it’s reassuring to know that all JAC Vapour chargers and batteries come with CE safety markings and are designed and tested in accordance with strict UK electrical safety guidelines and regulations.

Likewise, JAC manual batteries include a 5-click on-off feature, allowing users to lock off the power button quickly when not in use, thereby keeping the device safe from accidental activation in pockets, and from inquisitive kids or pets.

JAC Vapour e liquids and refills conform fully to EU/UK bottle and labelling standards, with all e liquid bottles coming with childproof safety caps and warnings as standard.

In addition, JAC now offer a new “UK Made” range of e liquids, adding a further layer of reassurance for safety-conscious customers.

Quality and versatility

In my experience, JAC kits are well-designed, (I have a JAC Series-B from nearly 3 years ago that I still use every day) robust and easy for new users to handle with ease.

The smallest JAC battery kits generally will last for a few hours of regular use before a recharge is necessary, and charging is usually pretty fast, even from a laptop USB port.

Larger JAC batteries take a little longer to fully recharge (3 hours or so) though last much longer (I can usually get a day’s full use out of my Series-S22 after a 2-hour charge).

JAC batteries come with a 4-week warranty, though will last you over a year if you look after them (two years in my case).

Average JAC prices, deals and discounts

JAC Vapour’s most basic (though more-than-adequate) rechargeable e cigarette, the Series S17 Topfill Kit starts at £27.99, and their next entry-level product in the beginner’s range is the Series S22 Kit (bigger battery) sells at £37.99.

Further savings (up to 15%) on both these Series-S e cigarette kits can be made if you apply discount codes at checkout.

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