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Are you worried that you might be vaping too much these days? With so much time now spent at home in lockdown, many of us are finding that we’re vaping too often, or even all the time. But how often should you vape? And how much vaping is normal, anyway?

At what point do constant heavy vape sessions become chain vaping, and what are the risks and side effects if that happens?

Looking at how many puffs you vape per hour or day is a good indicator of whether you’re vaping too much. But other factors, like high e liquid usage and strength might also be signs that you need to slow things down.

Is vaping too much actually bad for you?

In the UK, the chances of suffering from nicotine poisoning or overdose following extended heavy or even chain vaping sessions are thankfully very low. Likewise, there is so far very little official evidence that either moderate or excessive vaping poses any other long-term risks to healthy users.

However, people with existing health problems (such as heart conditions) must consult a doctor about vaping, as nicotine may be a risk factor.

But while vaping too heavily might not pose any serious harm, it may still land you with a few unwanted side effects.

Side effects of heavy or chain vaping

In terms of physical effects, heavy users, and especially chain vapers, may suffer from some or all of these vaping side effects:

On the whole though, unwelcome reactions like these seem to be temporary, not generally serious, and not just limited to heavy vape users. It’s just that the more often you vape, the more likely you are to experience these symptoms.

It’s also been reported that vaping may affect mood, memory and concentration. And of course, this may be more noticeable if you vape more often than usual.

But how can you tell if your vaping habit is becoming too heavy?

Signs that you are vaping too heavily

  • Holding your vape in your hand at all times
  • Vaping constantly with only very short breaks between puffs (chain vaping)
  • Dizziness, stomach aches, headaches or hiccups
  • A strong, lingering smell of e cigarette vapour indoors
  • Getting through e liquid very quickly
  • Stealth vaping (vaping in secret in places you shouldn’t)
  • Noticing your cigarette battery going flat too soon
  • Losing interest in daily activities and social events (apart from vaping)
  • Feeling lazy, inactive and/or tired
  • Choosing ever stronger e liquids for a bigger buzz

Ways to find out how much you vape

When most of us try to work out how much we vape, we tend to think only about how often we do it.

But it’s also worth looking at the way you vape. This could include how many puffs you take in each vape session, puff duration, and how long you wait between each puff.  

The type of device you use can also affect how you vape. If you’re using a “direct lung” vape device for example, you may take fewer puffs per session, but inhale more vapour with every puff.

The amount of e liquid you get through per day is also a useful way to gauge how much you vape, as is the nicotine strength of your liquid.

So now we know how to measure our vaping. But how do we know exactly whether the amount we’re vaping is normal?

How much vaping is normal?

Getting an idea of how much and how often users typically vape can give you a better idea of whether your own vaping is normal.

It’s hard to say exactly how many vape sessions people usually have per day. After all, most of us have busy lives and wouldn’t have time to vape continuously even if we wanted to. We can however get a fair idea of how much and how often people normally vape within given time periods.

How many puffs a day is normal?

On average, moderate vape users take about one puff of vapour every two minutes, making a total of 30 puffs per hour. Vape constantly at this rate for 16 hours in a typical day and you’ll get 480 puffs in total.

Recent research suggests that typical users tend to vape in clusters or sessions of up to 10 puffs at a time, with every puff lasting about 4 seconds. A session could be a vape break at work, or after a meal. The key thing with vape sessions is that you split them up with intervals lasting several minutes or even hours.

Average e liquid use per day

Recent research by ASH suggests that most vapers in the UK tend to use up just over 4ml of e liquid per day, with only 2% using more than 10ml. This suggests that anything over 10ml is way too much, unless you’re vaping zero-nic or very weak vape juice.

How much nicotine is OK?

It seems most Brits (67%) prefer to vape e liquids of between 1-12mg nicotine, with 24% using strengths of 13mg to 20mg. This is a lot lower than in other countries, like the US, where users can buy vape liquids with very high (35mg+) nicotine concentrations.

One-off heavy vape sessions

It’s also not unusual for even the most moderate vapers to enjoy one-off heavy vaping sessions at certain times. After all, how much you vape will likely fluctuate based on where you are and what you’re doing at the time.

In my own case, I know I’m way more likely to take more frequent puffs if I’m taking a vape break at work. And this is because obviously I want to take in as much nicotine as I can before my break ends. I don’t think this is unusual, given that smokers do exactly the same thing.

I also sometimes find myself chain vaping whenever my hands aren’t occupied, such as while watching a movie. But it’s not like I vape this often all the time.

So if you sometimes vape heavily or chain vape, but don’t vape like a demon the rest of the time, should you be worried? I would say no, as long as it’s only from time to time and doesn’t last long enough to give you any side effects.

Looking at the bigger picture of how often you vape is a much safer way to judge whether your vaping behaviour is normal or not.

How much vaping is too much?

Here are some typical examples of excessive vaping based on average consumption. If you find yourself doing any (or all) of these things then it might mean you’re vaping too much, or even chain vaping.

  • Using 10ml or more vape liquid per day
  • Using e liquid nicotine concentrations higher than 25mg (2.5%)
  • Vaping constantly for most of the day with only very short breaks
  • Having more than 4 puffs per minute (one puff every 15 seconds) over long time periods

However, it impossible to say exactly how much vaping is too much for all users. After all, we all have varying tolerances in terms of the amount we can vape without suffering side effects.

What is chain vaping?

Chain vaping is what you do when you vape extremely heavily or vape continuously with very few intervals between puffs and sessions. Chain vapers often hold vape devices right next to their mouths so they can take deep puffs with almost every breath. People who chain vape can suffer side effects and also risk using up more e liquid and coils than usual.

Though the physical side effects of chain vaping are not usually serious, constantly using an e cigarette can have negative impacts on well-being. Spending all day and every moment using an e cig without breaks can sometimes make chain vapers feel tired and listless. They may also find that their overall enjoyment of vaping diminishes over time.

What is the risk of nicotine poisoning from heavy or chain vaping?

According to the NHS, there is “no risk of serious harm from nicotine poisoning when vaping e-cigarettes”, even if you vape heavily. However, it’s important to remember that this advice is based on maximum UK e liquid nicotine strengths, which are currently capped at 20mg.

On the other hand, so called “nic sickness” (low-level nicotine toxicity) can happen when users chain vape, or use very high e liquid nicotine concentrations (e.g. 35mg+).

Heavy vape users should remember that children and pets can suffer effects of nicotine poisoning by ingesting nicotine vape liquids by accident. To minimise this risk, keep e liquids locked up high, and mop up spills thoroughly if you have children or pets around.

How much should you vape?

Unless you really enjoy doing nothing but vaping constantly and using up a bottle of e liquid a day, you should probably watch how much you vape. But if you’re not seeing any negative effects from heavy vaping, do you really need to be careful?

You may so far have escaped any of the more serious physical side effects of heavy or chain vaping. But you shouldn’t let your vape habit become so frequent or heavy that it replaces a chat with friends or a day out.

At the end of the day, you and those close to you are probably the best judges of the whether the amount you usually vape is normal or a bit over the top. So listen to their suggestions and decide what’s best for you.

If your vape routine is getting in the way of your life and the things you like to do, it’s probably too heavy. If not, and you’ve got no nasty side effects, then my advice is to carry on vaping as usual.

Is chain vaping the same as heavy vaping?

Chain vaping refers to the way in which many heavy users vape, but not all heavy vapers can be considered chain vapers. Heavy vaping can mean either vaping very frequently or regularly using e liquids with high nicotine strengths. On the other hand, chain vaping is characterised by very long sessions of near continuous vaping.

Why am I vaping so much?

One reason why you may be vaping too much is that you used to smoke heavily before you switched to vaping. Another reason is that nicotine in e cigarette vapour is absorbed more slowly than nicotine in cigarette smoke. This means ex-smokers have to vape more often or more vigorously to achieve the same level of nicotine satisfaction that they once got from smoking.

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