There are more reasons now in 2021 than ever before to switch to vaping. Along with the health benefits of vaping over smoking, you can start making big savings, too. Despite cigarette flavour bans and tobacco prices continuing to rise, vaping has now become cheaper and easier to do.

Even if you’re a really heavy smoker, there’s never been a better time to switch from smoking to vaping than now!

Why should you switch to vaping?

Here are some truly advantageous reasons to start vaping in 2021! 

1. Better health

Improved health is probably the biggest motivating factor for people to switch to vaping from smoking this year. Why? Because smoking still kills around 80,000 people every year in the UK. It’s also still the biggest cause of cancer worldwide. If staying alive isn’t a good enough reason for starting vaping, then what is?

Health benefits of vaping vs tobacco

Recent studies have shown that vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. Most importantly, e cigarette vapour contains nowhere near as many harmful toxins as cigarette smoke does. 

No tar or carbon monoxide

Vaping is probably safer than smoking because e cigarettes (unlike tobacco cigarettes) don’t produce smoke or involve burning. This means you don’t get the tar and carbon monoxide you get from tobacco smoke. So, e cigarette users still get their beneficial nicotine hit, but without the added harm of smoking.

Tobacco smoke vs e cigarette vapour

Cigarette tobacco is harmful in itself, but it becomes even more toxic when you burn (and smoke) it. This is because burning tobacco generates tar, which contains hundreds more toxins that you inhale. These include arsenic, lead, mercury, formaldehyde and even radioactive chemicals in some cases. Cigarette, anyone?

So, while vapour from e cigarettes is unlikely to be 100% toxin-free, it’s still way safer compared to tobacco smoke for this reason.

2. Vaping makes giving up smoking easier

Another great benefit of switching to vaping for smokers is that it’s statistically more likely to help you stop smoking for good. So that 2021 New Year’s resolution to switch to vaping right now could bring about a lifelong change in the way you live.

Vaping vs NRT (Patches, gum, etc)

Recent UK studies show that vaping is twice as effective as nicotine gum, patches or spray for giving up.

Why vaping helped me quit smoking more easily

Starting vaping made giving up smoking much easier for me because it was much more like smoking than NRT was.

A long-term smoker, I’d spent around twenty years dipping into various NRT treatments without success. It seemed that no nicotine replacement treatment I tried ever satisfied my cigarette cravings for very long. And this meant I kept missing my cigarettes, and so kept going back to them.

So when I discovered vaping, I found I could keep doing all the things I did when I smoked. In other words, my e cigarette was just a more realistic – and satisfying – alternative to patches or gum.

Why is vaping an easier way to quit?

The reason why vaping helps people quit so effectively is possibly because it gives you both nicotine replacement and smoking satisfaction (flavour and feel) in one go. So because you’re getting the familiarity of smoking actions as well as relief from cravings, you’re more likely to stick with it.

So being able to carry on enjoying the actions of smoking when quitting makes vaping a much more advantageous way to quit.

Get advice to decide on the best quit method for you

Although vaping is a beneficial way for many people to stop smoking, it might not be for you. That’s why you should get all the facts on stopping smoking with NRT and vaping, first. Your GP or local quit clinic will give you an even clearer idea of the best way for you to stop smoking.

3. Vaping helps you save money

As we enter 2021, cigarette prices are still ridiculously high in the UK, with an average annual costs of over £4,600 per smoker. But potential savings benefits for smokers who swap smoking their smoking habit for vaping are huge. So saving tons of money is another excellent reason for smokers to start vaping this year.

If you’re wasting hard-earned cash on cigarettes right now, you’ll be pleased to know that vaping is much cheaper. It costs on average around £1000 per year to vape in the UK. So heavy smokers who shift to vaping can expect to save thousands of pounds per year.

How much money could you save by vaping in 2021?

Twenty-a-day smokers in the UK spend £12.73 per day on cigarettes (2021 prices). That’s £4,646 a year in total. If you go for a budget vape set-up, you can easily vape for £300 per year. Just thinking about what you could do with those extra savings is reason enough to stop smoking and begin vaping.

If you’ve got more to spend, you could go all-out on latest vape gear, branded vape juice, etc when you start vaping. But even then, you’d still probably save half of the money you’re spending on smoking right now.

Or maybe, you smoke roll-ups with loose tobacco (annual cost of around £1050 at 50g per week). You can still shred your smoking costs if you go down the budget vaping route. The chart below shows the potential money-saving benefits of stopping smoking and starting vaping.

Cost of smoking vs vaping over one year 2021

Cost of smoking cigarettesCost of smoking roll-ups (tobacco and papers)Cost of vaping (starter kit, replacement parts, vape juice, power usage, etc)
£4,600 (approx.)£1.500 (approx.)From £300 to £2000 (approx.)

4. Vaping is more convenient than smoking

One really great advantage of switching to vaping is that it’s extremely convenient, compared with smoking. Ok, so you have to recharge, refill, or replace cartridges, etc. But is that really any harder than all the hoops that smoking makes you jump through? Believe me, it’s easier to vape than smoke.

No more popping out

If you want to vape, you don’t usually have to “pop out” anywhere (unless you’re at work or in a public space). When you’re at home, there’s no need to vape outside in the rain, wind or snow.

And even if you do go outside to vape, you won’t annoy the neighbours with the smell of smoke. Because there isn’t any. For smokers who are sick of having to always hide away and smoke, the relative comfort of vaping is a welcome change.

No more ashtrays or lighting up

Another advantage of vaping is of course that there’s no lighting up and no need for ashtrays, either! What’s not to like?

Vape (almost) anywhere, anytime

Public spaces aside, vapers can enjoy their habit anywhere and anytime, as long as they’re not breaking the law. 

5. More satisfaction than smoking

Satisfaction is one important reason why people often choose to carry on vaping once they’ve got a taste for it. Feeling comfortable and satisfied without your cigarettes is one of the huge advantages of vaping. And this is a huge plus when it comes to staying on track – and staying away from smoking.

For me, vaping has replaced my smoking to the extent that I now enjoy vaping even more than I used to enjoy my cigs. And that’s saying something, because I used to like smoking a lot!

Vaping is actually enjoyable!

Unlike with NRT, using an e cigarette can actually be an enjoyable experience. Have you ever enjoyed wearing a nicotine patch? I thought not.

With vaping, you can still enjoy all of the actions of smoking. You have rich flavours you can savour and thick clouds of warm vapour to get lost in. You still get a satisfying buzz, not to mention something to go with your morning coffee.

Vaping satisfaction means you miss smoking less

Once you realise how satisfying vaping can be, chances are you won’t miss your old smoking habit half as much.

With the right kit and set up, vaping gives you cleaner, richer flavours that satisfy you in ways that smoking simply can’t. There’s none of the stale smokiness, just pure flavour and a nicotine buzz to match.

So my advice is to stop thinking of e cigs as yet another form of boring NRT. After all, they’re much more than that. Instead, allow the promise of vaping satisfaction to motivate you to switch to vaping and give e cigs a try!

6. Better social life after quitting with vaping

Another great advantage of vaping is that it can help you carry on with your social life even after you’ve stopped smoking. Vaping is now more common – and socially acceptable these days. So, starting vaping means you don’t have to become a social hermit just because you don’t smoke any more.

The curse of the non-smoker

It’s possibly the social aspect of smoking that keeps many smokers going back to cigarettes after they’ve quit. How easy it is to go out with friends who smoke after you’ve just stopped smoking yourself? It’s really no fun to be a non-smoker around smokers.

In the end, you succumb to peer pressure. And before you know it, you’re back on the ciggies again.

No more feeling left out

Vaping on the other hand gives you the benefit of being able to carry on hanging out with smoker friends without feeling left out. They smoke and you just vape. It’s that simple.

But won’t people think I look weird vaping?

Vaping has become a lot more commonplace -and socially acceptable over the last few years in the UK. These days, it would be unusual to go into a pub garden and not see people vaping.

So, getting a vape pen (or even a huge mod) out just isn’t going to raise eyebrows or make you stand out.

On the contrary, the social advantages of vaping offer a real incentive to smokers wanting to stop smoking without neglecting their friendships.

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