ePuffer E-Cigar 900 Review

The ePuffer E Cigar 900 is an e cigar I’ve been meaning to try out for a while. Here’s my review of it. 


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ePuffer E-Cigar 900  – Key features

  • Realistic cigar appearance and feel
  • Automatic vapour release when cartridge is sucked (no buttons, controls or switches)
  • Very easy set-up from box – only two sections to assemble
  • Flat mouthpiece for cooler, more focused vapour stream
  • Day-long battery life before with each charge
  • Realistic tobacco flavour nicotine cartridges (available in various strengths)
  • Cartridge flavour lasts about 1-2 days with fairly regular use (or up to one week if refilled)
  • Fully rechargeable / refillable (if you order refillable carts)

Look and feel of this e-cigar

The first thing I noticed about the ePuffer 900 e-cigar was its realistic appearance. Straight out of the box, it does look and feel quite a lot like a cigar, even if it doesn’t really smell much like one!

Visually, the effect is not bad at all – the device feels nice and chunky in the hand. It’s also finished nicely with a label and realistic texture.

Narrow mouthpiece

I initially didn’t like the idea of the flat black plastic tip (not to everyone’s taste). However, in practice, the narrow mouthpiece seems to cool and redirect vapour onto the tongue. This improves intensity of flavour, and makes it a bit kinder on the mouth and throat.

Realistic feel

Some e-cigars I’ve reviewed in the past are designed to look like actual cigars, but they don’t always really feel like cigars. This is usually due to an overly-smooth plastic or paper finish on the barrel.

One good thing about the ePuffer 900 is that the barrel has a crinkled textured brown-paper coating, which does feel quite a lot like dried tobacco leaf in the hand. As a result you do get more of a “cigar smoking” experience, even if you’re actually just vaping!

Weight and battery

The eCigar 900 is fairly heavy, as each e-cigar barrel contains a hefty 900 mAh battery. Apart from that, colour, texture, size and shape of the ePuffer e cigar 900 manage to replicate the effect of a large cigar reasonably well.

Glowing cigar tip

Another great “realistic feature is that the tip glows red (not blue!) when activated. You even get a very realistic-looking red, cream and gold label on each cartridge, which – at a quick glance – looks authentic enough.

Ecigar 900 Box Contents

  • 2 x 900mAh Rechargeable Batteries
  • 3 x Tobacco-Flavoured Nicotine Cartridges
  • Mains/USB Charger
  • Overcharge protected intelligent USB Charger
  • Instruction Manual

ePuffer ECigar 900: set up, recharging and refilling

Thanks to this e-cigar’s “all-in-one” design, setting it up for first use requires absolutely no knowledge or fiddling at all. You just unwrap the batteries from their plastic film and push (don’t screw) the cartridge onto the battery.

Recharging the ePuffer e cigar

Recharging the ePuffer 900 e-cigar is straightforward enough using the mains charger provided.

If you don’t have a spare socket though, you can plug straight into your laptop or power bank using the USB charger. A mains charger’s included in the kit for this purpose.

Charging from either mains or USB takes roughly the same time. Around 2 hours charging should give you about a day’s worth of use, and then you’ll need another recharge.

Two batteries included

On the plus side, this electronic cigar kit comes with two batteries. This means that you can charge one battery up, while using the other, so no waiting around.

On the other hand, the fact that the kit includes two batteries does make it more expensive than it might otherwise have been as a one-battery kit. In this respect, it’s a shame that ePuffer don’t make the extra battery an optional feature.

Using Pre-filled e cigar cartridges

You get three pre-filled cartridges supplied with this electronic cigar kit

However, if you think you might need more pre-filled cartridges, you can always order more of them with your order.

Refilling e-cigar cartridges yourself

However, if you choose to do so, you can order your own blank e cigar cartridges and e-cigar liquid and simply refill cartridges yourself.


Doing this will save you money for sure, and the refilling process is quick and simple to get the hang of.  You can find out how to refill ePuffer e cigar cartridges here.

E Cigar Flavour and performance

My first few puffs on the E Cigar 900 were quite reassuring. I am after all a big fan of realistic tobacco flavours. Though a little too sweet for my liking, the pre-filled cartridges do get quite close to the flavour of real cigars.

Tobacco flavour, aftertaste and strength

You can taste real tobacco extracts in the vapour of this e cigar, and this is of course something that cigar smokers tend to value quite highly.

Vapour from both the Cuban Musketeer pre-filled carts and e-cigar refill e-liquid leave a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. This was another feature I liked, as a good, strong tobacco aftertaste is a generally accepted to be a crucial part of the cigar-smoking experience.

Which strength cartridges or e-liquid to choose?

I went for the lighter 1.2mg Cuban Musketeer pre-filled cartridges as part of my kit just to test the water.

I found that these were strong enough for me to get enough flavour and nicotine satisfaction without having to inhale, but cigar smokers might want something stronger.

Therefore, if you’re already a cigar smoker and don’t inhale, I would recommend the stronger 2.0 mg cartridges, as these will give you more of a kick and cigar aftertaste. The same goes for e liquid, if you’re going for the refillable option: choose the 2.0mg version to be on the safe side.

Draw resistance

Draw on the mouthpiece is fairly loose, though there is enough resistance for it to respond well to each suck. That said, this e-cigar does let you get a decent amount of vapour with each puff.


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