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Here is a 2019 5% discount coupon and review of Black Note E liquid, based on my experiences with this product. If you’re ordering your Black Note from Vapour UK, don’t forget to use this Black Note 5% coupon code on your purchase: ECIGFIND

Black Note Discount Coupon Code UK 2019

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Black Note E liquid: UK Price and Quality

black_note_discount_ukAs is probably obvious from the art-house packaging design and price tag of £17.99 (shriek!) for a single 30ml bottle of this stuff, Black Note is not your average three-for-a-tenner weekend bargain-juice.

A cursory glance at Black Note’s US website reveals a painstaking 2-3 year production process, starting from tobacco selection and curing, through to ageing, blending, natural extraction and finally filtering, all of which makes quite clear that Black Note is intended as a gourmet-only N.E.T. e liquid to be taken very seriously indeed.

Black Note: N.E.T Tobacco Extracts and Composition

Black Note contains naturally-extracted essences of real tobacco, and shouldn’t be confused with regular European/US-made “tobacco-like” e liquids, which often combine food flavourings to simulate the flavour of tobacco. Likewise, Black Note tobacco essences are extracted by maceration and steeping, unlike some of the Chinese-made tobacco e liquids, which contain essences resulting from a faster industrial process.

All Black Note e liquids have a 50% VG / 50% PG composition to balance smoothness, vapour and flavour intensity, and as such are ideally suited to both conventional clearomisers, drip tanks and sub-ohm tank devices. There are five Black Note nicotine strengths in all, ranging from 3mg right up to 24mg.

Black Note Flavour and Vapour Quality

The most noteworthy aspect of Black Note e liquids is that most of their flavours are extremely subtle, and require patience and focus to enjoy. If your idea of vaping is being blown away by the all-too-familiar flavours of artificial vanilla, coconut and surgical menthol, Black Note e liquids are probably not for you, and are definitely not worth the spend. If on the other hand you prefer to savour the delicate flavour of real tobacco you’re in for a treat. These e liquids really are in a different class from most others, and as such should be enjoyed as an experience to be relished, above all.

Best Black Note E liquid flavours to try: My top three!

Best Black Note Flavour: CadenzaFor me, Cadenza, with its rich, full-bodied tobacco flavour and woody, slightly hempy base notes is the most satisfying of all the Black Note e liquids, and probably one of the best tobacco e liquids I’ve ever tried. Bravura comes a close second and is just as smooth, but is slightly sweeter and warmer. Finally, as a big fan of menthol tobaccos, Solo is a really amazing, well-rounded and realistic tobacco-menthol hybrid, and is probably the softest, most carefully-balanced menthol e liquid I’ve reviewed so far. For my full review of all eight Black Note flavours, follow this link.

Final Thoughts

With their subtle flavours, carefully-sourced ingredients and conscientious, painstaking production, Black Note eliquids definitely represent a turning point in e liquid production and design. In the current market of overpriced multi-flavoured generic eliquids of undefinable provenance and quality, Black Note stands out like an antique single malt in a cupboard full of cheap lager. Don’t expect heavy, cloying flavours or a strong aroma out of the bottle – flavours emerge slowly and only when they’re turning to steam inside your tank.

For more detailed review of best Black Note Flavours, see my flavour review of the whole Black Note range.

Try Black Note e liquid for yourself!



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