Best Online Vape Shops in 2021 – Top UK Stores

In 2021 choosing a vape store that really meets your needs in the UK is easier now that so many of the best shops are online. Internet stores are arguably the most convenient way for beginners to make the best decisions when choosing their first vape device.

To help you make that first crucial online purchase, here’s my list of top 6 recommended vape stores in the UK: 

  1. Jac Vapour – (best for beginners)
  2. EPuffer UK – (best store for variety of vape products)
  3. Vapour UK – (best store for quality)
  4. Pure Eliquids – (best store for customer support)
  5. ESauce UK – (best DIY vape supplier)
  6. Ecigone – (best for latest vape devices and discounts)

See reviews below for more info on each vape store in terms beginner suitability, outstanding product range and online customer service.

1. Best vape store for beginners

Jac Vapour


Jac Vapour is an Edinburgh-based UK supplier specialising in its own range of UK-designed vape gear and e-liquids for brand-new users and progressing beginners.

Vape products from this UK store

Unlike most other online vape stores, Jac Vapour design most of the devices they supply, right here in the UK. While they don’t sell such a wide range of vape gear as some stores, the devices they do sell are well-made, durable and reliable.


Because they’re dedicated to a more niche product range, Jac Vapour know a lot more about the gear they supply than many other UK stores do.

And better product knowledge means better pre-sale and after-sale customer support, especially for those just beginning their vaping journey.

Ideal products for smokers switching to vaping

Jac cater heavily to smokers who want to switch to vaping and offer a solid range of strong-flavoured tobacco e-liquids just for them. These are the perfect choice for smokers wanting a smooth transition into vaping.

First-class support for new users and beginners

One of the UK’s first online vape stores, Jac Vapour have earned their stars thanks to their prime reputation as a reliable e-cigarette supplier with solid customer care and proper support for new users.

So if you’re new to vaping and want to make an easy, stress-free first e-cig purchase, this is a UK vape store worth visiting. 

Reasons why this online store is worth visiting

  • One of the first established online vape stores in the UK
  • High-quality in-house range of UK-designed and tested beginner and intermediate mods, pod vapes, tanks, accessories and vape juices
  • All products comply with UK/EU safety standards
  • Dedicated range of beginner vape mods, tanks and pod devices
  • Excellent customer support and help for beginners
  • No-quibble guarantees and limited warranties on all hardware
  • All new customers get a one-time 15% discount on all products

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2. Best shop for variety of vape products

ePuffer UK


EPuffer is a UK-based store that supplies a diverse range of vape products, from e-cigarettes and e-liquids right through to
e-pipes, e-cigars and herb vaporisers

What to expect from this online vape store

What’s impressive about this UK vape shop is its willingness to satisfy so many different types of customer. Whether you’re an ex-pipe or cigar smoker, experienced vaper or a complete beginner about to switch to vaping from smoking, ePuffer won’t fail to disappoint.

Vape products worth checking out at this UK shop


This store supplies some impressive “lookalike” vape products to help get smokers away from their vice, be that cigar, pipe or whatever. Particularly remarkable is their range of e-cigars, which taste almost as real as they look and feel.

This may be why ePuffer is apparently now the UK’s leading supplier of on-stage theatrical smoking devices.

For beginner vape novices trying to quit cigarettes, this UK web store provides several suitable options, one of which is their popular Titan X Hybrid vape pen.

Also worth testing is their range of high quality tobacco e-liquid. There are loads of these vape liquids to choose from, and the flavours they stock in-store are realistic and satisfying.

Customer reassurance and safety

A long-term UK supplier, ePuffer pride themselves on their supreme ability to get smokers off cigarettes (and hookahs, pipes and cigars) and onto vape devices.

Customers can also get reassurance from their care policy. As well as a 30-day money back guarantee, ePuffer also offer a generous 1-Year limited product warranty on all vape products bought from their UK online store. 

According to their FAQs, vape products bought from their online shop are supplied to them by reliable wholesalers, and so are completely safe for use.

Positive reasons to buy from this online store

  • Longstanding and established UK vape supplier
  • Wide range of products for ex-smokers and new vape users
  • All products comply with UK/EU safety standards
  • Comprehensive guarantee and 30-day returns policy
  • Free UK postage on all orders over £50
  • Ongoing 10% discount on all products (see below)

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3. Best vape store for product quality

Vapour UK

Vapour UK is a vape store which offers a very wide range of high-quality known-brand vape devices, e-liquids and accessories aimed at beginners and intermediate users.

Which customers does this store cater to?

Vapour UK cater mostly to intermediate users, and for this reason have a good range of reliable tanks, coils and mods in stock. However, they also have a good selection of beginner kits, pod vapes, etc.

Top products at Vapour UK


Among its various vape products, Vapour UK has won acclaim thanks in part to its wide range of top-notch vape liquids. Notably, this store is the UK’s official supplier of Black Note eliquid. This is an e-juice made from natural extracts and is extremely popular with ex-smokers.

Products for beginners?

Vapour UK stock a wide selection of different types of e-cigarette, though mostly for more experienced users. That said, their beginner range is quite varied with several suitable devices for new users.

Trusted brands

It’s also useful to know that this web store is an official UK supplier of genuine, high-quality imported vape device brands, such as Kangertech, Smok, Innokin and Aspire.

Reassurance of product quality and safety

Vapour UK has a strong reputation for customer safety, and especially when it comes to the quality of its vape liquid. All e-liquid sold by this store comes with a guarantee of reliable provenance and adherence to ISO9000 clean room production environments. 

So, no matter whether you’re an existing vape user in search of inspiration, or a complete newcomer to vaping, this UK online store is one of the best out there.

Plus points:

  • Great range of high quality e liquid
  • Pledge to honour all manufacturer hardware warranties
  • Official supplier of popular brands so no risk of fake items
  • Secure online payment system
  • Same-day dispatch service and reliable delivery
  • E-liquid safety guarantee

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4. Best vape store for customer support

Pure Eliquids


Pure ELiquids is a UK-based web store focusing on e-liquid, but also vape hardware for brand new vapers and more seasoned users.

Is this vape store suitable for beginners?

The Pure Eliquid web store is very much geared towards the beginner and intermediate ends of the vaping market. They have a solid range of basic starter kits in stock alongside products suitable for existing new users wanting hardware upgrades.

Wide range of brands and products for all types of user


Most of the new vaper products Pure supply are from well-known vape brands, such as Vaporesso, Innokin and Smok. What’s more, most of their starter kits and e-cig models are already popular with beginner vapers. This means first-time users can check out reviews of products before they buy.

Online support for new vape users

New users in need of help can make use of the very convenient chat window on the PE website. I tested the chat service during office hours and got some useful advice from one of their advisors. If you’re in doubt about which device to buy or which e-liquid strength is right for you, being able to chat to a real person is a real bonus.

E-liquid and vape device safety

On their website, Pure-Eliquid explain that they are on a mission to provide cleaner, better tasting e-liquids and easy-to-use, reliable vape devices for their customers.

Pure guarantee that all of their liquids comply strictly with GMP clean-room regulations. They also provide alternative EcoPure 100% VG liquids for users sensitive to PG.

This supplier buys its hardware from reliable vape gear manufacturers which comply with UK/EU safety regulations. This means you can be sure that any devices they stock will recharge safely and won’t put your health at risk.

Benefits of ordering from this UK vape store

  • Varied range of vape-safe e-liquid
  • 14 day returns policy (or 30 days for faulty goods)
  • Supplier of trusted brands
  • Free delivery on all UK orders over £49.99
  • Daytime chat support service

View available discounts in-store  

5. Best store for DIY vape supplies and range

ESauce UK


ESauce is a UK online supplier that stocks a very wide range of DIY supplies and regular vape devices for all levels and often at bargain prices

What’s so special about this UK vape web store?

Esauce, which has three actual stores as well as their online shop is one of the best places to pick up a great vape bargain. They source their products from both the UK and USA but are best renowned for their own home-grown UK-made Rebel Mods. These are high-end power devices used mostly for sub-ohm vaping.

Good choice of starter kits, e-liquid and DIY vaping


While Esauce specialise in more advanced vape mods and tanks, they do nevertheless stock a very impressive range of basic starter kits for beginners. These include the much-loved Vaporesso Target Mini kit and the Joytech Aio.

Their e-liquid range is also very strong, and features several major vape juice brands, though you have to know what you’re looking for.

DIY vape ingredients and supplies are another really strong point of this UK web store. ESauce is one of the best places to buy DIY e-liquid flavourings, PG/VG base liquids and nicotine for mixing. Alongside well-known vape-safe flavour concentrate brands like Capella, Inawera, and TPA, they also stock their own brand concentrates.

Is Esauce a beginner-friendly site?

From the point of view of site navigation and clear information, the Esauce web store makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. However, although they do supply beginner vaping equipment, I think this is more a store for intermediate users.

On the flip side, because they tend to stock tried-and-tested vape devices rather than latest releases, beginners get a chance to check online reviews before they buy. From a savings point of view, Esauce is a great place for new users to get cheap deals. That is of course, as long as you’re not bothered about buying the very latest product releases.

Benefits of ordering from this UK vape store

  • Huge range of DIY vaping supplies, such as concentrates and mixers
  • Safety guarantees on all products supplied
  • Trusted and longstanding UK supplier with good knowledge of vaping industry
  • Supplies trusted brand items only
  • Own in-house UK-designed vape mod product lines
  • Very wide range of intermediate, beginner and advanced vape gear

View available discounts in-store  

6. Best vape store for latest products and offers



Ecigone supplies the very latest vape hardware releases from overseas manufacturers and is the perfect UK store for finding big discounts on the most recent devices

What’s so good about this online vape shop?

Ecigone is probably the best vape store in the UK for the very latest product releases and last-minute bargains.

They run regular discounts on products older than a few weeks, and there are pre-order options for upcoming releases. If you don’t pre-order, you have to be quick, as new stock often sells almost as quickly as it appears.

Most recent products at bargain prices


Because they specialise in ordering direct from overseas, top-selling products generally get to this UK web store well before they arrive in high-street – and even many other online – vape stores.

Ecigone UK stock all of the major vape brands, such as Vandy Vape, Vaporesso, Geek Vape and others. Overall, they have an excellent selection of tanks, coils, mods and e-liquids. This is a vape store that really shines in terms of product range and availability.

Is this a good web store for those new to vaping?

On the whole, I’d say that this outlet is set up with more experienced users in mind. However, If you’ve done your homework and know exactly what you want to buy, Ecigone is the perfect place for even beginners to pick up a great “first vape” bargain.

My advice is to first look elsewhere online for a recommended vape starter kit and then use the search box to see if this UK store has it in stock. Chances are if they do sell the kit you’re after, there’ll be a generous discount on it, too!

Top features of this UK vape store

  • The very latest product releases with options to pre-order
  • Huge and dynamic product range
  • Regular generous discounts on even recently available vape devices
  • Comprehensive per-product guarantees and warranties on all sales
  • Authorised supplier of Gas Mods, Rincoe, Artery and others
  • Next day delivery to most UK addresses
  • Own in-house vape mod production

View available discounts in-store  

Pros and cons of buying vapes from online vape stores in 2021

Now in 2021, buying vape devices and liquids via the internet has become the norm in the UK. Before you buy online though, you should understand the pros and cons.


The biggest pros of making vape purchases online in the United Kingdom are speed, choice, convenience and money savings.


No one would argue that buying vape gear online is super-fast these days – even in the UK. OK, so buying in person from a high street store is also fast – if you’re lucky enough to live right next to a vape shop. But most of us don’t.

These days, most good online vape shops are able to guarantee next-day delivery on most orders, or even same-day deliveries with express options. Buying e-cigs and e-liquid has never been quicker or more convenient than it is now.

More choice and convenience

Never before in the relatively short history of vaping has there ever been such a huge choice of vape equipment, accessories and stores to choose from. And (at least here in the UK) in 2021, most of those choices are to be found on the internet – and from the comfort of your sofa.

There are now hundreds – if not thousands – of online vape shops in Britain, and all have their own particular niches. So whether you’re a beginner looking for a kit to start with, or a more advanced user wanting something more specific, the number of online options is massive.

And while vape-oriented web stores are becoming more numerous, they’re also becoming more user-friendly.

Thanks to recent advances in web design and connectivity, vape customers can now get a much better idea of what they’re buying. They can compare product options, prices and features and understand quickly whether that e-cigarette or e-liquid is right for them.

Saving money on vaping in 2021

In 2021, buying liquid or vape devices from a website is almost always the cheapest way to buy, and offers the biggest savings. Yes, high street stores do indeed offer loyalty cards and 3-for-2 deals, but these are pretty limited when you compare online discount options.

With no store rental fees or business rates to pay, it’s no wonder most online vape stores can offer you more bang for your buck.


On the other hand, buying your vapes online does have a few downsides. These include not being able to try things out and the lack of any human, face-to-face support.

No option to try before you buy

As with other kinds of internet shopping, not being able to try before you buy that vape pen or tank you want is a real pain.

And this is especially true if you’re brand new to vaping and really need to hold that device in your hand to see how it feels. Buying e-liquid online can also be “hit-and-miss” if you’ve never tried that liquid before.

Less face-to-face support

One really horrible thing about online vape outlets is the lack of any face-to-face support that you get compared to brick-and-mortar stores. Yes, I know that some web-stores have chat windows that let you ask questions.

But this just isn’t the the same as being able to talk to a real person in a real store, and ask questions about a vape device that’s sitting in your hand.

Should beginners buy their first vape kit online?

There’s nothing wrong with people who’ve never vaped before buying their first kit online. But if you are a first-time vaper, you should really have an idea of what you want to buy first. And that means not just seeing, but also touching, and even trying out a real device first.

The best way for beginners to do this in my opinion is to go to an actual high street vape store and see what they’ve got, first. See a few starter kits and see which ones feel the best in your hands. If they do tastings, try a few different types of e-liquid while you’re at it too.

If you can’t get a better price for the same beginner vape kit online, go back and buy from your local store. Otherwise go ahead and order from the web. You can always keep your local vape store happy by using them as your main source of juice refills, coils, etc. 

What kinds of internet vape stores are best to avoid?

Thanks to much tighter regulation of vaping products in recent years, it’s now much less likely that you’ll end up with a really poor quality device when you buy online.

Nonetheless, there are still a few rogues out there who will have no qualms about parting you from your cash in return for a really crappy device.

So if you want to avoid ending up with a pile of rubbish when you buy vape gear from the internet, avoid web stores which:

  • have websites that look like they were built in a day (they probably were!)
  • sell only two or three heavily-promoted products
  • only sell cigalikes (basic, outdated vape devices)
  • ask for more than £40 for a basic starter kit
  • cannot guarantee authentic products (look for certificates or “authorised supplier” guarantees)
  • do not offer safety guarantees for electrical products 
  • have poor returns policies (or no return policy at all!)
  • offer no warranties 

You can also check this official list of government-approved UK vape retailers to be on the safe side. However, this list is updated periodically and so may not include all currently-approved stores.

Final thoughts

However you want to buy your vape gear and whatever kind of vaper you are, the options available to you when you buy online in 2021 are huge.

Finding a first-class web-based vape store that you can trust is crucial if you want to get along with vaping.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t go blind into any purchases, especially if you’re a new vaper. Do some proper research before you order any new vape equipment from UK web shops, and make sure to shop around for the right price.