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The brand-new, re-wickable Arymi Gille tank is at last now in UK, and is already becoming popular thanks to its apparently user-friendly build, anti-spitback features and fast rebuilding.

Here is my review of this new Kanger tank, based on one week’s continuous use.

Arymi Gille: main features reviewed

The main claim of the Kanger Arymi Gille tank is that it provides a better quality of vapour in terms of flavour, smoothness and volume, thanks to a combination of a long, thick coil and well-ventilated vapour chamber, both of which are designed to produce bigger, richer, cooler clouds.

gille-tank-reviewThe Gille is also supposed to prevent spitting (spitback) from the coil by recirculating vapour around small slits in a small steel plate located just beneath the drip tip.

Finally, Kanger claims that the Gille tank is much easier and faster to rebuild and rewick than other sub-ohm tanks, due to its simple “drop and vape” coil design, which apparently does away with the need for fiddly screws and other advanced-user features.

Try the Gille Tank now!

The kit box contains the Gille tank itself, 3 spare 0.5 ohm coils (one pre-installed), 1 spare pyrex glass, a piece of wicking cotton, 2 spare seals and a (very brief) instruction booklet.

Arymi Gille tank: main review


Gille Tank + Series-B Tilt

My tests on this Kanger tank were conducted over a week-long period. I tested the Gille with 50/50 PG/VG e liquid using both a 50 watt Series-B Tilt and a 200 watt Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 as battery mods.

As usual, I’ve tried to be as honest as possible about the device, and have based my review around the features I liked about it, followed by those that I didn’t like so much.

Arymi Gille tank review: strong points

I found the Gille tank coil system really easy to set up and get going.

A single pre-made coil of NiCr EOCC wire wrapped around a strip of cotton just drops down onto a contact point in the tank base, and you screw it up.

The only way you could mess this up would be to drop the coil in upside-down, though this can be avoided by making sure the flattened wire section (see picture) is pointing upwards in your tank.

Vapour coolness is outstanding in the Gille (and a huge improvement on previously reviewed Kanger models in my opinion) thanks to four generous airholes in its mid-section and small cooling area beneath the drip tip.

I’ve never been a big fan of hot or warm vapour, so for me, the absence of any detectable vapour warmth was both surprising and unnerving.

Often vapour from the Gille is so cool that you think your coil has died, before realising that you’ve just inhaled a cloud so huge it would put a cumulonimbus to shame.

gille-review-how-to-fillSurprisingly, the Gille’s anti-spitback features do actually work as promised. Just like excessive vapour warmth, getting the odd boiling-hot fleck of e liquid on the tongue from crackling, spitting coils has become yet another occupational hazard of vaping that I’ve come to live with over the years.

However, the Gille tank’s protected mouthpiece puts an end to this inconvenience by effectively blocking the mouthpiece from any potential e liquid eruptions from the coil.

There is outstanding vapour production, vapour flavour and texture on the whole from the Gille, and this is probably due to the fact that the coil has such a large surface area (more high quality vapour at lower temperatures).

My DIY NET tobacco e liquids taste like fresh tobacco, and thickness/mellowness of vapour is very good indeed producing subtle low notes and leaving exhale flavours intact and unimpaired.

I also detected a slight nicotine headrush, which I don’t usually get from vaping, and I guess this may also be down to lower frequency, higher quality vapour generation in this device (or could be just that vapour is denser or more plentiful).

Because of the large quantity of vapour produced (I’m vaping at 25 watts) – and the fact that the Gille tank is primarily for DTL vaping – I found that 6mg strength nicotine was easily strong enough to produce a very satisfying hit with a smooth but noticeable throat hit: more like being hit with a very cool, soft pillow than with a red hot poker, perhaps.

Lower nicotine strengths are common among regular sub-ohm tank users, so it’s probably best to apply the same logic to the Gille tank, too.

gille-review-tank-and-coilCoil lifespan is so far very good as far as I can tell, with a week of use still loads of fresh-tasting vapour. I’m getting no burnt tastes or any need for a change of coil yet. I will naturally update this page to report back on rebuilding/rewicking in due course.

The Gille tank is easy to refill with eliquid thanks to its top-fill design, which requires you only to unscrew the top section and pour straight down into the tank onto the exposed bottom coil-battery contact (unbelievable, but absolutely true).

Gille tank review: not so strong points

Power usage with the Arymi Gille tank is quite greedy (compared to Kanger Subtank Mini especially), most likely due to the huge coil, which takes a lot of power to heat it.

I’ve been getting through one fully-charged 18650 25000 mAh Li-ion battery a day with my Series-B Tilt (single battery), and am often running very low by about 9pm.

Setting the power on your mod to 20 watts is one option; using the Gille with a bigger, two-battery mod device is another (probably more sensible) option.

Leaking from adjoining sections is thankfully non-existent with the Gille tank (unlike with the Subtank Mini), though I am getting occasional spots of eliquid appearing around the airholes on the side of the tank.

This may be due to my set up, though I suspect this minor leakage is caused by condensation of vapour inside the cooling area above the juice reservoir. I’ve been wiping this up as it occurs, and blowing through the airholes to free them up and make leaks less likely, and so far this hasn’t been a massive issue.

Airholes on this tank are fixed and cannot be adjusted. This was a bit of a disappointment for me as I’m not really big on direct-to-lung vaping, and previous Kanger models allowed me to reduce the airholes to produce a stiffer draw, which I prefer.

I did try covering the holes partly (using bands supplied), though it seems the vapour chamber (separated from the reservoir at the top of the device) depends on generous airflow to work properly / cool vapour etc.

I’ve found that after a week, I’ve started to get used to the looser draw, and if you’re a DTL (lung vaper) this won’t bother you anyway – the Gille is clearly designed with you in mind!

Verdict on the Gille tank

All in all, I think the Gille is an excellent little tank, and has more than a few really novel cracking features that are worth trying out, if only for the sake of experiencing a cooler, more flavoursome vape.

Simplicity of use also makes the Gille an ideal beginner or intermediate tank for those with basic mods already and who want a real sub-ohm – style vape but without having to build their their own coils or fiddle around with screwdrivers, etc.

Vapour out of this tank is every bit as plentiful as that produced by many serious sub-ohm tanks, and in my opinion, the Gille’s vapour quality (not to mention coolness) far exceeds that of earlier Kanger tanks I have already tried. Excellent with good quality e liquids, and especially NET tobacco eliquids with subtle flavours.

Test the Arymi Gille Tank yourself!

The Gille does seem to have some issues with minor leaking from the fixed airholes, and power usage could be more economical, though considering its plus points, these quibbles should not put you off giving it a shot. In short a great purchase that will give you a lot of bang for your buck, and which will not (on the whole) disappoint. arymi-gille-tank-review-uk

Which mod with the Gille?

Kanger (Arymi) recommend a power source for the Gille of between 25 and 40 watts, which covers most affordable mods, from the bog-standard to more advanced units.

Gille’s UK supplier naturally recommends their own UK-designed adjustable voltage 50 watt Series-B Tilt, though you could of course screw the Gille onto almost any 40-50 watt (or higher)  mod with a 510 connection (or adapter) and get similar results.

I personally got very good output with the Series B Tilt at 25 watts, though the Gille performed equally well on my Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 at 20 watts.



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