Are Shortfills Really a Cheap Way to Vape?

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Are you looking to save money vaping? If so, it’s worth knowing that shortfills are a comparatively cheap way to buy custom vape juice.

No idea what shortfills are? Hopefully this explanation will make things clearer.

What are shortfills?

Shortfills (or “Shake ‘n’ Vapes) are mixing liquids containing only base liquid and flavouring. Shortfills come in oversized mixing bottles and do not contain nicotine. Instead, users add their own nicotine to the base liquid to create their own custom-strength, flavoured vape juice.

Monthly UK cost of vaping without shortfills

On average in the UK we pay around £4 for every 10 ml bottle of branded, flavoured premixed vape juice we buy.

At this price, getting through one 10 ml bottle of vape juice per day costs UK vapers roughly £120 per month. That’s £1,460 over the course of a year (3.65 litres of e-liquid in total).

So, how exactly can shortfills offer a less expensive alternative to wasting tons of your hard-earned cash on 10ml bottles of vape juice?

Cheap shortfills mean bigger vape savings

It’s pretty simple. The cost of buying tiny 10ml bottles is over three times more expensive than buying shortfills. It’s also many, many times the cost of DIY mixing your own REALLY cheap homemade vape juice from scratch.

And yet so many of us choose to ignore budget vape options like shortfills and homemade juice, preferring instead to carry on chucking money up the wall.

cheap vape shortfills

How shortfills work out cheaper

Here’s a look at how much money shortfills could save you compared with buying 10ml bottles.

Even including the cost of extra nic shots, 3.65 litres of mixed and ready-to-vape shortfill e-liquid would cost you at most £50 per month or around £600 per year. (Rounded calculation based on average UK 100ml shortfill price of £11.50 + 5 x nic shots @ £1 each).  

Are you already a habitual 10 ml bottle buyer? If so, opting to buy bigger 100 ml shortfill e-liquid packs instead of the usual 10 ml bottles could be a good way to save up to £900 per year. This is based on typical 10 ml per-day usage as I’ve already mentioned.

Being as they are one of the best ways to cut your vape costs, it’s clear that shortfills can make you some hefty savings on vape juice!

How much do shortfills usually cost in UK?

In the UK, shortfill vape liquid generally costs between £9 and £12 for a 100 ml bottle.

Nic-free shortfills often come with one or two 10 ml nic shots thrown in. If not, any extra nicotine shots that you add to your order shouldn’t cost you more than £1 or £2 per shot. Alternatively, you can simply buy your own  knock-down nic shots or bulk nicotine from another supplier. And doing this would of course be a useful way reduce your overall outgoings on shortfills further still.

The total cost of a single purchase of 100ml shortfill e-liquid plus four or five extra nic shots would therefore probably not exceed £16. That gives you at least ten day’s supply based on max 10 ml per day usage. Shortfills are therefore a very cost-effective way to buy vape juice compared to premixed bottles.

Are there even less expensive ways to vape than this?

So, as we’ve already established, shortfills are indeed a very low-cost vape option. But there are of course other ways to save even more money vaping.

Yes, if you really want to save big, DIY vaping is even cheaper than shortfills. With potential annual costs of only £200 per year, making your own DIY vape liquid is by far your best option when it comes to finding cheap ways to vape

That said, shortfills are nevertheless the easiest way to make huge savings on your vape juice purchases. And – unlike with DIY mixing, using shortfills means no messing around collecting tons of supplies and ingredients.