The UK’s best vape reviewer? Green Winch


Who is the Green Winch?

Ever heard of the Green Winch?

Neither had I until last week, when I found myself rooting around for reviews on YouTube. I needed a replacement for my favourite battered old mini-mod that had finally conked out. 

And then this video pops up with a guy who looks like one of my neighbours.

A softly-spoken Londoner with a greying ginger beard and a baseball cap sporting the word “boring”.

But don’t be fooled! Mr Winch and his vape reviews are anything but dull. 

Exploits of the Green Winch

Of his recent exploits, the Winch puts an “unbreakable” Aegis Pod to the test by deep freezing it, soaking it with water, whacking it with a steak hammer and running over it in his car.

He’s also all over the very latest products out of China and elsewhere, and tests, dismantles and scrutinises these in minute detail.

The Green (AKA Adam) Winch has been doing vape reviews for a while now, though I’m surprised more people don’t know about him.

He’s even got his own brand of E-liquid called “Green Fruity Fizz”, which he sells via 88Vape. A man of many talents it seems, Mr Winch also runs a small wax melts business as a sideline to the vape reviews. 

Endless enthusiasm – and information

So he’s just kicked off his review of the Vaporesso GTX One, and right away his enthusiasm is dragging me in.

No waffle, just a massive cloud of vapour and then he’s straight into the details.

Then, after some deep background info about general features of Vaporesso mods and what makes them worth having, we glide smoothly onto comparisons with other models, followed by some useful info about device compatibility. 

Two minutes in and I’ve already found out more about this kit that I could have imagined – and for some reason, I’m still wanting more. And luckily for me there’s another 13 minutes of this left to go..

So then we’ve got a full run-down of how different coils work on the GTX – flavour, vapour strength, value, etc. You name it, he goes into it. 

Six minutes later, I’m still watching and hanging on every word this guy’s got to say. Is it because he knows what he’s talking about? 

The Winch has clearly been vaping for a long time, as his knowledge of everything vape-related seems solid enough.

He puts a strong focus on what the customer wants and whether or not vape companies are meeting their needs. 

Passionate, honest reviewing

But there’s also a degree of passion in whatever he says. He connects with you right from the start, and this makes that knowledge come alive in a way that other reviewers don’t usually even get close to. It’s like watching the David Bellamy of vaping in action. 

Honesty is a strong point in the Green Winch’s favour – and this is another good reason to watch his videos. One of the worst things about most review videos is that you seldom know who’s paying for them. Not so with the Winch!

No backhanders

Yes, he does get sent free kits to review, but apart from these, he says he takes no bungs whatsoever from vape suppliers, and I believe him.

With no-one telling him how to review and what to say, he has a much freer rein to say what he really thinks about anything he reviews.

In his latest “half-year update” the Winch says he’s happy to review products from reliable companies or “oddball” brands which supply vapes that look interesting or unusual.

He also adds any products he reviews to his personal vaping collection or just gives them away to others. 

Check out the Green Winch

If like me you hadn’t heard of the Green Winch until now, check out his brilliant vape review channel. Even if you know nothing about vaping, he’s worth watching just because he’s a great reviewer.

I guess there’s also a potential ASMR benefit of watching his reviews, if you’re feeling a bit stressed out.

On the other hand, if you want to get detailed and honest low-downs on the very latest e-cig releases and want to know more, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to ignore his videos.