Wee Vim AIO: smallest ecig in the world?

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Jac Vapour’s UK-designed Wee Vim AIO e cig is pretty tiny, though can it still pack a punch? Here’s my review of the Wee Vim Available now from Jac Vapour from £14.99 or less with 15% discount (see below)

wee-vim-reviewWee Vim All-In-One – main features

  • Small and compact rechargeable vaping device
  • Designed to provide a more satisfying “smoking-like” experience
  • All-in-one 900 mAh battery + coil + casing
  • UK supplier
  • Uses either refillable tanks or disposable pods
  • Developed for use with nic salt e liquids for a smoother nicotine hit
  • Pocket-sized and extremely light
  • Compatible with Nic salts and regular e liquid
  • Day-long battery power storage
  • Fixed wattage
  • E liquid pods last about a day
  • Ideal for new vapers
  • Auto 5-click safety button feature as standard

What is the Wee Vim and why is it so small?

The Wee is the latest compact, pocket-sized e cig from Jac Vapour, and the latest incarnation of their original and slightly bigger VIM AIO model. Just like the Vim, this latest model is an “all-in-one” device, meaning that its battery, tank and casing are all incorporated, and so never have to be taken apart. You simply charge it up, screw in a tank and you’re away.

What’s with the pods?

The Wee Vim is a pod-based e cigarette device, and this means (if you choose) you can use disposable e liquid pods rather than refilling with your own liquid. In case you hadn’t heard, pod-based devices such as Juul have now taken a huge part of the market in the US and are likely to become popular in the UK soon. Though the Wee Vim looks nothing like a Juul ecig, it essentially works in a very similar way.

wee-vim-reviewUsing with Nic Salts

The Wee AIO is designed first and foremost for vaping with nicotine salt (or nic salt) e liquids. Nic salts are a new form of e liquid that allows for a more mellow nicotine throat hit and better absorption of nicotine into the bloodstream, thereby increasing satisfaction.

Disposable pods come pre-filled with nic salt e liquid, though you if you choose the refillable tanks, you could use regular e liquid if you prefer.

Appearance, feel, dimensions and ease of use

Out of the box, the Wee weighs almost nothing and fits into your hand almost like a matchbox would. Matt plastic finish is smooth to the touch and the single power button is well-placed on the front of the battery case.

Despite the weight, the casing feels pretty strong and there’s no glass to break (even the tanks are plastic) if you drop it.

Inserting new pods takes some getting used to (one gentle screw to the right), though the action is a lot easier with the Wee than with the older Vim AIO. I forgot to remove the paper label at the bottom of pods before screwing them in, and then wondered why nothing was happening – but only because I’ve not had to do this before. In all, the Wee Vim is pretty fool-proof, as everything has been done for you- just charge, screw in pod and start vaping.

Vaping performance

The whole point of the Wee Vim is to create a more cigarette-like experience for users. Draw on the older Vim was quite loose until I worked out how to adjust the tiny rubber flap on the base of the device. The Wee Vim appears to have no such flap, though the draw is a bit stiffer, which is a plus. Also, because of the slightly lower power output, I found the vapour on the Wee Vim to be cooler, smoother and lighter all round.

Overall satisfaction

Size and price wise, I’m, pretty happy with the Wee Vim. For £14.99 you can’t really go wrong, and it does satisfy. The nic salt pods (especially the “smoking Tobacco” pods) that come with it really hit the spot, making the Wee an ideal choice for smokers trying to cut down. You’d find it hard to think of another device that is so easy to use and which gives out so much flavour in this price bracket.

Though I wouldn’t use the Wee as my main vape, it’s a great one for a back-up on a night out, as pods will last more than a few hours, and you can count on the charge seeing you through.

Draw on the Wee could still be a little stiffer in my opinion, though vapour production with the disposable pods provide a very satisfying head-rush and flavour hit.

Yes, the Wee Vim AIO is very, very small, but you may be surprised by the punch it packs…

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