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UK vaping supplier Vapouriz have just released the new VBOX 40w Sub Ohm Kit (£29.99), which features as part of their recent range of sub-ohm mods, tanks and e liquids. I tested the fixed wattage 40w version of the VBOX kit a couple of weeks back as at under £30 it looked like a bargain deal – here’s my review of the kit after several days of putting it through its paces.

VBOX: Main points

vapouriz vbox reviewThe VBOX Sub Ohm Kit is a fixed wattage battery mod, making it an easy-to-use option for new users looking to get a bit more vapour and power. The unit is compact but very light and includes a subtank clearomiser, with a pre-fitted low resistance coil which is very easy to replace. Battery life is very good and power will last at least a couple of days with average use before recharge is needed.

Replaceable Subtank Lite coils seem to last a long time though are only available in one resistance level currently. However, VBOX is also compatible with other tanks, such as Vapouriz new dual airflow Subtank II , which I think gives even better results than the Subtank, and which is compatible with a wider range of coil resistances for gentler vaping. All in all, the VBOX 40w is definitely a bargain sub ohm find, and an ideal option for users who don’t like having to fiddle with voltage controls – there’s only one power button to worry about!

My advice: Vapour produced by the VBOX 40w can be overwhelming with strong eliquids (1.0 mg or above) and with airholes fully open. New users should perhaps try a lower strength e liquid and close airholes completely to get a softer, richer vapour. Also, prime the coil with a few drops of e liquid for best results when filling for the first time.

VBOX Review

vapouriz-vbox2Appearance and feel

Out of the presentation box, the VBOX Sub Ohm mod looks unfussy, and lines are clean, simple and unpretentious. The matt black steel shell casing of the unit looks solid and well-built, and all edges and fixings are rounded off and smooth to the touch. The main unit is light, portable and conveniently pocket-sized, measuring around 74 mm in height (power unit only) or roughly 137 mm in total, once assembled with the VBOX Subtank clearomizer (supplied). Vapouriz logo and product name are visible in fine white on the base of the power unit but these are not obtrusive and don’t really detract from the overall appearance of the device in my opinion.

Features and functions

Power control

The VBOX Sub Ohm unit is marked as EU compliant and recharges from a laptop or other simple USB-compatible device or adapter. The unit is powered on and off by clicking 5 times on the power button, a now-standard safety feature which keeps the device locked off and safe when not in use. The VBOX is a fixed-wattage device, meaning that users (especially those new to sub ohm) don’t need to worry about adjusting power at all as it’s always the same. Long-term sub ohm users may prefer a device with more flexibility, in which case something like the Kanger Subox Mini might be a more preferable option.

Recharge time and battery life

The model I ordered came precharged, which gave me about a day’s initial use; subsequent recharges of 3 hours gave me around three days of casual use (10 mins or so every couple of hours) and about a day and a half of more frequent use. Considering the VBOX is so small and light, I was impressed with the battery life and power production on the whole.

VBOX coils

VBOX 40w AirflowThe VBOX Sub ohm comes with a ready-to-use Subtank clearomiser, which has a fairly generous 5 ml capacity, and a single bottom airflow control spinner for lung/mouth vaping adjustments. The Subtank, which is pre-loaded with a Subtank Lite replaceable coil unit, screws easily onto the power unit and requires no special knowledge to assemble or dismantle.

The Subtank Lite coil that came with the VBOX seems pretty solid and I’m quite impressed on the whole, though it would be nice to be able to order higher resistances for a gentler vape (currently only 0.5 ohms are available). I’ve been using the same Subtank Lite coil intermittently for over 10 days now and cannot detect any burnt taste at all – strength of coil is also as good as it was on first use. Refilling the VBOX is very easy, though I got best results by priming the coil with a few drops of eliquid when using for the first time.

Vaping Performance

Inital tests with the VBOX were very positive, though vapour was too strong for me at first. Thanks to the larger battery and prefitted 0.5 resistance coil, the VBOX-Subtank combo packs quite a punch, and is capable of producing a large amount of very thick and strong vapour very quickly.

However, this may be too much for some (especially new users) and for this reason, I would recommend using a very low strength e liquid with this device (0.6mg worked well – 1.2mg was way too strong in my opinion). Vapouriz’s own-brand Max VG Sub ohm e liquid is designed specifically for this device and works well as VG content makes liquid very fluid without affecting vapour volume and quality. I also found that closing the Subtank’s airflow spinner completely (see picture) so that vapour is more evenly regulated also allows for longer, softer puffs and a much smoother, richer-tasting vapour all round.

All in all, the fixed wattage feature of the VBOX 40w in some ways makes a nice change from the fiddle of having to readjust voltages and wattages all the time, and the quality of the overall build and parts is pretty solid, especially for such a low-priced kit.

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