Why do I hiccup when I vape? 

If you get hiccups while vaping, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Look at any of the big vaping forums.You’ll see the same story everywhere. Everyone’s hiccuping, it seems. 

Vaping seems to make people hiccup when nicotine levels are too high (e.g. over 12mg). People also tend to hiccup more when vaping because their battery voltages are too high. Or else because they’ve ended up swallowing a drop of vape juice by accident. 

You’re vaping the wrong kind of e liquid! 

The good news is that your hiccuping is probably happening because you’ve just been using the wrong kind of e liquid. I didn’t understand this for a while, but I do now. And now my vaping hiccups have all but disappeared.

I suffered from this loads when I first started vaping. It would usually happen when I’d just bought a higher strength e liquid, or when I’d ramped up my voltage.

Once the hiccuping kicked in, I’d be all over the place, then I’d decide from then on in to vape at lower strengths. But these didn’t cut it. So I’d just crank up the voltage again – then guess what? More hiccups.

You can see how this can go on and on. If you recognise yourself here too, don’t worry. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. You just need the right type of e liquid.

Nic salt e liquid may be a solution to the hiccups!

Nicotine salt (or nic salt) e liquid allows you to vape at the nicotine strength you want to. At the right strength that is, but without the usual throat burn – or vaping hiccups!

Explainer: What is Nic Salt?

If you’re a new vaper, you might not have heard of nic salt. Salt is a relatively new kind of nicotine e-liquid formulation, which gives you a much smoother vape at higher strengths.

Despite the weird name, nic salt e liquids are still “liquid”, and usually cost no more than regular e liquids.

Nic salts also look the same and (kind of) taste and smell the same as regular e liquids, too.

Vaping hiccups explained..

Vapers like a good, strong vape juice, but most don’t much enjoy the nicotine vaping hiccups – and throat burn – that comes with it.

How many times have you started to vape on 18mg nic or above and then started to hiccup like a donkey? That’s a niccup – or nicotine hiccup.

Really high nicotine levels just annoy people. More and more vapers have noticed that more (standard “freebase”) nicotine in their big clouds does not equate to a bigger nicotine hit. It just gives them hiccups.

Do only new vapers get hiccups when vaping?

Hiccups while vaping probably don’t just happen to new vapers. But it’s likely that a lot of beginners do end up giving up vaping (and going back to smoking) just because of negative early vaping experiences, such as constant hiccuping. This was something that nearly put me off vaping early on, too.

My first experiences of vaping in the early days were riddled with long bouts of hiccup fits every time I went above about 12mg – and that really started to piss me off.

I also had a friend who was struggling with smoking and who wanted to try vaping. She gave up after a couple of days – just because of the hiccuping thing.

How to stop hiccuping when vaping

The best way I’ve found to stop the vape hiccups is to switch from old-style (freebase) nicotine to nic salts.

Nic salt e liquid is designed to let you enjoy nicotine vapour at higher concentrations without the rasping throat ache – or nicotine hiccups.  For me, nic salts really did help put an end to the hiccups. And I got much less throat burn, too.

Since I started vaping nic salt e liquid a couple of years back, my vaping hiccups have now stopped completely. If you’re a new vaper and are getting tired of getting the hiccups every time you use your e-cig, give it a go.  Hopefully, then, like me, you’ll stop hiccuping once and for all.

Where can I find hiccup-free nic salt in UK?

There are now hundreds of vape suppliers in the UK who stock salts. and. These are available either as flavourless base liquids or in any flavour you can think of.

Nic salt e liquids are no longer a new and exotic thing in the UK. Just run a search for them on your usual vape store site and see what comes up – chances are you can get whatever flavour you usually vape in a salt base.

For new vapers, I’d strongly recommend Jac Vapour’s Tobacco salt e-liquid, formulated for smokers making the switch to vaping – and guaranteed hiccup-free!

If you’re sick of the hiccups and just want to vape – go for the salt option next time you order your vape juice. I promise you’ll see an improvement!

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