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If you’ve ever wanted to vape without smoke for whatever reason, vapourless e liquid is an ingenious way to get rid of your clouds. With almost no visible vapour, smokeless, vapour-free e liquid can help hide your vaping, and also reduce unwanted vape smells indoors. But can you really vape with no smoke?

What is vapourless e liquid and where did it come from?

So-called “vapourless” e liquid is much like regular e liquid except that its composition of mostly propylene glycol (or PG) produces an almost invisible vapour when vaped. “Clear Steam” vapourless e liquid was first introduced as a concept by UK supplier Jac Vapour back in 2014. Their original liquid was intended as a way for vapers to vape without being noticed at a time when vaping was less commonplace.

Though vaping is more socially acceptable nowadays than it was when Clear Steam first appeared, the demand for invisible or smokeless vape juice due to vape bans, etc, is rising. Now, more vape suppliers have jumped on the bandwagon and are doing their best to keep up with fans of no smoke liquids.

Is vapour from vapour-free e liquid actually invisible?

When I tested the original formulation of Clear Steam vapourless e liquid back in the day, I was very impressed by how little visible vapour it generated. Though not 100% invisible, vapour from this e liquid is very difficult to detect unless you actually know what you’re looking for. Or in other words, somewhere between completely invisible and “outdoors breath” on a coldish spring day.

I’ve since tested Jac vapour’s more recent “Pure Menthol” vapourless liquid, which is no easier to detect, though tastes better than the earlier recipe, in my opinion.

Why vapourless e liquids reduce vape smells indoors

Vapourless juices can reduce the build-up of vape smells in rooms in your house simply because you exhale much less smelly vapour than with conventional e liquids. So you still get just enough vapour to provide a satisfying nicotine hit when you inhale. It’s just that most of the vapour residue and aroma condenses in your lungs. And so less steam on the exhale means fewer aroma particles from your e liquid vapour end up on your furniture, carpets and clothes indoors.

Downsides of using vapourless e liquid

Not everyone gets on with PG e liquids

One possible downside of vapourless e liquids is that they are almost pure PG formulations. This isn’t a problem for me as I actually prefer the flavour and hit from PG liquids. But for those who prefer a softer, less intense inhale, cloud-free vape juices might not be the number one choice. Likewise, because if the high PG ratio, vapourless juice is off-limits for users with PG intolerances or allergies.

Doesn’t work so well with high-power devices

Another arguably serious shortcoming of vapourless e liquid is that it doesn’t really work that well in direct-lung cloud-chasing vape devices. These work best with VG-based e liquids anyway, and so are not ideal for smokeless e liquid. Stealth vape juices were conceived in the days when most people owned low-power vape pens, rather than the 200W monster mods of today.

Vaping vapourless liquids in high power devices will still give you less obvious, visible vapour. It’s just that any vapour produced won’t be as “invisible”- or as smooth-tasting – as it would be in a smaller (MTL) device.

Vapour-free nicotine salt versions are not always available

A final issue I have with pre-mixed vapourless e liquid (like Clear Steam) is that it’s often only available with regular nicotine, rather than nicotine salts. These days, I won’t vape anything without nic salts, as I find they give a much smoother and more satisfying inhale. The high PG ratio of vapourless a liquid means a more intense hit, though this would be a lot softer if nic salt versions were more easily available.

There are two ways to deal with the lack of commercially-available nic salt vapourless juices. The first solution is to order zero or low (6mg) nicotine vapourless mixes, and then top up the strength yourself using flavourless PG nic salt shots. The second way is to make your own vapourless vape juice with PG, water and nic salts from scratch at home.

Best types of vape device to use with vapourless e liquid

By far the best device types for vapourless e liquids are low-power, refillable “mouth-to lung” pod vapes, vape pens and small mod-tank combos designed for quitting smoking. These entry-level device types give optimum results in terms of low-visibility vapour thanks to their small (1.0 ohm) coil sizes and very modest output (5-15W).


And because of the high PG and water content in vapourless e liquid, it will most likely run smoothly in even the smallest refillable devices.

Vape devices designed for vapour-free e liquid

Though you can use vapourless e liquid with most low-power vape MTL devices, you can also now find a few dedicated models designed specifically for vapour-free vaping. These are quite new to the market, and are made not only to make your smoke invisible, but also are also smaller and easier to conceal.

Disposable vapourless vapes

Aspire’s new Mynus vape pod is one of the newest disposable devices to use vapourless technology. This is a non-refillable pod vape that is tiny, produces very little visible vapour, and is very easy to hide in your hand. However, it has to be said that the Mynus is a strange-looking device that looks more like a spaceship than a pod vape. That said, £4.99 isn’t so much to pay for a space-age, vapour-free vape.


Making your own vapourless e liquid

If you don’t want to buy pre-mixed vapourless e liquid or if you’re vaping on a low budget, you can always try making your own juice at home. This is easy to do, and you’ll only need to buy in a few DIY vaping supplies to get started.

You’ll just need to get hold of some:

  • unflavoured PG nicotine (preferably nic salt) liquid or shots
  • unflavoured PG base liquid
  • distilled water (or tap water)
  • vape-safe flavour drops

Mixing proportions:

The easiest way to mix your vapourless e liquid is to mix by volume. Using a DIY vape juice calculator, mix your PG and nicotine together to a strength that is 10% stronger than your target nicotine strength. In other words, if your target strength is 12mg, aim for a 13.2mg mix. Once you’ve done that, dilute your PG-nicotine mix back down with enough water (no more than 10%) to reach your target strength.

This will give you a liquid that will produce very little vapour (if any at all) as long as you vape at low power (8-12 watts). If you’ve never tried DIY mixing before, get yourself acquainted with the basics of making your own e liquid, first.


Whether you’re looking to hide your vape smoke or just improve the smell of your home, vapourless e liquid is worth a shot even if you only try it once.

Bear in mind though that vaping without smoke isn’t for everyone, and least of all those who don’t get on with PG or who have an intolerance or allergy to it.