Best Vape Buyers Guides

Choosing the best vape or e cig device is a lot easier when you have a good idea of what kind of thing you’re looking for. Our buying guides give you the lowdown on the most common vape kit types, models and e liquids to help you make the right choices.

Vape Starter Kit for Beginners

When you first start vaping it’s important to find an e cig starter kit that is safe, simple to use, reliable and above all satisfying.

All top vape starter kits we recommend are from reputable suppliers and have been tested by us to ensure they are the best choice for beginners and are well-matched to their individual needs.

Our Pick: Jac Vapour Vim AIO

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Vape Kit to Quit Smoking

Smokers wanting to quit smoking with vaping need to choose a vape kit that’s designed for that purpose, rather than just a generic e cigarette.

All our recommended vape kits for smokers are those with features which make vaping more like smoking so as to ease the transition from tobacco to e cigarettes.

Our Pick: Smok Stick G15

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