Which Vape Should I Get? Best Vape Buyer’s Guide 2022

Choosing which vape or e cig device to buy is a lot easier once you get a good idea of the kind of thing you’re looking for.

These buying guides give you the lowdown on the best vape kit types, models and e liquids to help you make the right choices.

Vape Kit to Quit Smoking

Smokers wanting to quit smoking with vaping need to choose a vape kit that’s designed for that purpose, rather than just a generic e cigarette.

All our recommended vape kits for smokers are those with features which make vaping more like smoking so as to ease the transition from tobacco to e cigarettes.

Our Pick: Smok Stick G15

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Vape Starter Kit for Beginners

When you first start vaping it’s important to find an e cig starter kit that is safe, simple to use, reliable and above all satisfying.

All top vape starter kits we recommend are from reputable suppliers and have been tested by us to ensure they are the best choice for beginners and are well-matched to their individual needs.

Our Pick: Jac Vapour Vim AIO

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Which vape device is right for you?

The best vape device for you depends largely on why you’ve decided to start vaping in the fist place.

For light or regular smokers after a kit to quit smoking with, easy-to-use vape pens, or basic pod systems are usually best.

On the other hand, heavy smokers new to vaping often prefer optimum flavour control and superior battery life. In this case, looking for MTL mod tank combos or all-in-one type vape devices would be a better place to start.

MTL mod-tank combos

mod-tank-combos-are good-for-heavier-smokers-starting-vaping

MTL-compatible mod-tank combos are the best type of device for a heavy smoker to start vaping with because they offer more power and more flexibility.

Mod-combo type devices usually have large, long-lasting batteries and big juice tanks for longer vaping. This is important for heavier smokers who are just starting out with vaping.

Bigger batteries mean longer vaping sessions at higher wattages in return for stronger hits and more flavour.

Adjustable power controls are another huge advantage of mod-tank combo models for heavier users.

All-in-all, mod tank combos are usually the most expensive choice for a first vape purchase. But they are by far the most powerful, reliable and versatile type of vape device for heavy smokers to begin vaping with.

Pod vapes


Smokers like pod vapes because they’re designed precisely with smokers’ needs in mind. Pods are definitely the ideal first-vape purchase if all you need is reliable and instant relief from nicotine cravings.

Some of the cheaper, more basic pod vape models, such as ePuffer’s XPod are also great for use as back-up devices for new users.

Pod vapes are the most affordable and practical option for smokers moving on to vaping. With such low prices and fool-proof features, pods can be a good way for smokers to see if they enjoy vaping before they actually make the switch.


Cigalikes are automatic (no power button) devices that are roughly the same size and shape as real cigarettes. They’re available as either disposables or else with replaceable pre-filled cartridges.

Cigalike battery power and vaping time is generally poor and so not ideal for new users.

So, cigalikes are fine as emergency back-up vapes, but don’t expect them to replace smoking as effectively as bigger devices do. After all, they only look like cigarettes.

Vape pens

Vape Pens on the other hand are more reliable than “cigalikes” for smokers wanting to start to vaping.

Firstly, battery size is a bit bigger and that means you may get up to a day or so of vaping time between charges. Secondly, vape pens – like mod-tank combos – usually have refillable tanks, and two interchangeable sections.

It’s probably best to think of vape pens as cut-down, budget mod-tank combos. Again, a great, affordable choice for smokers who want to dip into vaping before taking the plunge.

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