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This is my brief review of the newly-released Triton 2 sub-ohm tank, which is the latest tank unit from Aspire. This review provides just the key features of this new tank system. For more information see the full Triton 2 review here. Triton 2 Review

Triton 2 Appearance and dimensions:

The unit has an all-Pyrex chamber and is shorter by 6.5mm than the orginal Triton design, making the newer model slightly shorter, but stubbier and more robust in appearance compared to the previous model.

However,Triton 2  has 0.5ml less tank capacity (3ml) than the first Triton design.

Triton 2 Fittings

The Triton 2 boasts a robust system of close-fitting seals, and parts fit together more tightly than did those of the previous Triton model.

Leakages are therefore less likely, especially from the drip tip area, which was a problem with the earlier design.

Moving parts such as spinners and airflow controls have very smooth actions and are easier to adjust.

Refilling the Triton 2

The Aspire Triton 2 allows users to fill the tank from the top, instead of having to invert, which is a convenient feature. A simple spinner dial opens and closes holes beneath the drip tip allowing the device to be filled quickly and easily.

Triton 2 Performance and vaping

The Triton 2 can accommodate several Aspire sub-ohm coils for direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping; alternatively a separately-purchased RTA system (rebuildable deck) can be installed if so desired.

Both work well, though the RTA offers a richer vapour and tends to last longer than the pre-made coils provided. I have found that optimum mouth-to-lung vaping is at around 11.5 watts using the 1.8 Ohm coil provided and a medium-strength (10mg) 50-50PG/VG mix eliquid.

See the full Aspire Triton 2 review here



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