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Real-tasting tobacco e liquids? Really?

If you’re a tobacco realism freak like me, you’ll have most likely spent rather too much time and money searching for e liquids that get you as close as possible to the realistic flavour of real, lit cigarettes. Or perhaps you’ve tried to make your own DIY NET tobacco eliquids but have found it all too much hassle.

You’ll also know that the vast majority of “realistic tobacco” e liquids don’t even get close, but from time to time you eventually find one or two that seem to tick almost all the right boxes.

N.E.T. Tobacco E Liquids

Realistic Tobacco Eliquid - NETIf you can afford them (£17.99 for 30ml!), a couple of Black Note’s new range of N.E.T tobacco e liquids are worth checking out as these are not only realistic tobacco e liquids but a couple of them are also reassuringly smoky.

In particular, their Legato flavour is an amazingly realistic rendering of a dark Virginia/Turkish blend and is about as close as you can get to tobacco realism. A little less smoky, but no less pleasurable is their Cadenza flavour, which is also a very realistic Tobacco E Liquid and worth it if you have the spare cash.

Thankfully, US-made Black Note eliquid is available in UK, and can even be ordered as part of a box sample kit, which contains all eight flavours. You can read a full review of these eliquids here.




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