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The problem of coils spitting (tiny drips of hot e liquid hitting the tongue while vaping) seems to be a problem among many new ecig-users, and is something which (even as a vaper of 5 years or so) I have had occasional problems with.

Which coils spit?

stop-coils-spittingI’ve found that the worst offenders for me have been some of the newer (and higher power) dual-coil rebuildable tanks such as the Aspire Cleito and Atlantis.

However, I’ve also had issues with single-coil RBAs such as the Kanger Subtank Mini (which I nevertheless still love using), as well as some of the cheaper low-voltage non-rebuildable sub-ohm devices.

In general, tank devices which have an open-channel  between the mouthpiece and tank are the most likely to spit, in my experience.

Some tanks with prebuilt rebuildable coils, such as Kanger’s new Arymi Gille tank include anti-spitback mouthpiece features to stop spitting, though most models require you to find a workaround to solve the problem.

What makes coils spit?

There are multiple reasons for coils spitting and I won’t cover them all here as many are device-specific, though here are a handful of general causes of spitting that I’ve identified myself:

Mouthpiece and socket saturated with eliquid. This is particularly common when you use a device (like Kanger Subtanks) with a metal mouthpiece tip that slots fairly loosely into place allowing e liquid to build up and fill the mouthpiece and surrounding area.

This is probably caused by vapourised e liquid condensing onto the cold metal, and will make the surface more likely to carry on condensing vapour.

Voltage too low. Excessively low voltage (on rebuildables) may be due to the build itself or due to a poor connection between coil unit and battery. Low power can mean that you get spluttering and a vapour that is more like a spray than vapour.

Build too tight or loose. Cramming as much cotton into your coil is one surefire way to cause problems such as poor liquid uptake.

Similiarly, if you can see spaces between your coil and the cotton inside it, then it isn’t tight enough – this will cause coil to burn too hot in some places resulting in a raspy burn and spots of liquid to be fired out onto your tongue. If (in the case of the Kanger Subtank) cotton is not filling airholes, you will also get too much liquid coming in from the tank reservoir, and this will drown your cotton, thereby causing spluttering and spitting.

Coil set too close to top of RBA. Try to set coil at a natural resting position between the top and bottom of your coil chamber to allow a space all around it, from top to bottom – don’t set too high or low as (especially too high) this seems to make spitting more likely, as well as restricting vapour flow within the chamber.

Coil/battery connection too tight. Connections between your tank and power source should be snug, but not super-tight. This is especially the case with the Aspire Atlantis, though can also affect some of the Kanger devices.

How to make spitting coils less likely

Wipe your mouthpiece and interlocking section regularly with a tissue or rag to remove excess eliquid and reduce likelihood of further condensation – and spitting.

Make sure all connections are clean and dry. A casual wipe of battery-coil connection may be enough day to day, but a thorough hot water rinse of all working parts once a week or so will ensure minimal buildup of dust, grease and eliquid over time.

Increase wattage / voltage if you can. If your device has adjustable voltage, go for a higher wattage and a bigger build rather than the reverse.

Build cosy not tight or loose. When filling coils with cotton, the build should be snug but not too tight or loose.

Make sure coil has enough breathing space.  Set your coil up so that there is space and air all around it to allow vapour to flow naturally around the chamber and reduce spitting.

Unscrew and rescrew battery and coil connections to avoid overly-tightened parts.

Consider using a home-made spit guard. If you just can’t avoid moderate spitting, pipe screens are a reasonably cheap and effective way to stop spots of hot e liquid from reaching your tongue. Simply cut into a small disc shape and insert into the space between your mouthpice and the top of the tank section before reassembling again.




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