Review of Smoking E liquid from Jac Vapour

Smoking E Liquid








Throat hit





  • Ideal for smokers and quitters
  • Strong, realistic tobacco flavour
  • Works best in MTL devices
  • Available in several strengths


  • May be too bitter for some tastes
  • Thick formulation can clog up coil

So you’ve just bought the very best e cigarette you could find to quit smoking with. Now all you need is a realistic tobacco vape liquid to get back some of that ciggy nostalgia..

This review looks at the “Smoking” e liquid range from UK supplier Jac Vapour, to see how close it gets you to the feel of smoking.

Jac Vapour’s Smoking liquid blends combine real tobacco flavours in a nic salt base for a smoother vape and a more satisfying head rush.

As a non-reforming tobacco fiend myself, I was interested in giving this a try. There are two flavours in this range – Menthol and UK Tobacco. I’ll start with the tobacco flavour first.

Smoking “UK Tobacco” E-liquid (18mg)

The first one (of two) in the Jac Vapour SMOKING vape juice range I tried was the UK tobacco.


Dark and very pungent-looking, the UK Tobacco e liquid was the one I was looking forward to the most as the tobacco aroma seemed quite realistic right out of the bottle.

Once in my tank, the juice seemed to flow very well thanks to the higher PG ratio and this also made for a stronger flavour in the mouth.

Slightly less vapour with this juice (again due to the high PG, I guess) though flavour was very strong and satisfying.

But does it taste like tobacco?

Just like tobacco? Well there’s none of the “smoke” flavour in this UK Tobacco flavour vape juice (or indeed the menthol version), so not really smoky as such, but definitely a very satisfying and heavy tobacco “roll-up”  aroma and taste, which certainly hits the spot.

Thanks to the nicotine salt content, the UK Tobacco flavour also goes down very smoothly, giving a very mellow throat hit with tiny puffs at 18mg.

However, I personally found the strength to be a bit too much (I usually vape at 10mg max with an MTL set-up and no more than 6mg if I’m lung vaping), so I ended up adding a few drops of VG to my tank, which smoothed the throat hit out further still.

The UK Tobacco Smoking is a rich brew that is made with real tobacco that really does the job.

However, even for hardened ex-smokers (or current smokers), and especially if you’re new to vaping, I would recommend starting with the 12mg version and working your way up – or else just dilute the 18mg, like I did.

I would also recommend vaping at around 20 watts for maximum flavour and smoothness – any more power than this will ruin the tobacco experience. UK Tobacco smoking satisfaction score: 9 /10

Smoking “Tobacco Menthol” E liquid

The Tobacco Menthol was the second up and I liked this one, though no way near as much as the UK Tobacco. The menthol flavour is strong and refreshing, but in my opinion a little out-of-balance with the underlying tobacco flavour.

The tobacco is certainly there somewhere, but the minty, almost clinical flavour of the menthol really steals the show in my opinion.

For me, this would have been a much tastier brew with a milder, more peppermint-like top-note, which would have allowed the tobacco flavours to shine through.

Smoothness and throat hit are just as good in the Tobacco Menthol as with the UK Tobacco, though head rush is where the Menthol really comes into its own.

The combination of the nic salt base and the menthol combine to really knock you out, if you’re not ready for it, and this is why I’d again recommend going for the lower nicotine variety if you feel like giving this one a go.

In short, the Tobacco Menthol is satisfying in terms of head rush, though in my opinion, a bit lacking in the tobacco flavour department.  Tobacco Menthol smoking satisfaction score: 6 /10

A good vape juice for smokers?

In terms of flavour  – and speaking as an ex smoker myself – Jac Vapour’s Smoking (UK Tobacco) nic salt juice is very satisfying, It resembles the taste of tobacco closely enough to hit the spot.

The flavour is rich, thick, and sweet and leaves an aftertaste which lingers, just like you get with a cigarette.  However, there is no smokiness – and this might be disappointing for hardened smokers in search of total realism.

Both the UK Tobacco and Menthol flavours in this range contain real tobacco extracts, and so are a million miles away from most tobacco e-liquids you can get nowadays, which are almost all made of food flavourings.

For this reason, I would definitely recommend this flavour e liquid as a wise choice for smokers or recent quitters.

If on the other hand you’ve given up smoking but now want to get the hell away from the flavour of tobacco – then maybe this e-liquid is not for you.

SMOKING e liquids are available from Jac Vapour UK at £4.99, or for less with this 2022 15% Jac Vapour discount code: ECF