Smok Stick G15 Review – Pod Kit for Smokers

June 2021 review of the new SMOK Stick G15 Pod Vape Kit from Smok.

Smok and other e cigarette manufacturers have been moving away from designing vape devices that look and feel like real cigarettes for a few years now. But with more people wanting to stop smoking following recent lockdowns, it seems vape kits for smokers are back again.

Following in the footsteps of the recent Uppen and Innokin’s EQ Fltr, the Smok Stick G15 is a portable pen-style vape pod system designed above all to help smokers quit.


This means matching the feel of smoking as closely as possible with a tighter, suction-activated draw. The G15 also boasts a rounded mouthpiece, and a lower resistance coil that produces more vapour and a stronger, rounder nicotine hit.

Smok Stick G15 features at a glance

  • Integrated 700 mAh battery
  • Max output 15W (fixed)
  • Suction activated (no button)
  • Replaceable 0.8ohm MTL dual coil
  • Refillable pod with 2ml e liquid capacity
  • Rounded plastic mouthpiece
  • Assembled weight without e liquid – 36g
  • Dimensions:124.1mm x 17mm

Kit contents

  • Smok Stick G15 Unit with internal battery
  • 2 x G15 refillable 0.8Ω MTL 2ml Pods
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • User Manual
  • (no e liquid supplied)
Smoke Stick G15 Box Contents

Look and feel

Whatever its intentions as a smoker kit, the Smok Stick G15 Pod doesn’t actually look anything like an actual cigarette. And with a length and width of 130 x 170 mm it’s way too big for a cigalike, either.


However, the Smok Stick’s longer cylindrical shape doesn’t mimic the flattened, angular appearance of most small pod vapes, and neither does the round, narrow, cigarette tip-shaped mouthpiece. This is after all, pen-style pod vape.

Once assembled, my version of the Smok Stick G15 looks pretty sleek with its matt silver alloy battery case finish and smoked plastic fill port and mouthpiece.


The device feels warm and smooth in the hand, and there are no sticking-out bits to worry about, thanks largely to having no buttons, controls or any other features at all. Even the USB charge port is conveniently hidden away from sight in the base section.

There is a little roughness on one side where the magnetic pod and case snap together, but apart from this, the G15 a very smooth, clean and minimalistic-looking vape.


At only 36g, I’m finding the Smok Stick G15 feels small and light enough to forget about when it’s in my hands and pockets, making it very convenient to carry around.


The G15’s rounded mouthpiece is another feature that adds to its feel.

I’m only an occasional pod vaper, though as an ex-smoker, I still don’t much like the feel of those wide, flat mouthpieces that come with most pod vape systems.

In contrast, the Smok Stick G15 tip feels warm and soft between the lips (much like a cigarette tip does). It’s also about the right size and shape, too.

eq fltr soft tips
Disposable EQ Fltr tips fitted onto G15 for added realism!

Smok Stick soft tip option

To take the “cigarette mouth feel” thing to the next level, you can remove the Smok Stick’s plastic tip and replace it with a disposable EQ FLTR tip.

These fit perfectly and do add to the overall smoking experience. However, I’ve found I need to remove or dislodge the EQ tips when I’m not using the device as otherwise they absorb e liquid and get very soggy.

Pros and Cons


  • highly responsive draw activation
  • produces lots of vapour  
  • fiddle-free fill port for easy refilling
  • runs well with nic salts and 50/50 PG/VG liquids
  • very strong throat hit even with mid-strength juice (10-12mg)
  • sturdy build and simple design  
  • tight-fitting magnetic connectors between pod and body
  • little or no leaking of e liquid onto power contacts
  • compatible with EQ FLTR soft tips


  • suction-activated coil is a bit noisy
  • flavours could be stronger
  • tinted transparent pods make liquid levels hard to gauge
  • no option to replace internal coils, so whole pod needs replacing when coil burns out
  • bigger and heavier than some similar models (eg Innokin EQ Fltr)

Vaping performance

For me, Smok Stick G15’s most impressive qualities are its powerful throat hit and responsiveness to suction. Let’s deal with strength first.

Nicotine strength and vapour

The more noticeable throat hit you get is due to the G15’s bigger battery and thicker, lower resistance 0.8 coil. You don’t generally expect big clouds and smooth, strong nicotine hits with small, pen-style pod kits, so this is definitely a plus.

After one week of using the same pod and coil, I’m still getting consistently strong and satisfying hits with only a 10mg 50/50 nic salt liquid, which is impressive.

Draw activation

The Smok Stick G15 is fully draw-activated, meaning you don’t have to press a button to release vapour. Instead, vapour is generated as soon as you suck.

I usually hate draw-activated pods as the action is usually inconsistent, but in this area the G15 really shines. Literally as soon as you suck, however lightly, vapour rushes onto your tongue, and stops as soon as you stop sucking. This kind of responsiveness is a real bonus.


Despite its excellent strength and vapour production, flavours (though noticeable) are not as strong as they could be with the G15. This doesn’t mean you don’t get any flavour at all, it’s just that only the most obvious flavours seem to shine through.

Or in other words, you get the main sweet or bitter tones, but fewer subtle background notes. Not such an issue if you’re vaping menthol or strawberry liquids, though natural tobacco flavours might suffer.

How to set up and use the Smok Stick G15 Pod Kit

There are only two parts you need to put together from those in the kit box, and these are already assembled when you open it. Here’s what you need to do get your Smok Stick G15 up and running for the first time:

  1. Detach the empty pod that is already attached to the power unit. This is magnetic so you don’t need to twist at all – just pull gently to remove.
Detach empty pod from power unit

2. Now remove any labels on the contacts on the base of the pod and find the rubber fill port flap on the side of the pod.

Remove any labels from pod contacts and open fill port flap

3. With the fill port flap open, push the nozzle of your e liquid bottle firmly onto the membrane just inside the fill port hole. Squeeze out enough e liquid to fill the pod until it’s about 3/4 full. Its a good idea to do a few short squirts in succession to avoid overfilling the pod. Once you’re done filling, re-close the flap firmly and leave the pod alone without vaping for 5 minutes to allow it to absorb the liquid.

Push bottle nozzle though fill port hole firmly and squeeze bottle to fill the pod

4. After 5 minutes, reconnect your pod and base unit, by first checking that the connections are aligned. If they are, the two magnetic parts will lock together snugly on their own with no force at all. Do not force the sections together if they are not lined up.

As soon as you’ve assembled the device correctly, you should see the indicator on the middle of the base unit light up for one second. Your Smok Stick G15 is now ready to use. To start vaping, simply suck on the mouthpiece and inhale.

Reconnect your pod and base unit making parts line up as shown

How does Smok Stick G15 compare to other pen-style vape pod devices?


In terms of features, the Smok Stick G15 biggest advantage over its most recent pen-style pod competitors is battery power and capacity. The Smok’s bigger 700 mAh internal battery means it can accommodate a lower resistance 0.8ohm coil, and this means more vapour and stronger, rounder throat hits.

Smok Stick and EQ Fltr (not actual sizes)

In this respect, the G15 beats its smaller-battery rivals EQ FLTR and the Uppends Uppen pod hands down.

And of course it goes without saying that the bigger battery also means more vaping time between recharges with the G15. You should be able to get about 7 hours worth of light or intermittent vaping on one charge.

The same vape usage would give you maybe two or three hours’ power with the EQ FLTR and about 5 hours with the Uppen.


However, one disadvantage of the Smok Stick’s lower resistance coil is that it gives out slightly duller flavours compared to similar pen-style pod devices, like those I’ve already mentioned.

It also means that the G15 makes a bit more noise on the inhale, though for me this was tolerable.

Tinted pods

The Smok Stick’s tinted pods look way cooler than the fully transparent viewports of the Uppen or EQ Fltr.

But the downside of the tinted finish is that you can barely see pod liquid levels at all. And this is definitely a gripe for me.

Less leakage

However, the Smok Stick G15 does outshine its rivals in terms of leakage – or the lack of it.

This is thanks in part to snug-fitting magnetic components and what seems to be an anti-leak membrane in the fill port.

Having used the G15 for a week now, I’ve had no issues with leaks or wet contacts at all. And this is a far cry from the EQ Fltr, which I found needed regular wipes to remove e liquid spots from contacts.

Final verdict and recommendations

If power, battery life, responsiveness and throat hit are more important to you than flavour, you won’t have much to complain about with the Smok Stick G15.

This is a very tidy, well-designed and surprisingly powerful little pen-style pod that is perfectly-matched to the needs of smokers wanting to quit smoking.

It compares well to similar products in its league in most areas, and I would definitely recommend it as an ideal beginner device to stop smoking with.

Though rich flavours are not a strongpoint of the G15, you can correct this to some extent by simply filling it with a more strongly-flavoured e liquid, or one with a higher PG ratio.

Finally, installing an EQ tip will make it taste and feel less like you’re vaping and more like the real thing.