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series-s17-topfill-reviewHave just tested and reviewed UK-designed Series-S17 e topfill cigarette (from £9.99), a pocket-sized device which claims to offer some of the functionalities of bigger, more serious sub-ohm mod ecig models at a more affordable price. Available in matt black and stainless steel. 

Jac Vapour Series-S17 Topfill Review

The Jac Vapour Series-S17 is now available to order and is in stock now. As usual, my tests on this top-fill device have been carried out over several weeks  to check consistency and to identify any smaller issues. Here is my full review of the Series-S device, based on strong and weak features I have identified.

S17: Strong Points

Portability is one of the strongest aspects of the Series-S17, bearing in mind its relatively powerful performance compared to more conventional vape pens. With an assembled length of just over 13 cm (5 inches) the Series-S is lightweight, thin and streamlined, lacks the usual bulkiness of most serious mod devices, and will fit comfortably into any pocket.

Appearance of the S17 is elegant, simple and unfussy, with clean lines ajac-vapour-series-s-reviewnd a matt finish (black model only) which is warm and smooth to the touch. Compact and solid looking overall, and feels nice in the hand.

Battery functionality, power charge and storage of the Series-S17 is impressive, especially considering the very slim battery size. I managed a very fast initial charge of just under two hours, and on the whole am still able to get about a day (and a bit) of fairly regular use out of the 900 mAh battery before a recharge is required.

I particularly like the coloured LED bars which light up alongside the Series-S power button according to remaining charge (green = fully charged; blue = semi-charged; red = recharge now). This is a simple but very effective and welcome innovation if you (like me) feel you need the reassurance of knowing how much battery power you have left. The “fixed charge” feature of this device mean that it is very easy to use and would therefore make it more popular with new or intermediate ecig users.

Coil lifespan, flavour and vapour production from the S17 are all very strong, though these vary according to which type of replaceable coil (vapour producing unit) you order: there is a choice of either mouth to lung (for regular and new users) and direct lung coil units (for more advanced users) and each is available in both 0.5 ohm (hotter and stronger vapour) and 1.0 ohm (cooler, milder vapour) resistances. Additional coils cost about £10 per pack (you get two with the kit) so based on 1 coil per week usage (as I found to be the case for the 1.0 ohm) this seems a pretty economical device in terms of running costs.

Personally, I found the 1.0 mouth to lung coil gave out morejac-vapour-s17-top-fill-tanks-and-coils flavour and lasted longer over several days without going stale or becoming dull. In fact, both the 0.50 and 1.0 direct lung coils also work fine for mouth-to-lung vaping, though the airflow is a bit more generous and flavours not quite so bright. I would however suggest using a PG-based e liquid (or one with a high PG content) in the Series-S17, as I found that all the coils I tested ran for longer and tasted better with PG 70% e liquid, than with a 50-50 PG/VG mix.

Airflow control (which allows users to control how hard they suck) is a spinner located at the base of the tank and rotates very smoothly to open and close air holes without accidentally undoing the tank unit. A traditional vaper at heart,  I generally prefer some resistance when sucking, so tend to close air holes whenever possible. I found the Series-S17 gave me a nice hard draw with air holes fully closed, so I was happy in this respect, though direct-lung users can of course open it right up if they choose.

Simplicity of use ranks high with this device – there are only really three working parts that you need to worry about (battery, tank and coil) and all of these can be assembled in a matter of seconds with absolutely no expert knowledge or risk of anything being put in the wrong place. Considering also the lack of fiddly techy buttons (apart from the power button) or displays to bother you, this is a virtually foolproof piece of vaping kit for beginners.

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JAC Series-S17: Not-So Strong Points

Tank size of this device is a bit meagre at 1.8 ml, considering that this is supposed to be a rival to more serious devices with larger tanks. This tank size restriction is part of JAC Vapour’s drive towards TPD compliancy, and although a little annoying, is at least a positive sign that this UK supplier is serious about ensuring safety for its customers across all of its new product lines. For the purposes of this review, I managed to get about half a day’s regular use out of the freshly-filled Series- S17 tank before it needed a refill. Always carry e liquid with you!

Battery size is great compared to most vape pens and you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you are used to regular “garage-bought” ecigs but don’t expect the Series-S 900 mAh battery to last you much longer than a day before it needs a recharge – if you want a little more power storage, consider moving up to a Series-B Kit, or order a spare battery to carry around.

Fixed charge battery may get you down if you are used to being able to control power and vapour strength. Again, the JAC Vapour Series-S17 is a transitional ecigarette and not really aimed at advanced users, so functions are minimal. On the other hand, if you want a complete ecig kit that’s simple to use and works right out of the box (they even pre-charge it), this may be just what you are looking for.

A bit noisy and hot with 0.50 ohm coils (both DTL and MTL). Personally, I think vapour is a bit too hot and intense with the lower resistance (o.50) coils, and the coils can sound a bit raspy too when power button is pressed. Considering you can’t reduce battery voltage on the Series-S, I would go with the 1.0 coils to play on the safe side – you’ll find they last longer, taste better and are a lot quieter!

Heavy (VG-based) eliquids tend to be sluggish in this device – avoid 100% VG e liquids and stick to either PG or 25/75 VG/PG e liquid mixes.

For more information about the Series-S17 visit JAC vapour here

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