8 Reasons Why Your Vape Has No Taste – How to Get More Flavour

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There’s nothing worse than suddenly realising you’re getting weak flavour – or no taste at all out of your favourite vape pen, tank or pod. But why does this happen? And what can you do to get more flavour from your vape if it tastes of nothing?

This short guide helps you identify which factors could be ruining the taste of your e cig vapour.

Once you identify these, there are more than enough things you can get started with to improve weak flavours from your vape.

Reasons why you can’t taste the flavour in your vape

Getting weak or no flavour from your vape often happens because of incorrect device wattage or airflow settings. But using the wrong e liquids can also make your vape taste of nothing, as can forgetting to prime new vape coils, blockages, flooded wicks or the wrong mouthpiece.

What is stopping you from getting more flavour from your vape

Here are some typical things that can make your vape taste dull, plus suggestions for each on how best to get more flavour from your device.

1. Your e-liquid is too heavy

E-liquid that’s too thick can flow sluggishly in some vape devices, resulting in poor vaporisation, dull flavours, or even no flavour at all.

You won’t get more than a smidgen of flavour from your vape liquid if it runs too slowly in your device. Some additives (sweeteners, flavourings, etc) can make e-liquids too heavy, but the main culprit is usually VG, or vegetable glycerine.

DIY or homemade e liquids in particular can end up too thick and flavourless for a number of reasons. This happens when people add too much VG, not enough water, or else forget to heat (or temper) their e liquid mixes before vaping.

Almost all vape juices contain at least some VG to add smoothness and sweetness. But too much of it will simply wreck flavour quality of your vape leaving you with no taste at all.

As well as being a very heavy base liquid, VG is also a poor flavour carrier compared to PG. This means it can take the edge off many complex vape flavours, like tobacco, coffee or green tea.

MTL devices (beginner vape pods and tank systems), are more likely to suffer from VG-related flavour loss issues as they tend to have smaller, more delicate coils and wicks.

How can I tell if my e-liquid VG is ruining flavour?

Check the PG/VG ratio of whatever e-liquid you’re vaping by looking at the bottle. If VG is above 50%, your vape liquid may be too thick to generate a strong flavour in your device.

Try also tilting your vape liquid bottle, and see how quickly the liquid moves. If it it’s really sluggish, this could be why you can’t taste much of whatever flavours you’re vaping.

Check your e cig device (or the instruction manual) for recommended e-liquid types and PG/VG ratios. 


How to get more flavour from your vape juice

Knowing how to look for when you’re choosing e liquid is the best way to get more flavour from your vape.

  • Choose thinner, low-VG (25% for MTLs; 60% for direct-to-lung coils) 
  • If you’ve made your own vape juice at home, make sure to temper it (AKA quick-steep) in hot water till warm or else in the microwave for a few seconds to release more flavour
  • If you can’t change your e-liquid, improve flavour by adding a few drops of water or PG to it to make it thinner 
  • Shake your e-liquid bottle before you refill your e-cigarette to mix ingredients properly
  • Follow this rule of thumb: the smaller your coil (size and thinness), the less VG you’ll probably need in your e-liquid

2. Poor airflow 

The wrong kind of airflow going into your device can also ruin the flavour of your vape. And too much air rushing onto your coil can dull vapour flavour even more than not enough air can.

Mouth-to-lung e-cigarettes are designed to work with restricted airflow to allow short bursts of intensely-flavoured vapour with even the shortest of puffs. This means they won’t give you as much flavour if you allow too much air in.


Conversely, direct-to-lung vapes work best with loads of airflow, but you can often improve flavour further by restricting airflow a little.

How do I know if my airflow is too high?

Suck on your device and see how much resistance you get from each draw. If you’re getting short, airy draws with weak vapour, your airflow could be too high. 

Adjust vape airflow to improve flavour quality

Adjusting airflow inside your vape device will make flavours fresher and brighter. Tightening your airflow will usually produce vapour that tastes richer and stronger while opening it up will give you airier, softer and more diffuse flavours.

  • If you have an e-cigarette with external adjustable airflow controls, turn down airflow to see if flavour improves
  • If you have no adjustable controls, find where air is flowing into your tank or pod and restrict it partially with tape (or a finger) 

3. Vaping new coil too soon or without priming

Vaping on a brand new disposable coil without priming it first can mean your vape tastes of nothing, or even worse, give you a burnt taste or dry hit. This usually happens in tank systems that use replaceable cotton coils.

Normally, when you attach a new coil, the cotton inside it will draw up e-liquid from the tank after a while. But if you start vaping as soon as you’ve attached the new coil, liquid in your tank won’t have time to reach the heating element. And this gives you a flavourless – or weird-tasting vape as a result.

No flavour from a new coil?

Are you using a tank-style vape with a new disposable cotton coil? Did you wait a few minutes before vaping on your new coil or did you start vaping right away?

Open your tank and look inside of the coil. Can you see whether liquid has saturated the inner section? If it looks dry, you won’t get much – or any – flavour from your new coil.


Prime your vape coil properly for more flavour

Priming new disposable coils on first use will mean the wicking material will get a better chance to absorb more vape liquid flavour from your e liquid. Doing this will improve your vape flavour and make it taste stronger.

  • Prime your new blank coil with four or five drops of vape liquid once you’ve attached it to your tank – try vaping on coil and prime again if to improve flavours 
  • If you can’t be bothered to prime, at least make sure to wait a few minutes before vaping on new blank coils after filling your tank to allow them to absorb flavour

4. The wrong mouthpiece

However good your vape device is, having a mouthpiece that’s the wrong size or shape can have a big impact on the taste of your vapour.


If your mouthpiece is too big and chunky, it can force your mouth to open too widely. This means that any vapour coming into your mouth goes straight over your tongue, so you end up tasting very little of it. 

How do I know if my mouthpiece is killing flavour?

Notice how wide your jaw is set with your current mouthpiece in place. Which parts of your mouth are getting the most vapour? If flavour is only “passing through”, your mouthpiece may be too big to satisfy.

Look also at the the air hole in your mouthpiece, where vapour comes out. Ideally, it should be narrow enough to direct a really focused stream of vapour right onto the tip of your tongue. If it’s too wide, flavours will taste weaker and less satisfying on the whole. 

A narrow mouthpiece means stronger vape flavours

A smaller mouthpiece makes the vapour stream narrower and more focused. This will improve vape flavours by directing stronger tasting vapour from your e cig onto your tongue instead of around it.

  • Swap your chunky, wide-bore mouthpiece for a smaller one with a narrower air channel for richer flavour hits
  • Avoid really wide drip-tip mouthpieces

5. Vapour is too warm

People often crank up their device wattage to get more strength and flavour from their vape. But when vapour from your e-cigarette gets too warm, some flavour frequencies, like bitterness and exhale tones can diminish or actually disappear.

So while warmer vapour can make your vape taste stronger, you may be in fact be missing out on the full range of flavours that your vape juice can offer.

Once you’ve got your airflow, choice of e-liquid and mouthpiece right, it’s worth checking to see if vapour heat is affecting how much flavour you’re getting.

The cooler your vape, the stronger the flavour

Lower wattages generate richer flavours in most vape devices, and cooler vapour brings out more subtle tones. So cranking power down, rather than up is something definitely worth trying.

To achieve an optimum balance of flavour and nicotine strength, use low-power settings in combination with a stronger nicotine liquid (e.g. 18mg).

  • If you have a device with adjustable power settings, crank down your power to improve flavour quality (you may need to lift nicotine levels to compensate)
  • If your pod vape or tank combo lacks adjustable power and vapour is too warm, try fitting a slightly higher resistance coil. This will heat more slowly to give you a cooler, richer-tasting vape

6. Blockages and flooded tank

Blockages inside your vape device can lead to weak and diminished flavours. Bits of tissue, dust, or congealed e-liquid can all block airflow going into and out of your device, and can make vapour taste dull.

Likewise, if your coil becomes flooded – or over-saturated with vape juice – you’ll also see a drop in vapour production – and flavour.

How can I tell if my e-cig is blocked or flooded?

Is your airflow stiff even with holes wide open? This could be dulling the taste of your vape. Check ventilation holes from the outside and (if you can dismantle your device) from the inside too.

Check the air channel of your vape mouthpiece for flavour blockages too, by unscrewing and inspecting.


When your device is flooded, it means your coil is getting more e-liquid than it can vaporise. Check for gurgling sounds and weak flavour from your vape pod or tank when you take a draw. These are likely signs of flooding and may be why your vape is giving you no flavour.

Have you put too much juice in your e-cigarette? Check recommended maximum fill levels for your device and adjust until flavours improve,

Fix blockages and vape juice levels to maximise taste levels

Cleaning out or unblocking your vape device is a worthwhile thing to do anyway, but doing so will improve flavours too.

  • Blow through air channels in your device onto a tissue between vapes to clear blockages to improve flavour production
  • With tanks, remove coil and wash tank parts and mouthpiece with water to remove dust, pocket fluff and other rubbish blocking airflow and flavour
  • Don’t overfill your tank with e-liquid
  • Make sure seal rings (if you have any) are tight and not split
  • Keep coils (disposable and reusable) screwed on tightly to avoid flooded tank

7. Worn-out coil or pod

Sometimes your e-cigarette may produce no flavour just because your vape coil or pod is simply worn out. At the end of the day, every coil or pod has a finite lifetime.

Whatever brand you buy and however well you look after your coils, chances are that both vapour and flavour production will start to drop after the first few days.

First (if unless you have a ceramic coil) the cotton or lint wick will start to lose efficiency. Then the heating coil (or element) will give out less and less vapour and flavour it finally dies.

Check whether your vape coil is worn out or dirty

If you’ve gone through all the other checks in this guide and you’re still getting poor flavour production from your vape, it’s worth checking your coil or pod for dirt or wear and tear.


How long have you been using your coil or pod? What kind of unit is it? Are you getting a burnt taste when you vape? What kind of e-liquid are you using?

If you can dismantle your vape coil, does the material inside it look brown, dirty, sticky or clogged up? Residue and gunk build-up should be easy to spot and will continue to ruin flavour if left to remain and fester.

Look after vape coils for stronger, cleaner flavours

Arguably your vape coil (and wick too) is the most crucial factor when it comes to achieving richer flavours. Making the right choices when buying coils as well as looking after them properly will impact positively on how good your vape tastes.

  • Improve flavour producing capacity of your coil by using thinner, less VG-heavy vape liquids
  • Keep your power low enough to produce a cool vapour to make coils taste stronger for longer
  • Ceramic coils (which contain no cotton) can also give you more vape time and cleaner-tasting vapour in the long term
  • Check your pods / coils for wear and tear every few days and replace when necessary

8. Vaper’s tongue

If you’ve checked your e-liquid and vape device settings and you’re still getting no flavour, you might be suffering from “Vaper’s Tongue”.

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

Vaper’s Tongue means that you suddenly can’t taste flavours in your usual vape juice any more. It is thought to be caused by tongue taste receptors shutting down due to overstimulation in response to one intense e liquid flavour being vaped over an extended period of time.

What are the symptoms of Vaper’s Tongue?

  • You can’t get any flavour out of your usual e-liquid however much you adjust your device settings
  • You’ll probably have been vaping the same flavour e-liquid (and not much else) for a longish period of time
  • Your sense of taste comes back as soon as you start vaping a different flavour vape juice

How to get rid of Vaper’s Tongue and start enjoying flavours again!

  • Don’t stick to just one vape juice flavour – switch between different  flavours to keep your tongue stimulated and happy!
  • Get a tongue cleaner (many toothbrushes come already equipped with them) to clean fur off your tongue before you vape
  • Drink enough water between vape sessions – a dehydrated tongue is not so good at detecting flavours