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vim-pod-review So-called “pod” e cigarettes are now the latest trend in vaping. Pod devices such as UK supplier JAC Vapour’s own VIM AIO pod e cigarette models are becoming more and more popular among new users with busy lives who just want to vape and go.  

VIM Pod main features at a glance

  •  Pre-filled disposable pods which you screw into your rechargeable VIM device
  •  Pods contain UK-made “nicotine salt” e liquid, which gives a faster, stronger, smoother and longer-lasting nicotine hit, ideal for those who have just quit smoking
  • “Smoking” range flavour pods, tailor-made for those who still want the authentic flavour of tobacco
  • Lighter flavours (e.g. Blackcurrant Squash, Strawberry Chew, etc) for vapers who want to move away from the taste of tobacco
  • Choice of two device sizes (both have similar power output though WEE VIM has lower charge capacity
  • Refillable tank available instead of disposable pods if you prefer to refill yourself


Benefits of VIM pods

  • Small, light, simple-to-use device with no tricky power settings etc – ideal for a gift or for those wanting to give vaping a try
  • Adjustable airflow – suction can be adjusted to feel more like a cigarette or else with a lighter draw
  • No mess or fuss – when pods are empty, just twist, pull out and push another one in
  • VIM devices and pods mimic action, feel and satisfaction of real smoking
  • Suitable for those who have already been vaping for a while as can be used as MTL or DL device depending on pods selected
  • VIM devices have battery power of 2600 mAh, which is comparable to many larger, heavier vaping devices
  • Better value than many other leading pod e cigarette devices, but does the same thing – Wee Vim  starts at £12.99, and the larger Vim is priced at £24.99.
  • 15% off all Vim and Wee Vim vape devices and pods with this discount code: ECF

Why make the switch to VIM pods?

Vim-for BeginnersEdinburgh-based Jac Vapour have a long history of designing vape products based on solid customer research and user needs. Their new, innovative and gimmick-free VIM AIO pod system stacks up well against other major pod e cigarette brands (such as Juul) in terms of effectiveness, quality and price.

Both their VIM and WEE VIM devices stand out in terms of battery capacity, especially when you consider their tiny form factor. You can certainly find smaller POD mods elsewhere, but not with the long battery life –  the VIM will easily last all day with a battery capacity that’s twenty times larger than most popular POD systems.

If you’d prefer something smaller, the Wee VIM with its 900mAh will keep you going for most of the day without a recharge. With smaller POD mods you’ll be lucky to get a couple of hours before needing to recharge and if you’re using traditional base e liquid PODs, you’ll find you might need to keep swapping those out more often too.

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