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JAC Vapour now have two ranges of realistic tobacco e liquids which taste a lot like real tobacco. Here’s my latest review of the following JAC Vapour tobacco e liquids:

JAC Tobacco E liquids: Review

I tested all of these UK-made tobacco e liquids using an RTA with a 1.0 Ohm MTL coil at 12 watts.

All liquids I reviewed were the same strength (1.8mg nicotine) and all are a PG/VG Mix (30/70).

JAC tobacco e liquids are available as PG/VG mix, PG or VG only blends, though the VG-only versions may not work so effectively in some tank devices.

Smoking UK Tobacco E Liquid

e-liquid-for-smokersI’m always after a satisfying tobacco flavour and really smooth throat hit, and for me, Jac Vapour’s new “Smoking” range of nicotine salt e liquids tick all of the boxes.

There are only two e liquids in this new range, but both have been designed with smokers and recent quitters in mind.

The UK Tobacco is a thick, dark and very rich tobacco flavour, which is smooth on the throat and very satisfying – especially if you haven’t yet got over the flavour of tobacco and need a little reminder from time to time. This one’s more like a roll-up in flavour than a bought cigarette, but this is a strength, not a weakness.

Both the UK Tobacco and Menthol versions of this e liquid are UK-made and contain real tobacco extracts. They also both contain nic salts as a base for a smoother, heavier throat hit – this really improves the smoothness at the higher 18 mg strength.

Smoking e liquids are available in 12mg and 18mg 10ml bottles. You can see a more detailed review of Jacvapour’s Smoking E Liquid range here.

ECig Find Score: 9/10

Real Tobacco Gold E liquid

Only distantly related to the Lite version, Real Tobacco Gold is a flavour all on its own. For cowboys only, this eliquid is what it says it is – a real tobacco flavour, but in an eliquid, and very close it comes, too.

jac-vapour-e-liquid-review-tobacco-goldPredominant tones are of a very smoky flue-cured dark tobacco, though this goes beyond the “Turkish” flavours I’ve tried before, and more closely captures the actual roll-up experience with its fullness of dark, rich flavours and smoky bitterness.

A very carefully-crafted and realistic flavour, and the best e liquid from JAC to date, in my opinion. Stunning flavour – but could be smoother on the throat. Would be even better in a smooth nic salts base, in my opinion.

ECig Find Score 8/10

Real Tobacco Silver E liquid

I tried this naively thinking it would be just a milder version of the Real Tobacco flavour, though in fact these are two different animals.

jac-vapour-e-liquid-review-silver-tobaccoAs usual, Real Tobacco Silver isn’t too overpowering this time, and the predominant flavour is warm, sweet and buttery, almost biscuit-like.

Very soft, rich tones of real tobacco, and an extremely heavy and satisfying vapour.

Soft on the pallet, the throat hit with Real Tobacco Silver at 18mg is powerful though quite smooth, which is surprising given the lack of nic salts in the mix.

If you like a sweetish, though not overpowering familiar tobacco flavour, this one’s for you.

ECig Find Score: 8/10



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