National No Smoking Day

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Getting ready for National No Smoking Day 2020?

Yes folks, it’s National No Smoking Day on 11th March 2020, and it’s time to start thinking about switching to vaping again! But which device to choose?

Here are three great vape kit options recommended for beginners from Edinburgh-based supplier JAC Vapour. Check below for National No Smoking Day discounts! 

Wee VIM Bundle

wee-vim-vape-kitThe Wee Vim is probably the simplest – and at £12.99 by far the most affordable way to kick off No Smoking Day and a cracking option for new vapers. An All-in-One device, with the Wee Vim, you just have to recharge, click in a pre-filled nicotine “pod” and start vaping.  VIM PODs come in a choice of 4 flavours: SMOKING Tobacco, SMOKING Tobacco Menthol, Strawberry Chew and Blackcurrant Squash. All Wee Vim nicotine pods contain “salt” nicotine, which is the best option for relieving initial smoking cravings of recent quitters.


S17_Vape_PensThe Series-S17 starts at £24.99 and is a slightly larger and more traditional vape pen with added features tailor-made for newcomers to vaping. Though a bit bigger than the Wee Vim / Vim, Jacvapour’s  SERIES-S17 is easy to use and offers both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping options with a change of  coil. Mouth to lung mimics smoking by increasing draw resistance, while direct lung vaping settings offer less resistance to allow for bigger clouds of vapour, if you so wish. You can currently get the SERIES-S17 plus Strawberry Lime Anise and Passionfruit Ice Cream e liquids all for just £39.99.

15% off the Series-S17 indicated price with this discount code: VAPEMEUP


S22_from_JacvapourA slightly larger and much more serious-looking beginner kit for heavy smokers is the Series-S22. If you smoke 20+ cigarettes per day or have a busy work schedule, battery life on the Series-S22 will be ideal for you. The Series S22 will keep you going at least a whole day before it needs to be recharged. Like the Series-S17 you can also swap out coils to try different vaping styles. The kit comes in at £34.99 on its own but during this month you can get the SERIES-S22 kit, 50ml of quick mix e liquid (choose from 45 flavours) and a pack of coils for only £49.97.

15% off the price above for Series-S22 with this discount code: VAPEMEUP

JAC Vapour are the only independent vape supplier in the UK and they design all their devices in their studios in Edinburgh. Looking to quit smoking by making the switch on National No Smoking Day? Get in touch with JAC Vapour’s  friendly and knowledgeable customer service team today!

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