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The all-new and long-awaited Jacvapour Series-B DNA 75W is here at last (from £64.99, Jacvapour UK). Have tested new design, vapour production, battery efficiency and ease of use – here’s my review:

Jacvapour DNA 75W: overview

series-b-dna-75w-reviewThe Series-B DNA 75W is Jacvapour’s bestselling UK-designed alternative to high-performance foreign-made vaping devices. Jacvapour have been moving into sub-ohm territory for a couple of years now, though are anxious to satisfy the needs of experienced vapers as well as those who still love their pocket-sized mods and tanks. Jac’s award-winning UK-designed 50W Series-B Tilt was met with great acclaim a few years back, though the new DNA 75W claims to be stronger, sleeker – and just better all round…let’s see if it’s true!

Review: Series-B DNA 75w

Appearance, feel and new features

series-b-dna-75w-reviewGeneral: Out of the box, the DNA 75W looks chunkier, blockier and quite a lot more solid and compact than its predecessor, (the Series-B Tilt). If you’ve been using a Tilt for a while (mine’s on its second year, now) you’ll immediately notice a close similarity in terms of size and shape, but of course, the bevel at the top of the mod has now been almost completely squared off, so that any tank attached will now stand perfectly upright and aligned with the main power unit.

Buttons: There are now only two buttons on the control panel – one larger and squarer power button above a much bigger display and a shorter button-bar of the same width to increase and decrease wattage and voltage. Both buttons are set closer to the surface of the panel, feel smoother and softer, and are noticeably more responsive to touch than those of the previous Series-B model, so much so that button clicks are almost inaudible.

Display: The DNA 75W display itself is now bigger, and relevant wattage or voltage readings (depending on your view selection) are now a lot bigger and easier to read. Related but less important readings (coil resistance, amps, remaining charge, etc.) still come up as smaller (but just about readable) digits and are now displayed to show three decimal positions for greater accuracy.

series-b-dna-75w-batteryBatteries: Unlike many modern sub-ohm mods available now, the Series-B DNA 75W requires just one flat-top 20A IMR 18650 battery, so if you still have an old Tilt battery to hand, this will work just fine in the DNA. The battery chamber, which was a bit loose in the Tilt, is now fully spring-loaded in the DNA and so holds the battery much more tightly than did the previous Series-B model, so is less likely to jiggle out after bumps or knocks. The magnetic battery cover is also more carefully designed and flips snugly and tightly into place very easily.

Charging: As with Jacvapour’s previous Series-B model, there is a USB charging port built into the DNA and a PC charging cable supplied. The built-in charger is a useful feature and the device can be fully-charged in about 4 hours like this (a bit too long in my opinion), though I chose to use my dedicated battery charger instead as this did the same job in about half the time.

Functioning and vaping satisfaction

series-b-dna-75w-reviewConnections: I tested the DNA 75w with two sub-ohm tanks: Jacvapour’s own S-22 Tank and an Arymi Gille tank and both attached onto the mod with very tight connections and no display errors.

Responsiveness and strength: I found the DNA 75W was noticeably more responsive than the Tilt at lower wattages and that vapour produced was less harsh at higher power settings. This may be due to a smarter chipset, though honestly I don’t know why this is. I’ve certainly noticed that power seems to build more smoothly as power button is pressed, rather than a sudden warm blast, and that vapour flavour seems deeper and more three-dimensional than with the previous Series-B model. Though the DNA 75W looks pretty good with the S-22, I would say it works best with the Arymi tank, as wattage can really be cranked up with its huge coil if need be.

Series-B DNA 75W: Verdict

jacvapour-series-b-dna-75w-reviewJacvapour have packed a lot of thought into this very nice-looking UK-designed mod and the DNA 75W really is a cut above its predecessor, the Tilt. I respect their insistence on producing serious single-battery sub-ohm models, as I’m a user who prefers solid, serious devices that are also portable, concealable, and which don’t look bulky and ridiculous. Like the Tilt, the Series-B DNA 75W is a hardwearing and foolproof device which, if you look after it, will probably last you at least a couple of years, and will provide a lot of satisfaction in the meantime.

However, while the built-in battery charging port is an essential feature, charging time could be a lot faster in this model – if the DNA is to be your main device, you’d do well to invest in a standalone battery charger and an extra battery, too. Likewise, if looks are important to you, in my opinion the stainless steel model will give you more mileage than the black rubberised version, as sooner or later, visible scratches will begin to show on the surface of the black device, especially if you’re intending to carry it around in a pocket with keys and coins, etc.

In all, this latest incarnation of the Series-B is very impressive and (just about) affordable for those who want to own a more versatile device and experience better performance and depth of flavour in their vaping.

Try the DNA 75w for yourself!

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