The Jac Vapour Wee Vim has now been discontinued. However, you can still buy the Jac Vapour Vim AIO, which is in my opinion a more reliable device. There’s a detailed review of the VIM here:

Jac Vapour Wee Vim: Review

jac-vapour-wee-vim-reviewMain features

  • Small and compact rechargeable vaping device
  • Designed to provide a more satisfying “smoking-like” experience
  • All-in-one 900 mAh battery + coil + casing
  • Designed and engineered in UK
  • Uses either refillable tanks or disposable pods
  • Developed for use with nic salt e liquids for a smoother nicotine hit
  • Pocket-sized and light
  • Compatible with Nic salts and regular e liquid
  • Day-long battery power storage
  • Fixed wattage
  • E liquid pods last about a day
  • Ideal for new vapers
  • Auto 5-click safety button feature as standard

Jac Vapour VIM or WEE?

Just like the Jac Vim AIO, the Wee is compact, pocket-sized and super-simple to use.

Both the Wee and the VIM AIO also look very similar. However, I would say that the Wee is lighter, less responsive and not as well-built as its sister product.

On the other hand, there are some Wee features which are the same as the VIM. Just like the Vim, the Wee is an “all-in-one” device. This means that its battery, tank and casing are all incorporated, and so never have to be taken apart.

It also allows you to use refillable tanks as well as single-use pods.

Is the Jac Vapour Wee Vim really a “pod vape”?

For the purposes of this review, yes, the Wee IS a pod vape – even though it doesn’t look like one! Just like other pods, the Wee uses nic salt refillable nic salt capsules. In this way, the Jac Vapour Wee Vim is no different to other pod systems, such as Juul, etc. You just screw in your pod, vape and replace.

What’s different about the Wee Vim is its size. Although it’s tiny, the Wee is actually a bit bigger than most established pod vape brands. In this way, you get the portability of a classic pod, but also the longer battery life.


Pods for the Wee

The Wee AIO is designed first and foremost for vaping with nic salt e liquids, in the form of pod refills. But what are these, and how do they work?

Nic salt is a new form of nicotine, which allows for a more mellow nicotine throat hit and better absorption of nicotine into the bloodstream. This form of nicotine is becoming more popular especially with ex-smokers, who need a bit more of a kick from their vape.

Vim disposable pods come pre-filled with nic salt e-liquid. On the other hand, you if you choose the refillable tanks, you could use regular e liquid if you prefer. Vim pods can be used with both the Wee Vim and the Vim AIO pod devices.

Wee Vim size and feel

Out of the box, the Wee weighs almost nothing. It fits into your hand almost like a matchbox would.

Matt plastic finish is smooth to the touch and the single power button is well-placed on the front of the battery case.  However, the finish on the Wee case doesn’t feel quite as tough and smooth to the touch as the Vim’s.

Despite the weight, the casing feels pretty strong, and here’s no glass to break if you drop it. This is a plus point, as tanks made of glass do tend to get dropped and broken.

In all, the Wee Vim is pretty fool-proof, as everything has been done for you. So, all you really need to do is just charge, screw in pod and start vaping.

Wee Vim vaping performance

The whole point of the Wee Vim is to create a more cigarette-like experience for new vapers (especially recent ex-smokers).

Draw resistance is one thing that smokers want, and Wee tries to provide this with a stiffer draw. To be honest, though, I think they could have made draw stiffer. The more expensive (but better) VIM AIO has a small flap at the base, which lets you control draw stiffness. The Wee on the other hand has no way of controlling draw resistance.

That said, vapour on the Wee Vim is cool (with right coils), smooth and light. This is another way that Jac Vapour have tried to turn the Wee into more of a cig-a-like device.

Wee Vim: Overall satisfaction

Minus points

The Jac Vapour Wee Vim is light, ultra-portable. Yes, it does satisfy those cravings, though for the humble price of £14.99, don’t expect miracles from it. It’s also so small and light that it is VERY easy to lose around the house or in pockets.

Draw on the Wee could still be a little stiffer in my opinion. However, you can modify this (as well as amount of vapour) with the disposable pods. Doing this provides a satisfying enough buzz and flavour hit to make up for the slightly looser draw.

Plus points

Size and price wise, the Wee Vim AIO does what it says it will do. It’s a smart and inexpensive choice for a first vape device. What’s more it would probably suit those who are trying to quit smoking or who are vaping on a budget.

The device is very easy to use – as I hope this review has made clear.

It also gives out a lot of flavour for a device in this price bracket. Likewise, performance stands up quite well against high street pod vape brands like Blu, Juul, etc.

The nic salt pods that come with the Wee VIM do hit the spot, in terms of a stronger, smoother throat hit and a slight head rush. I would say that this alone makes the Wee Vim a smart choice for smokers trying to cut down or quit.

I wouldn’t use the Wee as my main vape, but it could be useful for a lightweight back-up vape on a night out. This is because pods will last you more than a few hours, the in-built battery should stay charged long enough to see you through.

The Wee Vim AIO is very, very small, but you may be surprised by the punch it packs…

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