Jac Vapour VIM Review

Jac Vapour Vim (AIO) Starter Kit


Ease of use


Quality of build


Vapour quality


Power, battery and charge


Value for money



  • Very easy to use and set up
  • Strong and rich vapour
  • Tight draw with modification
  • Day-long battery power
  • Refillable with Vim Tank option


  • Fixed voltage - no power control
  • Replacement pod refills are expensive

Today I’m reviewing the VIM AIO, a UK-designed mini pod vape from UK supplier Jac Vapour. The VIM is aimed at new vapers on a budget and people who have just stopped smoking.


In this updated 2022 review of the Jac Vapour Vim kit, I’ve looked at the following areas in detail:

There is also a guide for beginners on how to understand the the different pod, tank and coil options available with this device.

Jac Vapour VIM Review: main features

  • Small, light and easy to carry, assemble and refill
  • Tip, coil and tank are combined as one single removable unit
  • Strong flavour with MTL coil option / base cap adjustment
  • Can provide draw and action similar to smoking
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Fixed power 2600 mAh (no separate battery)
  • All-day power supply
  • Charges direct to mains or via USB in 2 hours
  • 5-click safety lock feature 
  • UK-designed and supplied
  • 6-month warranty and 14-day no quibble return

VIM Size, shape and feel

I was impressed with the size of the Vim as soon as I began to review it.

Small, compact and very light indeed, the VIM AIO feels very dinky compared to some of Jac Vapour’s other models.

It is, however, a bit bigger than other mainstream alternative pod vapes, like Juul and Blu. That said, the VIM still fits just as easily in your pocket.

I found the ergonomic shape made it very easy to hold and operate. Also, the matt plastic finish feels warm and smooth in the hand.

The power button (there’s just one!) is in the right place. In other words, you can comfortably operate the button and get your hand around the whole device stretching.

Pods, tanks or coils?

The Jac Vapour VIM is a simple enough e-cigarette for new vapers and ex-smokers to use. However, available pod, tank and coil options might be a little confusing for some..

So here’s a quick guide to help you understand the various Vim pod, tank and coil options in more detail.

What are Vim pods?


Vim pods are disposable, non-refillable e liquid capsules, which you screw into your Vim. Pods always come pre-filled with a flavoured e liquid of your choice.

Vim Pods are the most foolproof option if you’ve never used an e cigarette before. They’re also a wise choice if you’ve just stopped smoking and need a quick nicotine fix without any fuss. You just discard the old pod when it’s empty and screw a new one on.

Vim tanks and pods: which are the best choice for new users?

Vim tanks are almost the same as Vim pods, and they do pretty much the same thing.

However, tanks contain no e liquid (you buy tanks empty and then fill and refill them yourself). In contrast, pods are pre-filled and are single-use only.


Vim tanks can be refilled

Vim tanks are the best choice for people who prefer to refill with their own e-liquid. For this reason, they’re a bit cheaper to run. On top of this, tanks can be refilled several times before you have to dispose of them.


Custom vapour control with tanks

Another advantage of using tanks instead of pods is that you can customise your vape.  By this, I mean you can control the strength, warmth, concentration and amount of vapour you get out of your Vim AIO.

This is because with tanks, you can choose from a range of disposable coils that produce the right kind of vapour for you. As well as this, you can choose your own vape juice flavour and strength, too.

How do Vim coils work?

Vim coils are the tiny, metal units inside your AIO tank that generate the vapour you inhale. Coils can only be used with tanks, not pods.


Which Vim coil should beginners choose?

If you want to, you can choose any of the S-coils on the Jac Vapour site as part of your order. All of these are compatible with Vim tanks.

However, beginners or recent ex-smokers (who have decided on VIM tanks over pods) should probably choose MTL coils over DL coils.

This is because MTLs provide a cooler, more “cigarette-like” draw (more resistance). MTL coils also generate more strength and flavour on the whole, though slightly less vapour.

Of the two MTL coils options, I would say that the 1.5 Ohm MTL S-coils generate a slightly stronger, warmer vapour than the 1.0 Ohm version.

For this reason, I’d probably recommend 1.5 Ohm S-coils for heavier smokers, or those who have only just quit smoking. This is just because  vapour and draw from the 1.0 S-coil is cooler, and “feels” a bit more like cigarette smoke.

Tighter suction for smokers

Ex-smokers may find the draw – or suction – on the Vim a bit loose when they first use it. If you want, you can make the Vim taste more like a cigarette, simply by closing the small air hole in the base.

To do this, turn the unit upside down and you’ll see a tiny rubber cap on the base.  Just flip this over to cover the airflow, and in this way, you’ll stiffen the suction (draw). This will make suction feel a bit more like a cigarette.

How to remove and replace VIM pods

The VIM tip, tank and coil form a capsule that screws into the body of the device. You remove the VIM tank by pushing directly onto the mouthpiece and turning one half-turn clockwise.


To replace the unit you do the same thing anti-clockwise. Getting the knack of this takes a bit of effort on first use, but the action becomes smoother after a couple of refills.

VIM vape test: flavour, vapour and draw 

I tested my Jac Vapour VIM with a fresh MTL 1.5Ohm S-coil attached (you get one with the kit).

For this review, I wanted to see how close the VIM got to actual smoking, so I filled with 2ml of JACVapour’s Smoking (UK Tobacco) 18mg nic salts e liquid.

Instructions suggested I should prime the coil, though I skipped this bit and nothing bad happened (it’s still a good idea to do this, though). Taste was very strong and sweet, though not a huge amount of visible vapour.

Very cool on the whole as airflow is good. However, flavour itself is the big thing with this device as far as I’m concerned.

I managed to get about 8 refills out of my coil before replacing. Meanwhile, charging was generally fast (2 hours max) to get enough power to last me through the day.

JAC Vapour VIM – the right e cig for beginners?

Weak points 

It’s very basic. You should bear in mind that the Jac Vapour Vim is an entry-level e cig designed as a super-easy kit for beginners.

For this reason, it won’t give you that many options for customisation. The VIM does compare well with other beginner e-cig kits, but you may find you want more features, even as a vape novice.

The built-in Vim battery is very powerful for a pod vape. However, don’t expect more than a few hours – or a day at the most – before you need to recharge.

If you’re looking for longer-lasting power, maybe skip the Vim and go for a bigger device like the Series-B DNA75 instead.

You can’t control power on the Vim, as you only have one power button. This means that unless you choose the refillable tanks rather than pods), you’ll be stuck with a limited range of pod flavours.

I personally like to be able to control vapour warmth and strength. For this reason, I don’t much like the idea of single-use capsules or pods. For me, the Vim tanks were the preferred choice, as they mean I can choose my own e liquid and coil.

Strong points

Most high street (imported) pod vapes and refills are cheap to buy at first, but then really pricey to run.

By contrast, The Vim kit is about the same price to buy, but running costs are lower. This is because pods are cheaper per unit and are bigger – so they last longer on the whole. By choosing the tank option and refilling them yourself, you’ll save even more money.

To this extent, the Jac Vapour Vim stands up well against other pod vapes (Juul, Blu, etc) with only expensive non-refillable pod options available.

At the top of the Vim’s plus points is longer-lasting big-battery power compared to other high street pod vapes.  So, it should last you a day (or nearly a day) on a full charge with moderate use.

On top of this, more battery power means the Vim has enough punch to satisfy the kinds of cravings recent non-smokers tend to experience.


Another reason to consider the Vim is that both tanks and pods can hold quite a lot of vape juice. By this, I mean that both Vim pods and tanks are easily big enough for a single day’s vaping. This is just what you need if the Vim is your only vape.

Jac Vapour Vim: a great budget kit to help smokers quit

As I hope this review makes clear, the Jac Vapour Vim is a teeny-tiny pocket-sized pod that packs a big punch. For just over £20, it’s a very affordable way to start vaping and stop smoking. And, if you go for the pods option – it’s a foolproof one, too.

The Jac Vapour VIM AIO is definitely a kit that’s designed for smokers and can certainly help you quit. Though there are other great kits like it out there, the VIM is a great budget option to start with.

With a couple of tweaks, it can get you pretty close to actual smoking – if that’s what you want! However, I for best effect, I would recommend a good tobacco flavour e liquid that will work with pod coils.

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