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Review of the new JAC Vapour VIM AIO. I have tested vapour quality, responsiveness, feel, build and flavour as well as suitability for new users or recent ex-smokers. The VIM all-in-one ecig kit is available from JAC Vapour UK for £18.99  – or less with discount code deal (see below). Jacvapour-vim-aio-review

VIM AIO: main features

  • Small, light and easy to carry, conceal, assemble and refill
  • Tip, coil and tank are combined as one single removable unit
  • Strong flavour with MTL coil fitted and adjustment of base cap
  • Can be adapted to provide draw and action similar to smoking
  • Very impressive vapour production with DL coil fitted
  • Ideal for new users as very easy to use
  • Fixed wattage 2600 mAh built-in power unit
  • All-day power supply
  • Charges direct to mains or via USB
  • 5-click safety lock feature as standard
  • UK designed and supplied
  • 6-month warranty and 14-day no quibble return
  • Free SMOKING e liquid if ordered during limited pre-sale period

VIM Size, shape and feel

Small, compact and very light indeed, the VIM AIO feels very dinky compared to some of Jacvapour’s other models. Very easy to put in your pocket and the matt plastic finish feels warm and smooth in the hand. Button is in the right place, and I can conceal almost all of the device by wrapping my hand around it – and my hands aren’t that big…

Is VIM OK for new e cig users?

Yes, though you have to order the right coil. The VIM is both a “direct to lung” and “mouth-to-lung” enabled e cigarette device, depending on which coil you use with it.

New vapers or recent ex-smokers should go for the  MTL 0.7 coils, as these provide a cooler, more “cigarette-like” draw (more resistance), and more flavour, though slightly less visible vapour.

There is also a tiny rubber cap at the base of the device which if flipped over to cover the airflow, stiffens the draw and makes vapour taste and feel more like smoking a cigarette.

On the other hand, if you want to use the VIM as a cloud-making machine, go for the DL 0.5 Ohm coil instead – you won’t be disappointed.

Is the VIM really a “Pod” e cig?

jacvapour-vim-review-how-to-refillJac Vapour’s VIM is designed as a pod device (with pre-filled pods that can be thrown away) or as a refillable. At time of this review, vape pods were not available, so I tested the VIM model as a refillable only.

How to refill the VIM tank

The VIM tank is a top-fill vaping device, so you simply need to unscrew the mouth tip to refill the tank. However, as the filling area is quite small, you need to make sure that you squirt e liquid only down into the filling holes nearest the sides of the tank, and not down the centre hole, as this may flood the coil.

How do you remove VIM tanks?

remove_jacvapour_vim_tankThe VIM tip, tank and coil form a capsule that screws into the body of the device. You remove the VIM tank by pushing directly onto the mouthpiece and turning one half-turn clockwise.

To replace the unit you do the same thing anti-clockwise. Getting the knack of this takes a bit of effort on first use, but the action becomes smoother after a couple of refills. There’s a useful video here, if you’re still having problems.

VIM vape test: flavour, vapour and draw 

I tested the VIM with a fresh MTL coil attached (you get one with the kit). For this review, I wanted to see how close the VIM got to actual smoking, so I filled with 2ml of JACVapour’s Smoking (UK Tobacco) 18mg nic salts e liquid.

Instructions suggested I should prime the coil, though I skipped this bit and nothing bad happened. Taste was very strong and sweet, though not a huge amount of visible vapour. Very cool on the whole as airflow is good, though flavour itself is the big thing with this device as far as I’m concerned.

Managed to get about 8 refills out of it before needing to change the coil, and charging was generally fast (2 hours max) to get enough power to last me through the day.

JAC Vapour VIM Verdict

The VIM’s huge 2600 mAh power source makes it one of the most powerful AIOs in UK right now, and this from a UK-designed device. All in all, a teeny-tiny pocket-sized vape box that packs a huge punch. Loads of flavour and with a good tobacco e liquid and set-up, gets you about as close to actual smoking as is humanly possible.

15% Off your VIM order with VAPEMEUP discount code…. and free e liquid with pre-order during limited presale!

You can get a 15% discount on the new VIM AIO, coils, e liquids and all other JAC Vapour products by simply copying this discount code: ECF into the box on the JAC Vapour website just before you pay for your order.

See also: the new tiny pod-based Wee Vim AIO – the even smaller all-in-one e cigarette from Jac Vapour!




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