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Note the Series B has now been replaced by the superior Jacvapour Series-B DNA 75 device – you can see my beginners’ review of the DNA 75 Watt, here

First impressions of JAC Series-B so far:

Size and feel

Weight, dimensions and feel of the Series-B are better than I had expected – a very compact design and small, though satisfyingly heavy in the hand.



JAC have used simple, but hard wearing materials and have kept techy gimmicks to the minimum with this latest device. No sharp edges and a very sleek and aerodynamic look to the design overall.

Novel features

In particular the magnetic battery case cover for faster battery replacement is an interesting (though not essential) new feature, and this works just fine, though I guess it could pop off if you happen to drop the unit from any height.

The illuminated display panel is likewise useful -easy to read graphics and a limited range of visual data are great for fiddling around with between puffs, but do we really need to know how long each puffs is in seconds?!

Battery and charging 

The Series-B DNA 75 is powered by a replaceable 18650 high-drain rechargeable battery, giving up to 40 watts and resistance range of 0.2Ohm – 3.0Ohm.

The device is charged directly without battery needing to be detached from the unit or tank, and this is a welcome change.

Series-B battery life depends mainly on the kind of atomiser you use, and of course how often you puff.

However, I am so far impressed both with short recharge time (two hours or so) and battery life (I’m getting two full days of battery usage with my Series-B attached to a Kanger Subtank Plus with 1.2 Ohm OCC coil.

Power Control 

The Series B lets you control both voltage and wattage of your device through the three buttons built into the unit. 3 clicks on the power button switches from VV to VW) while the plus/minus buttons increase or decrease voltage or wattage.

Vapour and Flavour

The Series-B DNA is not really designed for use with regular off-the-shelf clearomisers, though some may work reasonably well for a while at least.

I attached my Series-B to a Protank 3 tank with a 2.2 OhM atomiser installed and got fairly good results at 4 Volts.

However, flavour and vapour production really only excel with rebuildable tank units that have coils/wicks that have enough surface area to pump out vapour.

Because of the finer (lower resistance) coils that come with many pre-built tanks, there is a danger of burnout if voltage/wattage is too high.

Optimum set up

For me the best set up with the Series-B is in combination with the Kanger Subtank + RBA unit fitted with a 3mm 26-gauge Kanthal wire coil with 8 wraps and lots of cotton wicking.

At 3 to 3.5 Volts (10-13 watts) flavour is satisfyingly strong, and vapour production cool though minimal, while anything above 4 volts (17 watts) really starts to pump out vapour with no negative effect on flavour quality, as long as you don’t mind hotter draws.

I tend to go for the 3.5Volt setting with this build as I prefer a cooler vapour.

Minus Points

My only small beef about the Series-B is the “tilted” tank thread that gives it its name.

It’s true that this feature is a real plus in ergonomic terms (it keeps your hand and mouth in a more natural position during use).

However, the tilted tank position makes refilling more challenging, because of the awkward angle you have to hold the unit at while you unscrew and re-screw the tank.

JAC Series-B : Final Thoughts

the Series-B is definitely an advanced-user device and probably not necessary if you have only been vaping for a few months.

If on the other hand you are hankering after ever-larger clouds, super-intense flavour and hours of battery use, then it’s definitely worth a shot.

Don’t forget however that the Series-B only really comes into its own with the right set up, which is in my opinion a sub-ohm tank mod with rebuildable coil.


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