Are you looking for a tested and working Jac Vapour Discount Code for summer 2020? This coupon will give you 15% off all products at the Jac Vapour online store. [Updated 2020/08]

This coupon is for new Jac Vapour customers and is valid through 2020. 

How do I use this coupon code?

To use the coupon, simply reveal the discount code in the button. Then, copy it into the box when you check out on the supplier’s website.

15% discount with ECF coupon code on first Jac Vapour orders

If you’re still not sure exactly how to use it to get your discount, have a look at these easy step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Go to the Jac Vapour site and choose whichever vape products you want to order
  2.  When you’re ready, go to your shopping basket
  3. Type or paste this code: ECF into the “discount codes” box (see picture below)
  4.  Click the “Apply” button
  5. Check that your discount has gone through. Finally, pay for your order – easy!

Don’t forget, this voucher will only work for first-time Jac Vapour customers. So, if you’ve ordered from them before, you won’t get money off with this deal.

Where do I add my Jac Vapour code on the store website?

If you’re stuck, look at the screenshots below. These will help you redeem your discount coupon on the Jac Vapour website.

So this is what you’ll see on the Jac Vapour shopping basket page once you have chosen the products you want.

By the way, don’t hit “proceed to checkout” too soon, or you won’t get the discounted price! Instead, just check the price you can see next to the grand total.


Now, just type or paste your coupon code into the box by the blue arrow. Then hit “apply”.


Did it go through? If it did, the amount on the right-hand side should now have dropped to the discount price.


So, if all that worked, you can now pay for the things you’ve bought. Just hit the orange “proceed to checkout” button. Simple!


How long is this discount code valid for?

You can use this code to get a 15% discount right through 2020. It won’t expire any time soon, so you can use it when you want.

Can I share my Jac Vapour discount code with other people?

Yes you can. If you want to share it with family and friends, it will help them save money, too. In other words, they can get the 15% discount, but they must also be first-time Jac Vapour customers.

Which products can I use my code to get a discount on at Jac Vapour?

You should be able to use your coupon code to get money off all products you make at Jac Vapour, but it’s worth checking to see if any items are exempt, first.

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