Do you use an ePuffer ecigar? You may not know that you can save money on pre-filled cartridges by refilling your ecigar with your own e liquid.

There’s even the option of saving even more money by ordering blank e cigar cartridges and refilling with your own e liquid. Here’s how!

How to refill your ePuffer e cigar cartridge

Refilling the ePuffer ecigar cartridge
  1. With a slight twisting action, pull off the black mouthpiece from the used cartridge.
  2. While holding the assembled battery and cartridge in one hand, slowly drip e liquid (5-10 drops max) onto the edge of the soft material inside the cartridge. Avoid dripping any e liquid into the small hole in the centre of the material, as this may flood the cartridge chamber.
  3. Once all the liquid has been absorbed, you can replace the black tip and start using the device again.

Important: whether you are refilling or just using pre-filled cartridges, you must stop using the device if you notice any burnt flavours – this means either e liquid has run out and the cartridge needs to be refilled or replaced. 

How long do ePuffer ecigar flavour cartridges last?

In my tests, I was able to get just under eight days of regular use (using at home and at work) out of each of the two of the pre-filled cartridges, with a twice-daily top-up using tobacco-flavoured e liquid, before they became dull. The cartridge I chose not to refill lasted just over 2 days before flavour ran out.

On balance, it would seem that refilling cartridges is probably the more cost-effective option, as this will give you around a week or so of use before you will need to replace them.

Can I buy blank ecigar cartridges and refill myself?

Yes, you can, and this will save you more money, still. ePuffer supply packs of five blank cartridges at £10.95, meaning that you can fill blanks with your own choice of e liquid, rather than having to pay for the more expensive pre-filled cartridges.

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