How to become a vape reviewer

Are you the kind of person who posts and comments continually on social media? Do you post on vaping forums about vape hardware and e-liquid you’ve just tried? Do you tend to have strong opinions about things? Do you have several different social media accounts on the go at the same time?

What about a mass of loyal, vaping-obsessed followers at your beck and call?

If your answers to all those questions are “yes”, you’ might do well to set yourself up as a vape gear reviewer.

Example vape reviews from YouTube

What do vape gear reviewers actually do?

Vape gear reviewers review new or upcoming vape products for (usually online) e-cig stores or brands.

Reviews can be anything from brief Facebook posts and recommends to longer YouTube videos or live streams showing what reviewers think of a product. If you have more time, you can even start posting reviews of stuff you like in your own blog or website.

Vape reviewers can also suggest ways to save money, and discuss wider vaping topics; for example, vaping hiccups or throat hit. You can also  have a go at “how-to” guides . These usually help users do something they’re trying to do already in a better way.

Reviewers might also choose not to review a vape product directly, but use it as a prop for another theme, such as ASMR or travel.

What will I get in return for my reviews? 


As a reviewer, if stores value the content you create, they will in many cases agree to send you discounted or even free vape hardware and e-juice in return for it.

Likewise, if it turns out you’re any good at doing this, they may even offer to pay you a modest per-sale commission for any sales you generate.

How do I get started as a product reviewer?

To become a vape gear reviewer, you ‘ll need your own dedicated social media channel. This could be a website or blog. It could also be an account on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Before you approach suppliers for free products to review, you’ll need to show you’ve attracted a reasonable following on social media.

Ideally you will have posted some vaping-related content already. This could be just videos, photos or posts demonstrating your reactions to stuff you’ve just bought.

Follow these steps to get yourself set up as a vape product reviewer: 

  1. First, set up (or use your existing) social media channels. Then start getting involved by joining vaping community groups. Comment on posts, follow others, offer help and ideas. You can also share your own vaping experiences or reactions to new products you’ve tried.
  2. Wait until you’ve gathered enough followers, likes, etc and have posted some well-received content relevant content. Then, send out an email to the online store whose products you have either already tried (and liked) or else those you would like to test / review. Explain who you are, then add a link to your own channel(s) in the email.This shows that you have a presence in the vaping community. If you’ve already created some really stunning review content of a product you’ve bought yourself, add a link to that specific post, too.
    And don’t forget to mention how many likes or hits it got.
  3. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a reply offering a free sample of the product you asked for. You may also get instructions regarding the desired format of your content. This usually means hashtags and links to a specific page on the store website. If they ignore you and you have genuine value as a reviewer, it’s their loss. Contact more companies!
  4. Check your social media account to see if permissions are required for promoting products.  Most require a change of settings and at least notification of what you’re planning to do.This is also an essential step if later on you want to actually monetise whichever channel you are using. You could do this with affiliate links from Amazon or Adsense subscriptions, etc.

Dealing with pressure from vape stores

The hardest part of becoming a vape gear reviewer is the constant fear that stores will reject your reviews if you don’t say nice things about their products, regardless of whether you actually like them or not.

It’s very common for vape stores that offer free products to often expect dazzling reviews in return for their generosity, and may indeed refuse to send you any more gear unless you play along.

Many reviewers are happy with this situation and keep playing along as long as they keep getting freebies in the post. In the longer term though, heaping constant undeserved praise on what often turn out to be  mediocre products will end up damaging your integrity and reputation as a reviewer.

In the longer term though, heaping constant undeserved praise on what often turn out to be  mediocre products will end up damaging your integrity and reputation as a reviewer.

How to review a vape product you didn’t like

If you do have any genuine issues with a product you’ve tested, be make these clear in your review, but try to do this in a constructive way (i.e. as a suggestion for future design modifications) rather than just by trashing the product or brand outright.

Also, try to balance any negative criticisms of gear you test with moderate praise for things you do like about it (you can always find a couple!) – even if your overall impression of the item is negative. This will be useful to your followers while keeping the free gifts and commission flowing in.

If one the other hand you absolutely hated whatever product you tested or reviewed, the smartest way forward is to contact the store and tell them right you hated it and don’t feel comfortable reviewing it.

In most cases, they will appreciate your honesty and keep you on board as a reviewer, regardless.

Make your reviews fun, informative, useful – and original!

However you decide to go about reviewing e-cig hardware or e-liquids, remember that in order for them to be successful, your reviews should be fun, informative and above all useful to whoever you want to respond to them.

Before you start reviewing any products at all, make sure to spend some time watching and reading reviews by established reviewers first. This way, you’ll get an idea of what already works and how you can carve out your own niche within the vape review world.

Don’t try to copy exactly how other reviewers do things – being yourself and creating truly original content is much more effective and in the end will make you stand out from the crowd.