The Cheapest Way to Vape: Homemade Juice

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Mixing your own homemade vape juice from your own ingredients is by far the least expensive way to vape. If you’re buying branded vape juices right now, then DIY vaping could save you literally hundreds of pounds a year on vape juice.

Not convinced? Here’s a guide to show you how inexpensive home-made vape juice making can be, and how much money you can save with homemade vape juice.

How much does it cost to make your own homemade vape juice?

On average, the cost of mixing your own vape juice works out at around £12.50 per month in UK. That’s around £150 per year in total.

Contrary to what your vape juice supplier might have you believe, branded off-the-shelf e-liquids are made from low-cost ingredients. And the good news is that you can get hold of all of these supplies easily in the UK. What’s more, you can buy them without spending much money at all.

To see home much money you could save let’s start by comparing the cost of DIY vaping with pre-mixed 10 ml bottles of vape juice.

Is homemade vape juice cheaper than premixed e liquid?

Homemade vape juice is much cheaper than buying 10ml bottles of premixed e liquid, which total £1,460 per year based on 10ml per day usage at average £4 per bottle. Using the same amount of homemade vape juice instead will cost you at most 50 pence per day, or £182 per year.

Average DIY vape juice cost per month / year

10 ml bottles of premixed vape juiceShortfillsHomemade Juice
Cost per month£120£50£12.50
Cost per year£1,460£600£150

Is homemade vape juice cheaper than shortfills? 

Making your own vape juice is around 4 times cheaper than buying shortfills, which are already a very cheap alternative to regular premixed vape juice.

However, making your own vape juice at home is easily the most cost-effective way to consume vape juice on even the tightest of budgets.

A year’s supply of shortfills (and extra nic shots) will cost you around £50 per month – or £600 a year. That’s still a big saving compared to 10ml bottles. But it’s no way near as much as you could save by making your own homemade vape juice.

Just take a moment to compare shortfill expenses with the cost of buying DIY vaping ingredients: £12.50/month; £150/year. As you can see, shortfills are about four times more expensive than DIY vape juice.

So, yes, it’s beyond doubt that making your own vape juice is much cheaper than buying shortfills.

Cost of DIY vaping supplies

So, here’s a quick cost breakdown of stuff you’ll need to make your very own tailor-made vape juice.

All of these ingredients are used in commercial vape juice, and all will give you very similar results. All you need to do is to get the flavour balances right.

Quantities and prices of ingredients and basic equipment listed here should give you enough home-made vape juice to last you about a year. However, this will of course depend on how much nicotine you use, and where you get it from.

DIY vape juice cost uk – breakdown

  • Propylene glycol base liquid  – £5 for one litre
  • Vegetable Glycerine base liquid  – £5 for one litre
  • Nicotine liquid shots – (freebase or salts)  – from £50 – £100 for one litre depending on whether you are buying a single bulk-container or multiple 10ml shots
  • Vape flavour drops –  around £15 for ten 10ml bottles
  • Syringes, empty mixing bottles, etc – max £15
  • Distilled water (optional) –  £5 for one litre

Is the lower cost of making homemade vape juice really worth the effort?

Of course, though, you’ll definitely need to learn how to mix your own homemade vape juice before you can start making a go of it and saving money. But then again, making vape juice isn’t exactly rocket science.

On top of this, there’s a wealth of information about the subject on online vaping forums, so it’s hard to go too far wrong with it.


As long as you’re not fazed by a little extra work, you’ll find that mixing your own vape juice is a lot of fun. Besides this, it’s also hands-down the most affordable way to vape in the UK right now.