Vape juice too harsh?

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Vape juice too harsh

A few years ago (before nic salt e liquid was invented) I nearly quit vaping and went back to smoking. This was just because of the raspy throat hits I was getting from my e cigarette. My vape juice was too harsh.

The constant throat burn, the hiccups, and coughing I got every time I vaped – I’d had enough.

I thought maybe my e liquid was too harsh because it was rubbish.. So, I switched to a high-end e liquid – but still the side effects continued.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, my problem was nothing to do with vaping the wrong brand of juice. It was because I was vaping the wrong kind of nicotine.


Smooth nic salt juice to the rescue!

Luckily for me, nic salt juice (a smoother nicotine formulation) came out just as I was about to ditch the vapes for good. If it hadn’t, I’m fairly sure I would have fallen back into the clutches of the evil roll-up tobacco monster, once again.

After my first puff of nic salt juice, I was sold. A smooth, soft but powerful throat hit, but with none of the usual burning sensation. In fact, not so different from smoking a cigarette – and maybe even nicer! I haven’t gone back to vaping regular e liquid ever since.

Is nic salt really smoother?

Nic salt is noticeably smoother than regular vape juice. In particular, new vapers transitioning from smoking prefer nic salt because it gives a smoother, less harsh throat hit. This is because the action of nic salt vapour on the throat is much closer to the sensation of inhaling real cigarette smoke.

But how many new vapers – and smokers – out there have even heard of nic salt juice? I spent nearly two years trying to get my local vape store to acknowledge that nic salts even existed.

Smokers and quitters who have given up vaping just because of rough-tasting vape juice should probably give nic salt juice a shot. Believe me, it does work – and I’m speaking here from (bitter) personal experience.

How is nic salt different?


Salt juice is a relatively new formulation. Yes, it’s the same old nicotine liquid as before.

However, what’s different is that salt e liquid undergoes a simple chemical process to make it less alkaline. This produces a vapour with a smoother, stronger throat hit that feels more like smoking.

This means more satisfaction for users – and especially for quitters and ex-heavy smokers, who (of course) crave nicotine the most.

Nic salts strength and throat hit

Salt nic liquids give you more control over nicotine strength and throat hit in your vape.

The problem with regular vape juice is that you can never make it strong enough to satisfy. You try to ramp up your nicotine levels (or power) for a stronger vape, and you end up with harsh hits.

How does nic salt juice solve this problem? By giving you a stronger vape to satisfy cravings, but with a smoother throat hit and fewer side effects.

Balancing strength and smoothness

When using nic salts juice in your tank, bear in mind you may need to lift your usual nicotine levels a bit to get a noticeable effect, especially if you’re using a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape device.

For me, 10mg works just fine with regular juices, but I’m now finding I need a little more nicotine kick when I’m using salt juice in my tank, so I go for 12mg or even 14mg salt liquid strength to give me a bit more lift.

While you can expect impressive results above 12mg with salts, anything below that may be too subtle for some to notice.

Diluting with VG

If you’re comfortable with DIY e liquid mixing, I would recommend buying higher strength nic salts (18mg is fine).

You can then dilute your salts down to 12mg or so with VG (vegetable glycerine) and a few drops of water or PG liquid.

This should give you a nice, smooth, noticeable throat hit, a nice buzz, and no harshness on the throat.

Suggested set-up

I always vape salt juices in an MTL device on low power. For me, this around 9-12 watts, with a very low-resistance coil in place.

Beginners: Don’t worry about this stuff if you only have a simple, one-button device – you can use salt e liquid in pretty much any e cig.

Nic salt head rush 

Head rush is an inevitable part of the nic salts juice vaping experience, at least at first. Head rush is the dizzy, mild spinning sensation that you sometimes get when you smoke a cigarette.

With such rich-tasting vapour and easy inhaling, it’s very easy to overdo it with nic salt. Head rush is what happens if your nic levels are too high.

Nic salts vs smoking – smoother juice, less harshness

The softer vapour and buzz that nic salts vape juice provides makes vaping a lot more like smoking for smokers. This is a good thing.

In my opinion, nic salt juice should definitely be the first choice of vape juice for those quitting smoking and making the switch to vaping.


One definite benefit of using salts shots or juice premixes is that they are a LOT easier to vape than regular e liquids.

Smokers and new vapers often give up vaping within a few days,¬† just because their vape juice is too harsh. Salts, on the other hand, can give you a noticeable and satisfying nicotine hit. You’ll also get far fewer of the other effects such as harshness on the throat.

This means a smoother vape, that’s much more like a real cigarette throat hit. You may also get a mild head-rush, which also mirrors the experience of real smoking.

Of course, vaping salt juice won’t give you 100% of the smoking experience, but it will get you a lot closer to it.

Tobacco nic salts for smokers

Nic salts-based liquids are now widely available in real tobacco flavours. These are often designed with recent ex-smokers and quitters in mind.


This means smokers now have even more choice when trying to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

If you’re a smoker struggling with tobacco flavoured e liquids that just don’t taste like tobacco, I suggest you give these tobacco nic salt e liquids a shot.


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