13 Ways to Get Rid of Vape Smell in Your Home

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It can be a nightmare to get rid of that lingering vape smell in a room indoors once it’s taken hold in your house, but it is possible.

This article gives you 13 quick tips to prevent and eliminate vape smells that can accumulate in rooms and on furniture, carpets and curtains in your home.

Can you get rid of all vape smells indoors?

You can remove most vape smells indoors by airing out rooms and vacuuming after vaping, though some odours will persist. This is why preventing vape smell build-up early on is more effective. You can do this by allowing adequate ventilation while vaping and by choosing less pungent flavours.

Before we look at how to get rid of bad vape odours, let’s look quickly at some of the main reasons why they happen.

What causes the smell from e cigarettes?

The smell you get by vaping at home or in your car is caused by trace particles of aromatic flavourings contained in exhaled e cig vapour.

Most e liquids contain aromatic food flavourings, which are vapourised for only a few seconds every time users inhale.

But when vapers exhale, any fragrance compounds in their e cigarette vapour that aren’t disturbed will settle. You probably won’t notice residual smells after a couple of hours of vaping.

But repeated, long, indoor vape sessions with poor ventilation tend to result in smelly residues on indoor surfaces, and these can be hard to get rid of.

Why do vape smells linger more in a room?

Lingering smells from vaping are worse in rooms indoors simply because vapour becomes more concentrated in confined areas in your home and simply has nowhere else to go.

But aromas also tend to linger more if you or someone else is chain vaping or vaping heavily for prolonged periods in rooms with very poor ventilation.

Carrier liquids (propylene glycol and glycerine) in vape juice also prolong smells because they can take weeks or months to evaporate from surfaces.

This means odours trapped inside these liquids can linger on for long periods until they disappear on their own – or until you banish them.

How to get rid of vape smell (13 ways)

1. Vacuum your carpet

Vacuuming carpets regularly will help remove smelly vape particles before residues get a chance to settle.

E cigarette vapour is an aerosol, and so is heavier than smoke particles from tobacco. So, aroma residues from your e cig will tend to settle on horizontal surfaces, like carpets, rather than on vertical ones, like walls.

Vacuuming your carpet can help remove vape smells indoors

For this reason, dry or wet vacuuming your carpet at will have a big impact on getting rid of any vape smells. This is after all where most of the pongs are likely to end up.

To remove really bad vape smells, I’ve found that brushing a little baking powder into the carpet first seems to help absorb some of the vape odour when I vacuum.

  • Vacuuming works both as a way of preventing vape smells from accumulating in carpets as well as a way of getting rid of them.

You could of course also use Shake ‘n’ Vac instead though, I guess.

2. Clean hard surfaces with a damp cloth

Odour-carrying e cigarette vapour residue will dissolve in water and is usually easy to remove from windows, shelves, TVs and hard furniture with just a warm, damp cloth.

Using a damp cloth is an effective way to remove vape odour from both rooms indoors as well as cars.

Cleaning hard surfaces with water will remove residual vape odour
  • A little detergent or cleaning solution makes the job a bit quicker, but you should be able to remove enough odour residue with water alone to make a noticeable difference
  • After a quick dry-off, most surface odour residue should disappear

3. Steam clean soft furniture

If you’ve tried every other way to rid your furniture of the smell of vaping and failed, steam cleaning your sofa and armchairs is worth trying. Steam cleaning is the best way to remove embedded vape smells from delicate or hard-to-clean soft furnishings, which are hard to tackle with water alone.

How does steam cleaning remove vape smells?

Steam from steam cleaning devices removes accumulated vape odours by dissolving and disposing of aromatic water-soluble residues at higher temperatures without damaging your furniture.

Steam cleaners are a very effective antidote to vape smell build-up in cars as well as houses, but you should only need to use them from time to time. For this reason, hiring a steam cleaner may be preferable to buying one if eliminating e cig smells is all you need to do.

4. Vape with better ventilation

Opening a window whenever you vape is the best way to stop vape smells from settling indoors, though of course, this isn’t always practical.

If you can’t open a window, at least try to limit smell build-up by keeping air moving around the room you’re vaping in.

Open windows stop vapour settling on your indoor furnishings

You can do this simply by opening a door to another room and/or by running a low-power fan for a while. Modern window units also often have small vents installed which you can open to remove stagnant or musty-smelling e cig vapour without making you feel cold.

5. Avoid cheap, pungent vape liquid flavours

One really effective way to stop vaping smells from building up indoors is to choose your e-liquid or pod refill flavours carefully, and try to avoid the really pungent ones.

I would personally avoid heavy or “bassy” kinds of vape flavours if you want to keep your indoor spaces smelling fresh. These low sickly-sweet fruit pudding notes will stick to furniture and carpets and can hang around for weeks.

Weird flavour combinations like coconut and raspberry or other foody flavours can also leave nasty niffs over time. Ditch these vape juice flavours unless you really want a living room or car that smells like a school canteen:

Whiffy vapes to avoid:

  • Coconut
  • Vanilla (the bad type)
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Bubble gum
  • Pudding
  • Cola
  • Banana
  • Artificial tobacco
  • Any nightmare Franken-juice combinations of the above

6. Choose lighter, nicer-smelling vape flavours

Lighter, more upbeat indoor-friendly vape flavours are a safer bet for a fresher, sweeter smelling and more fragrant home or car. After all, tangy, sharp smells are way more tolerable than foody ones.


Even if the smell from these fresher vape flavours does linger indoors, it won’t matter. In fact, your vape might even be air-freshening your home for you!

Nicer-smelling alternatives:

  • Menthol (mint, peppermint, spearmint, etc)
  • Real tobacco (NET)
  • Citrus fruits (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange)
  • Floral (rose, cherry blossom, green tea)

Don’t forget! Mixing your own e liquid gives you even more scope to create more fragrant vape flavours, and is a cheap way to help banish bad vape smells

7. Get an indoor vape air purifier

Another option which is becoming a more popular way to remove vape smells is to use an air purifier.

Unlike fans, air purifiers don’t just move air around, but also filter it and remove bad odours.

Standard domestic room air purifiers will do a reasonable job of clearing the air when you vape, and they do make a difference when used in in rooms indoors.

Even small air domestic purifiers can help remove vape smells indoors

You can buy dedicated air purification appliances designed specifically to filter out vape odour particles before they can land and fester in carpets or sofas.

I currently keep an Ionbox purifier running in my office when I’m working as the window is too small to remove vape smells properly. But any standard air purifier that can deal with cigarette smoke, dust and pollen will probably work just as well.

8. Try vapourless e liquid

Vapourless e liquid is vape juice which generates flavour, but much less smelly vapour.

Vapourless vape liquid was originally invented as a way for people to vape in secret, but it’s also become an effective way to reduce lingering odours.

This type of liquid produces very little vapour because it contains no glycerine, and higher than usual levels of PG and water. This means that most of the vapour is condensed in your mouth and lungs, with less ending up in the space around you while you vape.

And of course, it also means fewer smells ending up in your car or rooms indoors.

9. Use a completely odour-free e liquid

If you really can’t find a vape flavour that won’t leave a smell, don’t despair. You can buy odour-free e liquids in the form of “unflavoured nicotine shots”, instead, and these will leave no lingering vape smell at all.

Flavourless nicotine shots can reduce e cig odour

Unflavoured nicotine shots are just an odourless base liquid and nicotine mixture, used to add strength to short-fill or homemade juice mixes. But you can also vape them neat if you have a refillable device.

  • make sure to choose the right nicotine strength when you order shots, as many are 18mg or above and will need diluting

It should be said that odourless shots don’t really taste of much. But then again, what can you expect from a vape without any odour at all?

Another useful way to control the smell ratio of your e liquid is to make your own odourless vape juice at home.

Mixing your own e liquid from scratch gives you more control over the smelliness of your vape and can be a great way to vape without stinking out your house.

10. Swap your cloud-machine for a smaller device

So-called “cloud-chasing” vape devices generate much more vapour than regular e cigarettes and are the worst offenders for leaving odours in your home or vehicle.

So if you’re already vaping strawberry-chew flavoured juice out of a cloud machine and are wondering why your front room or car smells like a trifle, you shouldn’t be surprised. Or in other words, it might be time to downgrade and switch to a smaller device.

Smaller vape devices make less smell

However, if you’re a newcomer to vaping, you’re probably using a smaller vape pod that’s made for quitting smoking, anyway.

These dinkier types of e cigarette are less powerful and give out way less vapour, but won’t leave so many unwanted smells in your living room or car.

In short, small is beautiful when it comes to stink-free vaping at home!

11. Mask vape smells with nicer aromas

If all else fails (or if you simply hate vacuuming or opening windows), you can always try masking the smell of your vape rather than trying to get rid of it.

Using plug-in air fresheners, wax melts, and scented candles does work to some extent, though I’ve found that underlying vape odours can still make unwanted appearances.

The best solution for me is a fragrant (citrus) oil burner that I let burn with windows closed for a couple of hours every evening. This means that when morning comes, my house smells more like a bowl of fruit and less like a vape store.

Wax melts, scented candles and burners can mask some odours

12. Start vaping in the kitchen or bathroom

Choosing to vape only in your kitchen or bathroom can seem a little drastic – and more than a little inconvenient. But it’s a sure-fire way to reduce vaping smells in your home.

Kitchens and bathrooms generally contain fewer soft furnishings like rugs and curtains. This means any smell residue from your e cigarette vapour will be able to land, but won’t settle so easily.

And any aroma droplets from your e cig that do settle will just end up on hard, smooth surfaces like worktops, fridges and floors. This means a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all you need to keep lingering pongs at bay.

Vaping in the kitchen is a great way to stop smells lingering at home

Another reason why vaping in kitchens and bathrooms reduces smell is that these rooms are probably the best ventilated rooms in your house. So even if you can’t open a window, your kitchen or bathroom extractor fan will keep vapour moving and stop smell particles in their tracks.

13. Stop vaping so much!

It’s possible that those terrible indoor smells that you can’t shift may be less to do with your cleaning routines and more to do with the way you vape.

Chain vaping, or vaping too frequently is a major factor when it comes to identifying tenacious and persistent vape whiffs. In other words if you’ve done everything you can to stem the smells and you’re still not winning, you maybe need to just stop vaping so much!

The best way to remove vape smell is to prevent it!

Vaping leaves a smell on house and car interiors, carpets, curtains and sofas indoors because people don’t do anything to fix it until it’s too late.

If you vape strong flavours and leave windows closed without air-conditioning or air purification, smells indoors will build up over time.

What’s more, those unpleasant e cigarette odours can linger on and on unless you either get rid of them – or stop them from happening in the first place.

That’s why limiting potential damage in the first place is a much better way of dealing with bad vape smells than trying to fix the problem once it’s become established.

Regular light cleaning and making sure you’re using the right type of vape liquid and device will leave you with a fresher-smelling house or car – and less work to do in the longer term.

Which rooms in your home can be most affected by vape smells?

Odours from vaping mostly affect rooms like lounges with soft fabric furnishings, such as carpets, curtains and sofas. These are also the places where you are likely to spend more time vaping. Bedrooms are particularly vulnerable to vape smells, as beds and duvets are soft and easy for vapour to penetrate.

Can you remove vape smell from clothes?

Vaping can leave a smell on clothes you wear or store inside your home, though aromas are easy to remove with water and washing detergent. Because vape particles are water-soluble, any smell left on garments will quickly disappear with normal home washing and airing.

Does vaping or IQOS smell worse indoors?

Both IQOS and e cigarettes can generate a bad or funny smell that can end up in your furniture, car or clothing. After all, both contain flavourings transported in vapour which can settle and linger. However, smell from IQOS is slightly smokier than vape odour and so can be harder to shift.