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fruity e liquidsJAC Vapour has just released its new UK-made e liquid range, and they persuaded me to try some of these, against my will (I generally hate fruity vape juice).

New fruity e liquid flavours include: Banana Milkshake, Real Raspberry, Strawberry Chew and Blackcurrant Squash.

JAC Fruity e liquid: my thoughts

The Banana Milkshake flavour smelt nice out of the bottle, and out of a clearomiser it did indeed remind me of the kind of banana milkshake I used to buy aged 16 waiting for a bus, though I found the sweet vapour of this e liquid had a tendency to make me cough for some reason.

Great flavour and very realistic, but a bit too much for an all-dayer.

The Strawberry Chew e liquid is another very realistic flavour, again very sweet and strong, though no coughing this time.

I could (and just have) vaped this flavour all day, though tomorrow I’ll be back on something more boring.

A lovely strawberry-like flavour, and soft, non-acidic vapour, though a little too artificial-tasting – more like strawberry ice cream than actual strawberries.

Quite a lot nicer than the Strawberry Chew was JAC’s Blackcurrant Squash flavour e liquid.

A very full and really fruity (as opposed to artificial) in flavour, and I felt this was a stronger, more rounded and mature flavour. Nice thick vapour and again, a very soft, alkaline bouquet overall.

Very tasty and worth a try.

My final (and favourite fruity e liquid) was JAC’s Real Raspberry flavour e liquid.

I wasn’t looking forward to this one, and left it to last as I generally dislike the flavour (and texture) of actual raspberries, though in the end this was a pleasant surprise.

Once again, a much more mature and realistic fruity flavour, and a really full and satisfying flavour, which I kept wanting more and more of.

Extremely soft on the tongue and palate, no sharpness whatsoever and a lovely mellow throat hit. Liked this one so much I finished the 10ml bottle in three days.

Fruity e liquid review roundup

In general, these fruity e liquids from JAC weren’t anywhere near as bad as I thought they might be, and I ended up actually enjoying two of them quite a lot.

Fruity flavours from some suppliers can often be overly sharp and harsh on the mouth tissues/mucous membranes and this is why many people, including myself, have issues with vaping on them as a rule.

However, apart from the banana flavour, I can honestly say that all of these liquids from JAC are very soft on the tongue and a nice change from tobacco flavours. Well worth a try, even for fruit-a-phobes like me!

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