EPuffer Titan X 2021 Hybrid Vape Pen Review

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Fans of the classic ePuffer Titan X will be happy to know that a brand new version of this popular beginner vape pen/mod is now out.

The redesigned Titan X 2021 offers the same sturdy reliability as its predecessor, but with more battery power, faster recharging and smoother vaping. Here’s my review of this kit.

A “hybrid” vape for beginners

The selling-point of ePuffer’s Titan X 2021 is that it’s a “hybrid” vape device for new vape users.

This means that it offers smokers and beginners the power of a larger, more serious vape (mod) device with the comfort of a smaller vape pen.

Pros and cons of the new ePuffer Titan X

The new Titan X claims to offer new vapers a compromise between powerful long-lasting performance and user-friendliness.

But does it really offer value for money?

Here are some brief pros and cons of ePuffer’s Titan X 2021 Hybrid based on my own tests.


  • Very good vapour flavour and nicotine strength with right airflow settings
  • Powerful 1500mAh battery for longer vaping 
  • Very easy to operate even for complete beginners
  • Quick, straightforward refilling thanks to top-fill design
  • Fast recharging (under 60 mins)
  • Small, light, portable and comfortable to hold
  • Sturdy, hard-wearing build
  • Attractive, tasteful appearance


  • Comparatively high price for a beginner vape kit (before discounts)
  • Can be noisy with DL coils or MTL coils with airflow vents wide open
  • Overfilling with very high PG (80%+) liquids can cause gurgling
  • Better suited to MTL vaping than DL vaping due to battery life and noise

Where to buy the Titan X Hybrid and UK discounts

You can buy the new Titan X from the ePuffer online store for the full price of £49.95. This product is supplied with one free bonus e-liquid.

You can also get 10% off this kit and all other items by applying this discount code at checkout: ECIGFIND

Shipping is free with every UK ePuffer order over £50.

Appearance and feel

At just over 13cm long and 1.9cm wide, the Titan X 2021 feels more like a cigar than a cigarette in the hand. But at only 95g, it’s light enough to hold comfortably and will fit easily into a pocket or handbag.

In all, this vape pen looks and feels well-made, with clean, smooth lines, no jutting or sharp edges and a soft metallic finish. Despite its small size, the assembled device feels compact and sturdy enough.

Simple functions for beginners

Right away out of the box, it’s obvious that the Titan X 2021 is a super-simple first vape for even complete beginners.

With only one power button and no LED displays or other confusing features at all, the device looks pretty-much fool-proof for new users.

The only vaguely techy feature of this vape pen is the power level indicator light.

This is built into the power button and simply tells you how much battery life you have left before you need to recharge. A white light is fully-charged, blue is semi-charged and red means it’s time to recharge.

How long does it take to recharge?

The manual says you can recharge the new Titan X via the USB-C charger (supplied) in 55 minutes from a laptop or wall socket adaptor.

The model I ordered took two minutes longer to fully recharge than that, so 57 minutes in total. However, less than one hour recharging time is still good-going for a device with such generous battery capacity.

How much vaping time do you get?

I managed to get just over six hours of vaping with the Titan X 2021 before it needed a recharge.

That said, I did try to put the new 1500mAh battery through its paces for this review, and so maybe vaped it a little too hard and too often. More moderate users would probably be able to make the battery last a bit longer.

On the other hand, the new Titan X’s 2ml tank will only give you two or three hours vaping time between refills. To be fair though, this isn’t a design flaw, as all UK vape devices are now limited to 2ml capacity vape tanks.

The small tank just means you need to carry liquid around with you to refill when levels run low. So having a small tank shouldn’t mean you actually get less vaping time.

How do you refill the ePuffer Titan X with e liquid?

As with the original model, the new Titan X 2021 refills easily from the top of the tank. You just have to unscrew the steel mouthpiece cap and squirt liquid into one of the two big holes on each side of the tank roof.

refilling-the-epuffer-titan -X-is-easy

The top-refilling facility is a useful feature for new users. It means you can refill quickly without needing to remove the tank or flip it upside down.

Refilling tips for beginners

Beginners should avoid squirting anything down into the central hole, as this will flood the coil.

You should also avoid adding too much (especially high-PG) liquid at once as this can cause gurgling. Though you can fix this easily enough by blowing through into the mouthpiece with a tissue around the vents, it’s best to avoid. Instead of overfilling, I’d recommend adding liquid little-by-little so the tank is only half-full.

Vape quality and performance

It took me a few minutes to get a strong-tasting vapour out of the new Titan-X Hybrid, but performance improved hugely after a couple of tweaks.

If you’re vaping for the first time, you may find the suction from this device is too loose, even with the pre-installed 1.0ohm coil.

Better vapour with tighter suction

If this is happening, you can easily tighten the draw by twiddling the airflow spinner between the tank and power unit. This will also help reduce crackling sounds when air holes are wide open. I got the best vape flavour and strength quality from the Titan X 2021 with vents almost completely closed.

No hot spits

I didn’t notice any spitting from coils, which were a problem with ePuffer Titan coils in the past. This may be because ePuffer have added an improved mesh splash guard to 1.0 and 0.4 coils to make hot spits less likely. Whatever they’ve done, it’s worked.

Priming Titan X coils to improve flavour

I’d also recommend “priming” Titan X vape coils properly before you take your first puff as this will really improve flavour. This just means dripping a couple of drops of liquid right onto your coil and then waiting a few minutes.

What’s new about the ePuffer Titan X 2021?

Despite the upgrades, the newer Titan X 2021 still looks broadly the same as the original Titan. That said, there have been some useful improvements.

More battery power

The newer 2021 version of the Titan X vape mod comes with a more powerful 1500mAh built-in battery. This is a big improvement on the older 1100mAh model and provides longer vaping time between charges.

Faster recharging

The latest Titan X Hybrid Vape also promises faster recharging than its predecessor, thanks to a new USB-C charging port at the base of the device. This means charging now takes just under an hour.

New 0.4ohm DL coils for a smoother vape

MTL vaping with the older ePuffer Titan X was smooth enough, but the original 0.5ohm coil was a little too harsh for some. Now, a newer 0.4ohm DL coil in the newer Hybrid version softens vapour to make DL vaping cooler and smoother.

Is the new Titan X worth trying?

As beginner vape kits go, ePuffer’s new Titan X 2021 Hybrid is a great choice of kit for new users. Its minimal features make it very user-friendly, and its sturdy, simple design mean it’s unlikely to let you down. It also gives you tons of flavour and more than enough nicotine satisfaction.

However, while the Titan X is a superb MTL vape, I’m not totally convinced that this is a serious enough kit for direct lung vapers.

However much ePuffer claim that the Titan X is a slimmed-down mod-tank combo, to me it’s more a high-performing vape pen. And vape pens aren’t the go-to choice for most DL vapers in my experience.

All things considered, the new Titan X has way more power than most pod systems, and can outperform many cheaper vape pens too. If you’re a smoker looking for a reliable first vape or a beginner wanting to transition from pod vapes or cigalikes, the Titan is a great move!