E Cigs FAQ

New to vaping? Here are some of the most basic questions you probably want to know about vaping but are possibly too afraid to ask! Check out this section to upgrade your knowledge on e cigs, e liquid and all things vaping-related. Help is on hand! If you have absolutely no idea what vaping is at all, you can read my “What is vaping?” post, here.

If you’ve never tried an electronic cigarette before you’ll most likely need some answers to a few obvious questions, Here are some of the most common:

What are electronic cigarettes and how do they work?

An electronic cigarette is a simple battery-operated device that often looks and feels much like a real cigarette. It produces a clear vapour which looks and usually tastes a lot like tobacco smoke. The nicotine contained in electronic cigarette vapour stimulates the nerves in the mouth and throat of the user whenever they inhale, providing a satisfying draw or “throat hit”, just like a real tobacco cigarette.

All electronic cigarettes are made up of a few very simple parts: a battery, a refill cartridge (containing flavoured nicotine solution) and a vapourising device. Most mini electronic cigarettes comprise just two parts: a battery and screw-on cartomiser refill. 

Are electronic cigarettes addictive?

Electronic cigarettes are free from smoke, tar and carbon monoxide, though they still contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. If you prefer to deal with your nicotine dependency, you should consult your doctor, who will advise an alternative treatment for your addiction. The NHS Smokefree site likewise provides useful information on how to withdraw from nicotine completely.

Are electronic cigarettes really safer than tobacco cigarettes?

No long-term health studies have been carried out into the long-term safety of electronic cigarettes, though because they produce no carbon monoxide, smoke or tar, e-cigarettes are considered by many medical professionals to be a much safer alternative to lit tobacco cigarettes. Read more…

Why do most people use electronic cigarettes?

“Electronic cigarettes make quitting smoking less painful”. Some people might only use their e cigarette for a few weeks to ease the initial pain of smoking until they feel ready to quit all nicotine products for good.

“I enjoy smoking too much to give it up forever, but don’t want the health risks”. Others find that electronic cigarettes are a cleaner, safer and more satisfying alternative to smoking in the longer term.

“I want to be able to smoke wherever I want”. Many smokers find that electronic cigarettes allow them the freedom to “smoke” freely and legally in public places like pubs and restaurants or at work.

I’m a hardened smoker. Why am I even reading this?

Even if you really enjoy smoking and have no intention of giving up, first take a minute to consider the benefits of switching to an electronic cigarette:

Better health + hygiene

  • No more bad smells
  • No more stained teeth or bad breath
  • No dirty ashtrays or stained ceilings/furniture

Practical advantages

  • You will still get the pleasure and flavour of smoking, as e cigarettes trigger the same “drag” reflex in the throat, while satisfying your nicotine habit.
  • Your kids/partner will thank you
  • ecigarettes don’t trigger smoke alarms
  • Much cheaper than smoking – you just buy refills or refill liquid

Worried about whether e cigarettes are safer than smoking? Check out my post on latest research and government advice on vaping and health.