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Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a newcomer to e cigs, my reviews of new and existing vaping hardware will help you choose which e cigarette device is right for you. From tiny pod e cigarettes to bigger mods, I hope my detailed reviews will assist you in your search!

Jac Vapour Vim Pods Review

vim-pod-review So-called “pod” e cigarettes are now the latest trend in vaping. Pod devices such as UK supplier JAC Vapour’s own VIM AIO pod e cigarette models are becoming more and more popular among new users with busy lives who just want to vape and go.  

VIM Pod main features at a glance

  •  Pre-filled disposable pods which you screw into your rechargeable VIM device
  •  Pods contain UK-made “nicotine salt” e liquid, which gives a faster, stronger, smoother and longer-lasting nicotine hit, ideal for those who have just quit smoking
  • “Smoking” range flavour pods, tailor-made for those who still want the authentic flavour of tobacco
  • Lighter flavours (e.g. Blackcurrant Squash, Strawberry Chew, etc) for vapers who want to move away from the taste of tobacco
  • Choice of two device sizes (both have similar power output though WEE VIM has lower charge capacity
  • Refillable tank available instead of disposable pods if you prefer to refill yourself


Benefits of VIM pods

  • Small, light, simple-to-use device with no tricky power settings etc – ideal for a gift or for those wanting to give vaping a try
  • Adjustable airflow – suction can be adjusted to feel more like a cigarette or else with a lighter draw
  • No mess or fuss – when pods are empty, just twist, pull out and push another one in
  • VIM devices and pods mimic action, feel and satisfaction of real smoking
  • Suitable for those who have already been vaping for a while as can be used as MTL or DL device depending on pods selected
  • VIM devices have battery power of 2600 mAh, which is comparable to many larger, heavier vaping devices
  • Better value than many other leading pod e cigarette devices, but does the same thing – Wee Vim  starts at £12.99, and the larger Vim is priced at £24.99.
  • 15% off all Vim and Wee Vim vape devices and pods with this discount code: ECF

Why make the switch to VIM pods?

Vim-for BeginnersEdinburgh-based Jac Vapour have a long history of designing vape products based on solid customer research and user needs. Their new, innovative and gimmick-free VIM AIO pod system stacks up well against other major pod e cigarette brands (such as Juul) in terms of effectiveness, quality and price.

Both their VIM and WEE VIM devices stand out in terms of battery capacity, especially when you consider their tiny form factor. You can certainly find smaller POD mods elsewhere, but not with the long battery life –  the VIM will easily last all day with a battery capacity that’s twenty times larger than most popular POD systems.

If you’d prefer something smaller, the Wee VIM with its 900mAh will keep you going for most of the day without a recharge. With smaller POD mods you’ll be lucky to get a couple of hours before needing to recharge and if you’re using traditional base e liquid PODs, you’ll find you might need to keep swapping those out more often too.

15% off VIM AIO Kits

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Wee Vim AIO: smallest ecig in the world?

Jac Vapour’s UK-designed Wee Vim AIO e cig is pretty tiny, though can it still pack a punch? Here’s my review of the Wee Vim Available now from Jac Vapour from £14.99 or less with 15% discount (see below)

wee-vim-reviewWee Vim All-In-One – main features

  • Small and compact rechargeable vaping device
  • Designed to provide a more satisfying “smoking-like” experience
  • All-in-one 900 mAh battery + coil + casing
  • UK supplier
  • Uses either refillable tanks or disposable pods
  • Developed for use with nic salt e liquids for a smoother nicotine hit
  • Pocket-sized and extremely light
  • Compatible with Nic salts and regular e liquid
  • Day-long battery power storage
  • Fixed wattage
  • E liquid pods last about a day
  • Ideal for new vapers
  • Auto 5-click safety button feature as standard

What is the Wee Vim and why is it so small?

The Wee is the latest compact, pocket-sized e cig from Jac Vapour, and the latest incarnation of their original and slightly bigger VIM AIO model. Just like the Vim, this latest model is an “all-in-one” device, meaning that its battery, tank and casing are all incorporated, and so never have to be taken apart. You simply charge it up, screw in a tank and you’re away.

What’s with the pods?

The Wee Vim is a pod-based e cigarette device, and this means (if you choose) you can use disposable e liquid pods rather than refilling with your own liquid. In case you hadn’t heard, pod-based devices such as Juul have now taken a huge part of the market in the US and are likely to become popular in the UK soon. Though the Wee Vim looks nothing like a Juul ecig, it essentially works in a very similar way.

wee-vim-reviewUsing with Nic Salts

The Wee AIO is designed first and foremost for vaping with nicotine salt (or nic salt) e liquids. Nic salts are a new form of e liquid that allows for a more mellow nicotine throat hit and better absorption of nicotine into the bloodstream, thereby increasing satisfaction.

Disposable pods come pre-filled with nic salt e liquid, though you if you choose the refillable tanks, you could use regular e liquid if you prefer.

Appearance, feel, dimensions and ease of use

Out of the box, the Wee weighs almost nothing and fits into your hand almost like a matchbox would. Matt plastic finish is smooth to the touch and the single power button is well-placed on the front of the battery case.

Despite the weight, the casing feels pretty strong and there’s no glass to break (even the tanks are plastic) if you drop it.

Inserting new pods takes some getting used to (one gentle screw to the right), though the action is a lot easier with the Wee than with the older Vim AIO. I forgot to remove the paper label at the bottom of pods before screwing them in, and then wondered why nothing was happening – but only because I’ve not had to do this before. In all, the Wee Vim is pretty fool-proof, as everything has been done for you- just charge, screw in pod and start vaping.

Vaping performance

The whole point of the Wee Vim is to create a more cigarette-like experience for users. Draw on the older Vim was quite loose until I worked out how to adjust the tiny rubber flap on the base of the device. The Wee Vim appears to have no such flap, though the draw is a bit stiffer, which is a plus. Also, because of the slightly lower power output, I found the vapour on the Wee Vim to be cooler, smoother and lighter all round.

Overall satisfaction

Size and price wise, I’m, pretty happy with the Wee Vim. For £14.99 you can’t really go wrong, and it does satisfy. The nic salt pods (especially the “smoking Tobacco” pods) that come with it really hit the spot, making the Wee an ideal choice for smokers trying to cut down. You’d find it hard to think of another device that is so easy to use and which gives out so much flavour in this price bracket.

Though I wouldn’t use the Wee as my main vape, it’s a great one for a back-up on a night out, as pods will last more than a few hours, and you can count on the charge seeing you through.

Draw on the Wee could still be a little stiffer in my opinion, though vapour production with the disposable pods provide a very satisfying head-rush and flavour hit.

Yes, the Wee Vim AIO is very, very small, but you may be surprised by the punch it packs…

Try the Wee Vim now!





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Jac Vapour VIM Review

Review of the new JAC Vapour VIM AIO. I have tested vapour quality, responsiveness, feel, build and flavour as well as suitability for new users or recent ex-smokers. The VIM all-in-one ecig kit is available from JAC Vapour UK for £18.99  – or less with discount code deal (see below). Jacvapour-vim-aio-review

VIM AIO: main features

  • Small, light and easy to carry, conceal, assemble and refill
  • Tip, coil and tank are combined as one single removable unit
  • Strong flavour with MTL coil fitted and adjustment of base cap
  • Can be adapted to provide draw and action similar to smoking
  • Very impressive vapour production with DL coil fitted
  • Ideal for new users as very easy to use
  • Fixed wattage 2600 mAh built-in power unit
  • All-day power supply
  • Charges direct to mains or via USB
  • 5-click safety lock feature as standard
  • UK designed and supplied
  • 6-month warranty and 14-day no quibble return
  • Free SMOKING e liquid if ordered during limited pre-sale period

VIM Size, shape and feel

Small, compact and very light indeed, the VIM AIO feels very dinky compared to some of Jacvapour’s other models. Very easy to put in your pocket and the matt plastic finish feels warm and smooth in the hand. Button is in the right place, and I can conceal almost all of the device by wrapping my hand around it – and my hands aren’t that big…

Is VIM OK for new e cig users?

Yes, though you have to order the right coil. The VIM is both a “direct to lung” and “mouth-to-lung” enabled e cigarette device, depending on which coil you use with it.

New vapers or recent ex-smokers should go for the  MTL 0.7 coils, as these provide a cooler, more “cigarette-like” draw (more resistance), and more flavour, though slightly less visible vapour.

There is also a tiny rubber cap at the base of the device which if flipped over to cover the airflow, stiffens the draw and makes vapour taste and feel more like smoking a cigarette.

On the other hand, if you want to use the VIM as a cloud-making machine, go for the DL 0.5 Ohm coil instead – you won’t be disappointed.

Is the VIM really a “Pod” e cig?

jacvapour-vim-review-how-to-refillJac Vapour’s VIM is designed as a pod device (with pre-filled pods that can be thrown away) or as a refillable. At time of this review, vape pods were not available, so I tested the VIM model as a refillable only.

How to refill the VIM tank

The VIM tank is a top-fill vaping device, so you simply need to unscrew the mouth tip to refill the tank. However, as the filling area is quite small, you need to make sure that you squirt e liquid only down into the filling holes nearest the sides of the tank, and not down the centre hole, as this may flood the coil.

How do you remove VIM tanks?

remove_jacvapour_vim_tankThe VIM tip, tank and coil form a capsule that screws into the body of the device. You remove the VIM tank by pushing directly onto the mouthpiece and turning one half-turn clockwise.

To replace the unit you do the same thing anti-clockwise. Getting the knack of this takes a bit of effort on first use, but the action becomes smoother after a couple of refills. There’s a useful video here, if you’re still having problems.

VIM vape test: flavour, vapour and draw 

I tested the VIM with a fresh MTL coil attached (you get one with the kit). For this review, I wanted to see how close the VIM got to actual smoking, so I filled with 2ml of JACVapour’s Smoking (UK Tobacco) 18mg nic salts e liquid.

Instructions suggested I should prime the coil, though I skipped this bit and nothing bad happened. Taste was very strong and sweet, though not a huge amount of visible vapour. Very cool on the whole as airflow is good, though flavour itself is the big thing with this device as far as I’m concerned.

Managed to get about 8 refills out of it before needing to change the coil, and charging was generally fast (2 hours max) to get enough power to last me through the day.

JAC Vapour VIM Verdict

The VIM’s huge 2600 mAh power source makes it one of the most powerful AIOs in UK right now, and this from a UK-designed device. All in all, a teeny-tiny pocket-sized vape box that packs a huge punch. Loads of flavour and with a good tobacco e liquid and set-up, gets you about as close to actual smoking as is humanly possible.

15% Off your VIM order with VAPEMEUP discount code…. and free e liquid with pre-order during limited presale!

You can get a 15% discount on the new VIM AIO, coils, e liquids and all other JAC Vapour products by simply copying this discount code: ECF into the box on the JAC Vapour website just before you pay for your order.

See also: the new tiny pod-based Wee Vim AIO – the even smaller all-in-one e cigarette from Jac Vapour!




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Series B DNA 75W Review

The all-new and long-awaited Jacvapour Series-B DNA 75W is here at last (from £64.99, Jacvapour UK). Have tested new design, vapour production, battery efficiency and ease of use – here’s my review:

Jacvapour DNA 75W: overview

series-b-dna-75w-reviewThe Series-B DNA 75W is Jacvapour’s bestselling UK-designed alternative to high-performance foreign-made vaping devices. Jacvapour have been moving into sub-ohm territory for a couple of years now, though are anxious to satisfy the needs of experienced vapers as well as those who still love their pocket-sized mods and tanks. Jac’s award-winning UK-designed 50W Series-B Tilt was met with great acclaim a few years back, though the new DNA 75W claims to be stronger, sleeker – and just better all round…let’s see if it’s true!

Review: Series-B DNA 75w

Appearance, feel and new features

series-b-dna-75w-reviewGeneral: Out of the box, the DNA 75W looks chunkier, blockier and quite a lot more solid and compact than its predecessor, (the Series-B Tilt). If you’ve been using a Tilt for a while (mine’s on its second year, now) you’ll immediately notice a close similarity in terms of size and shape, but of course, the bevel at the top of the mod has now been almost completely squared off, so that any tank attached will now stand perfectly upright and aligned with the main power unit.

Buttons: There are now only two buttons on the control panel – one larger and squarer power button above a much bigger display and a shorter button-bar of the same width to increase and decrease wattage and voltage. Both buttons are set closer to the surface of the panel, feel smoother and softer, and are noticeably more responsive to touch than those of the previous Series-B model, so much so that button clicks are almost inaudible.

Display: The DNA 75W display itself is now bigger, and relevant wattage or voltage readings (depending on your view selection) are now a lot bigger and easier to read. Related but less important readings (coil resistance, amps, remaining charge, etc.) still come up as smaller (but just about readable) digits and are now displayed to show three decimal positions for greater accuracy.

series-b-dna-75w-batteryBatteries: Unlike many modern sub-ohm mods available now, the Series-B DNA 75W requires just one flat-top 20A IMR 18650 battery, so if you still have an old Tilt battery to hand, this will work just fine in the DNA. The battery chamber, which was a bit loose in the Tilt, is now fully spring-loaded in the DNA and so holds the battery much more tightly than did the previous Series-B model, so is less likely to jiggle out after bumps or knocks. The magnetic battery cover is also more carefully designed and flips snugly and tightly into place very easily.

Charging: As with Jacvapour’s previous Series-B model, there is a USB charging port built into the DNA and a PC charging cable supplied. The built-in charger is a useful feature and the device can be fully-charged in about 4 hours like this (a bit too long in my opinion), though I chose to use my dedicated battery charger instead as this did the same job in about half the time.

Functioning and vaping satisfaction

series-b-dna-75w-reviewConnections: I tested the DNA 75w with two sub-ohm tanks: Jacvapour’s own S-22 Tank and an Arymi Gille tank and both attached onto the mod with very tight connections and no display errors.

Responsiveness and strength: I found the DNA 75W was noticeably more responsive than the Tilt at lower wattages and that vapour produced was less harsh at higher power settings. This may be due to a smarter chipset, though honestly I don’t know why this is. I’ve certainly noticed that power seems to build more smoothly as power button is pressed, rather than a sudden warm blast, and that vapour flavour seems deeper and more three-dimensional than with the previous Series-B model. Though the DNA 75W looks pretty good with the S-22, I would say it works best with the Arymi tank, as wattage can really be cranked up with its huge coil if need be.

Series-B DNA 75W: Verdict

jacvapour-series-b-dna-75w-reviewJacvapour have packed a lot of thought into this very nice-looking UK-designed mod and the DNA 75W really is a cut above its predecessor, the Tilt. I respect their insistence on producing serious single-battery sub-ohm models, as I’m a user who prefers solid, serious devices that are also portable, concealable, and which don’t look bulky and ridiculous. Like the Tilt, the Series-B DNA 75W is a hardwearing and foolproof device which, if you look after it, will probably last you at least a couple of years, and will provide a lot of satisfaction in the meantime.

However, while the built-in battery charging port is an essential feature, charging time could be a lot faster in this model – if the DNA is to be your main device, you’d do well to invest in a standalone battery charger and an extra battery, too. Likewise, if looks are important to you, in my opinion the stainless steel model will give you more mileage than the black rubberised version, as sooner or later, visible scratches will begin to show on the surface of the black device, especially if you’re intending to carry it around in a pocket with keys and coins, etc.

In all, this latest incarnation of the Series-B is very impressive and (just about) affordable for those who want to own a more versatile device and experience better performance and depth of flavour in their vaping.

Try the DNA 75w for yourself!

Valid Jacvapour discount codes are available for this supplier.


New Jacvapour S-22 Vape Tank Review

JAC Vapour UK have just released their new mouth to lung-dedicated S-22 vape tank (£18.99, JAC Vapour) in a bid to satisfy vapers who still enjoy mouth-to-lung vaping as opposed to direct lung vaping, which has taken centre-stage in the last year or two, much to the annoyance of “traditional” vapers!

JAC claim their top-fill S22 tank will offer a more natural (cigarette-like) draw when used with the correct coil and airhole adjustments, though can likewise be used by direct lung vapers with open airholes and a lower-resistance coil. Here’s my quick review of the S22 vape tank after a couple of days’ puffing…

S22 Tank by JAC Vapour: review

jac-vapour-s-22-reviewAppearance and practicality: the Jacvapour  S-22 tank consists of three easy-to-assemble main sections – base, body and mouthpiece, aimed presumably at more practical assembly and cleaning. Pretty sleek-looking overall, with brushed steel surface (nice) and zero branding (at least for now). There are only two vertical slots for “windows” on the body of the tank to see how much e liquid you have remaining, so a big departure from the all-glass Kanger-style models of the past, though this sturdier design is probably more likely to survive a clumsy drop onto a hard kitchen floor (I haven’t tested that, yet).

Versatility: I screwed the S-22 onto two of my battery mods – firstly onto my 50W Series B Tilt mod, which will power practically any tank you throw at it, and then onto my Reuleaux RX2/3 (150W). Both worked well with no power issues and connections were tight on both devices.



Vape test – MTL (1.0) coil fitting with air holes closed: the 50 Watt mod gave an initial “NO TANK” error message on the display when I first fitted the S-22 with the MTL coil, suggesting a loose connection somewhere – on closer inspection, the coil had become wet after I had filled the tank (presumably due to loose assembling in factory) though once dried off and reinserted more tightly, worked as expected.

The ventilation (air hole) spinner certainly provided a cigarette-like draw, and gave quite realistic resistance, as long as air holes were completely (or nearly) closed. For me, the key issue with MTL (1.0) coil fitted was that my heavier VG e liquid performed a little too sluggishly in initial tests – a switch to a brighter, 50/50 PG/VG eliquid gave instantly better results in flavour and quality of vapour, even at quite low wattages (15-20w). This may have been due to my particular brand of e liquid (homebrewed) though results were definitely much better with a lighter e liquid.

Vape test – DL (0.5) coil fitting with airholes open: no problems this time in terms of connections and there was no need to soak or prime the coil, either. The JAC S-22 gave out clean and strong-tasting vapour within about a minute of assembly without any issues at all (again starting at about 15w), and on both of my mods though vapour was much keener at 20 watts, though at 25W was a little too warm on the tongue for my liking.

Though performance (in terms of vapour production) was adequate with ventilation holes fully open, I got a lot of noise (whistling) in this position – by twisting the air hole spinner to the half-closed position, I was able to get a noticeably quieter draw, vapour became thicker – and much stronger and brighter in flavour. In terms of e liquid compatibility, the DL (0.5) coil seemed to manage my heavier (VG) e liquid much more effectively than than did the MTL coil in my previous test.

SS22 Tank Review: Round-up

jacvapour-s22-tank-reviewJacvapour’s S22 tank is perhaps not as radical a tank system design as many, and is considerably less glassy and bulky in appearance than some of the more classic tank designs of late, but interesting nevertheless. The S-22 looks good, doesn’t leak at all (as far as I can tell so far) and gives out lots of fresh-tasting vapour in both DL and MTL settings.

Simple design of the S22 makes for quick cleaning and filling, and MTL air hole setting provides a realistic cigarette-like draw. However, to be honest, I preferred using the 0.5 DL coil with airholes shut and found this to give a more “realistic” smoking-like mouth-to-lung performance than did the MTL coil, which I think may require a lighter e liquid to improve vapour production and flavour. All in all though a versatile, reponsive tank and a monster vapour-maker, whether you are a mouth or lung vaper.

Find out more about JAC Vapour’s new S-22 tank here







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