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Having a home that smells fresh is a big deal when you’re deciding whether to switch from smoking to vaping indoors. But will your vaping habit leave a stale smell inside rooms in your home just like smoking does?

Stopping smoking can freshen up your home and make your rooms clean and fragrant again. So it’s hard to imagine why anyone would swap smoking for vaping if it can make your indoor home spaces smell just as bad.

E cig suppliers say there’s nothing to worry our noses about, and even landlords appear unbothered about vaping smells inside their properties.

But can you really enjoy vaping at home without making a nasty smell indoors? Or will you just end up with more stale-smelling carpets and furniture to clean? Let’s clear the air by investigating whether or not vaping can leave any kind of smell indoors at all.

Does vaping leave a smell indoors?

It is true that vaping can leave a smell on carpets, curtains and sofas indoors, but only if you are careless. If you vape strong flavours and leave windows closed without air-purification, smells indoors will build up over time. What’s more, that “vaping home smell” can linger on and on unless you either fix it – or stop it from happening in the first place.

What causes the smell when you vape at home?

The smell you get by vaping at home is caused by tiny flavour compound particles in your exhaled e cig vapour settling on soft furnishings. Most e liquids contain aromatic food flavourings, which are vapourised for only a few seconds in your device.

When you exhale, any fragrance compounds in your e cig vapour that aren’t disturbed will settle and leave a smelly residue on indoor surfaces. And there they will linger until you deal with them!

Why does vape smell sometimes linger indoors?

Lingering smells from vaping are worse indoors simply because vapour becomes more concentrated in confined areas and has nowhere else to go. But aromas tend to linger more if you’re chain vaping or vaping very often in a room with poor ventilation.

What’s more, smells indoors may linger longer because of carrier liquids (like PG) in your vape which can take weeks to evaporate. But exactly how long can these unwanted aromas last inside your home?

How long can vaping smells last indoors?

Because vapour particles take so long to evaporate, unwanted vaping smells may last for longer than expected indoors. This means vape whiffs can linger on for days or even weeks until they disappear on their own, or until you remove them.

Which kinds of e-cigarette leave more smells in your home?

So-called “cloud-chasing” vape devices, which generate much more vapour than regular e cigarettes are the worst offenders for leaving odours in your home. These are also known as “direct lung” e cigs, because you inhale large volumes of vapour in one breath right into your lungs.

Just as they inhale, direct lung vapers also exhale huge clouds of pungent vapour with every puff. Watch anyone vaping these kinds of e cigarette for a moment and you’ll see right away how easily they can stink out a room indoors.

Pods and vape pens leave less pong

Luckily though, home-intoxicating cloud-chasing devices are mostly for experienced users. If you’re coming into vaping for the first time, you’re more likely to go for a smaller device for smokers like a pod or vape pen. These types of e cigarette give out way less vapour – and won’t leave so many unwanted smells in interior spaces in your home.

Which e cig flavours leave most smells indoors?

In my experience, the best way to stop vaping smells from lingering indoors is to choose your e-liquid or pod refill flavours carefully. Here is list of flavours that will probably make your home interiors reek, followed by some others which won’t!

Whiffy vapes to avoid

I would personally avoid low or “bassy” kinds of vape flavours if you want to keep your indoor spaces smelling nice and fresh. These low sickly-sweet notes will stick to furniture and carpets and can hang around for weeks. Particularly if you’re renting your home and want to avoid indoor vaping bans because of “rancid odours“, maybe give these pongy vapes a miss.

  • Coconut
  • Vanilla (the cheap stuff)
  • Chocolate
  • Cola
  • Banana
  • Artificial tobacco

Sweeter-smelling alternatives to try!

These lighter, more upbeat indoor-friendly vape flavours are a safer bet for a fresher, sweeter smelling and more fragrant home. Tangy, sharp smells are way more tolerable than cheesy ones. Even if the smell from these e cigarette flavours does linger indoors, it won’t matter. In fact, your vape will be air-freshening your home for you!

  • Menthol (mint, peppermint, spearmint, etc)
  • Real tobacco (NET)
  • Citrus fruits (lemon, lime, grapefruit, etc)
  • Floral (rose, cherry blossom, green tea)
  • Unflavoured (nicotine shots – almost completely odourless)

How to manage vape smell indoors

Apart from choosing the right device and nicer-smelling e liquids, the best way to deal with bad vape smells indoors is with good ventilation. Stop vaping smells from building up indoors with an open window or vents.

Surprisingly, you can also buy specialised air purifiers to remove e cigarette aromas from rooms in your house if you so desire. If you’re still struggling to get on top of nasty whiffs though, try vacuuming soft furnishings more regularly. Or else, get yourself a nice-smelling air freshener to mask the pong!

Which rooms in your home can be most affected vape smells?

Odours from vaping mostly affect rooms like lounges with soft fabric furnishings, such as carpets, curtains and sofas. These are also the places where you are likely to spend more time vaping. Bedrooms are particularly vulnerable to vape smells, as beds and duvets are soft and easy for vapour to penetrate.

Does vaping indoors leave a smell on clothes?

Vaping can leave a smell on many kinds of fabric including clothes inside your home. The amount of smell absorbed by clothing depends on material type, and intensity or duration of exposure to vapour indoors. However, because vape particles are water-soluble, any aromas on garments will disappear with normal home washing and airing.

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