Black Note E Liquid Review

Black Note E liquid


Richness of flavour


Vapour quality




Vaping satisfaction


Value for money



  • Natural tobacco extracts
  • Realistic tobacco flavours
  • Suitable for both MTL/DTL
  • Order direct from UK supplier


  • Only small bottles available
  • Single unit price is high
  • No nic salt version available

Here is a review of Black Note e liquid, a N.E.T. tobacco extract vape juice, which is now available from UK supplier, Vapour UK.  The review looks at all eight Black Note real tobacco flavours currently available.

Real tobacco flavour – at a price!

If you’re a fan of realistic-tasting tobacco e-liquid, you’ll probably be interested in Black Note e liquid, even if you have to dig into your life savings to afford them. They’re definitely not cheap! 


Why is Black Note e liquid so expensive?

Black Note e-liquid is apparently so expensive because it takes so long to produce. This begins with a painstaking process of tobacco selection and curing. It then continues with natural extraction, blending, ageing and finally filtering. 

It’s pretty clear from this that Black Note is intended by its makers as a very serious tobacco e-liquid. And this is why the price is so high.

Black Note means real tobacco extracts

Black Note contains natural essences of real tobacco. This is why they don’t taste much like the usual tobacco e liquid we see in UK or Europe.

In other words, you won’t find food flavourings, flavour enhancers or anything like that. Just PG base, natural tobacco flavour extracts and nicotine.

Natural tobacco extraction method

Black Note extract their tobacco essences naturally, through maceration and steeping. This is different to the faster industrial processes by which e liquid manufacturers usually extract flavours from tobacco.

The Black Note extraction method results in an e liquid with a cleaner, softer, less obvious flavour, and a thinner consistency.

Black Note VG / PG ratio and devices

All Black Note e liquid has a 50% VG / 50% PG composition, this is to balance smoothness, vapour and flavour intensity.

This means that this e liquid is well-suited to most RDA and RTA set-ups, though ideally of the MTL kind.

Black Note for Direct-to-Lung vaping?

Though it’s possible to do, I won’t recommend vaping Black Note e liquid in a direct-to-lung device in this review. This is simply because warmer DL vapour temperatures would likely ruin the very subtle tobacco flavours.

You’ll also get through a lot more e liquid if you vape Black Note in a DL tank – and (as I’ve previously mentioned), this stuff is not cheap!

Black Note is first and foremost an MTL vape. As such, it deserves a cool coil and a narrow drip tip to do the flavours justice.

How to enjoy Black Note

The most noteworthy aspect of Black Note e liquid is that most of the flavours are extremely subtle, and require patience and focus to enjoy.

Black Note e liquid is in a different class from most other e liquids, and as such should be enjoyed for the experience.


Savour the subtle flavours!

The thing about Black Note e liquid is that it you have to “get” what it’s about to really enjoy it. Think “black tea” rather than “cappuccino with three sugars and sprinkles”, and you’ll be half-way there.

The best way to enjoy these e liquids is firstly to clear your mind of  every other tobacco e liquid you’ve ever tried before.

When you’ve done that, you’ll need to set-up a build which allows you to wheedle out those subtle flavours so you can really savour them.

Best build for maximum flavour

For this review, I tried hard to find a set up which really maximised flavour.

To really crank up those Black Note flavours, you’ll need to keep your mod power down to a minimum (8-12 watts). Then, drip direct onto a thin MTL coil (1.0Ohm is fine).

For even better results, prime your cotton with a thin, flavourless PG base liquid. Then, drip your Black Note liquid drop-by-drop onto the wet coil.

Once you’ve done this, flavours will start to build up gradually as you vape.

You’ll probably need to lift nicotine levels a bit to make up for the lower wattage. I prefer to vape these liquids at about 12 mg, and this works fine for me. And don’t forget the green tea!

Salt nicotine (nic salt) vapers may be disappointed to discover that Black Note still don’t have a nicotine salt version. But there is a way around this!

You simply order the lowest nicotine option (currently 3mg). Then you just top up with a good quality flavourless nicotine salt base liquid of your own.

This means you get a nice smooth nic salt buzz with no hiccups or harsh throat hit, and all of the Black Note flavour.

This method will also save you a bit of money too, because you’ll get more Black Note in return for your £6 spend!

Best Black Note flavours to try: My top three!

Best Black Note Flavour: Cadenza

For me, Cadenza, with its rich, full-bodied tobacco flavour and woody, base notes is the most satisfying of all the Black Note e liquids. It might even be one of the best tobacco e liquids I’ve ever tried.

Bravura comes a close second and is just as smooth, but is slightly sweeter and warmer.

Finally, as a big fan of menthol tobaccos, Solo is a really amazing, well-rounded and realistic tobacco-menthol hybrid. It’s one of the softest, most carefully-balanced menthol e liquids I’ve reviewed so far.

See my full review of all eight Black Note flavours

If you’re looking for a way to justify the big spend on Black Note in the UK, you can save money by buying the lowest nicotine

There are five Black Note nicotine strengths in all, ranging from 3mg right up to 24mg.

Black note e liquid retailers in UK

Vapour UK is currently the only official retailer of Black Note e liquid in the UK. Vapour UK supply individual bottles and presentation sets of the Classic Black note e liquid range to British customers. They also sell the newer “Black Note V” line in individual bottles.

Save money on Black Note with 5% Discount Code

You can get 5% off all UK Black Note orders with this Vapour UK discount code: ECIGFIND

Final Thoughts

In the current market of overpriced generic e liquids, Black Note stands out. It’s like an antique single malt in a cupboard full of cheap lager.

Even compared to really good tobacco-flavoured e liquid, Black Note is in a class of its own.  Apart from the fact that there is no Black Note nicotine salt version available yet, I’m more than happy with these flavours. 

Subtle flavours, carefully-sourced ingredients and painstaking production. This e liquid is definitely worth trying. 

New Black Note tobacco e liquid range

If you like Black Note classic, you might also enjoy Black note V Line, a brand new range of tobacco e liquid, aimed at newer vapers and recent ex-smokers. It’s also a lot cheaper!


V-Line e liquid is cheaper than Black Note classic, with a UK retail price of £4.75 per 10ml. 

You can check out my review of Black Note V Line here