Best Vape to Stop Smoking in 2021: 7 E Cigs That Feel Like Real Cigarettes


Vaping doesn’t always feel enough like smoking to satisfy smokers. But the good news is that there are some e cigs out there that can give you a much more realistic smoking sensation.

Here are some of the best UK 2021 vape devices designed specifically to help heavy, light and regular smokers stop smoking.

Top 7 list of Best Vape Kits and Devices for Smokers 2021

Here is my list of the most suitable vape kits and devices for smokers to quit smoking with in 2021 with UK prices. You can see a detailed review of each e cig model by clicking on product names.

ImageVape Kit or ModelUK PriceBest for Smoker Type
caliburn-g-is-a-good-vape-pod-for-light-and-regular-smokers1. Uwell Caliburn G£21.49light / regular
S22-for-heavy-and-regular-users2. Jac Vapour S22£37.99regular / heavy
uppends-uppen3. Uppen Vape Pen£23.99light / regular
kroma-r-zlide-for-heavy-smokers4. Innokin Kroma-R Zlide£49.99heavy
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is innokin-x50-image.png5. Innokin Coolfire X50£37.99regular / heavy
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is epuffer-xpod-image.jpg6. EPuffer Xpod£24.99light
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is osmall.png7. Vaporesso Osmall£9.99light

Best vape kit features smokers should look for:

Having a basic understanding of smoker-friendly vape device features can save you making expensive mistakes. It will also help you end up with a vape kit that actually satisfies your cigarette cravings.

Ideally, smokers should look for lightweight, simple-to-use, low-power mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices when choosing a vape kit. Devices that take disposable pre-filled e liquid pods or vape cartridges are also recommended. It is also worthwhile checking before you buy that your device will recharge quickly enough.

Simple design and easy-to-use features save you having to fiddle around with your new vape device when you’re trying to quit smoking. Your device should be simple enough to pick up and vape as soon as cravings strike, without having to check the instruction manual.

For this reason, look for built-in power (no separate batteries) or “all-in-one” build types for easy recharging. Likewise, instead of complex displays, just a single power button or basic up-down voltage controls should suffice for most smokers.

MTL (or mouth-to-lung) e cigarettes, coils and tanks are designed to feel, vape (and sometimes look) more like real cigarettes. They produce a more intense vapour at lower voltages, and this gives you more flavour and a stronger nicotine hit. For this reason, MTL type devices are the best choice for new users wanting to kill their tobacco cravings.

Disposable pre-filled pods and cartridges make the transition from smoking to vaping easier for you to adjust to because you don’t have to refill, clean or empty anything. Smoker-friendly vape devices should give you more flexibility in this respect. Yes, refillable tanks are more flexible and allow you more choice, but quitters just need ease of use.

However, if you do end up going down the refillables route, top-fill or side-filling tanks and pods are the ones to go for. Again, these make life simpler and less messy by allowing you to refill your device quickly and simply. How many smokers want the hassle of having to take their whole tank apart just to refill it?

Strong flavour and tight draw are crucial features for smokers and recent quitters with dulled taste buds. This is because (especially heavy) smokers need stronger flavours to replace the taste of tobacco smoke.

MTL coils are the best coils for this purpose as they use thinner wire which heats up faster. They also have a narrower air channel to give you a tighter draw that feels more like smoking a real cigarette.

Low power (max 30-50 watt) vape devices are the best choice for even for heavy smokers as they are designed to produce a cooler, smoother throat hit. They also produce a noticeable nicotine “buzz” and longer-lasting vapour.

Coils (ranging from 1.0ohm -1.6 ohm) for smokers generally work most effectively at low to medium power (10-20 watts). That’s why MTL-compatible devices with maximum battery output above 50 watts are simply unnecessary for smokers.

Portability is often overlooked by smokers choosing their first vape device. Ideally, your first vape pen, pod or combo should be small and light enough enough to carry around in a pocket or handbag. If your vape device is uncomfortable to carry or use when you quit smoking, you may stop using it and end up going back to cigarettes.

Fast recharging makes the switch to vaping more convenient for smokers giving up because it obviously saves you time. Ideally, smoker-friendly vape devices should only have you waiting for around 60 minutes between charges. In this way, you won’t have to wait till hell freezes over before you can vape again.

Reliability is a final crucial feature to look for if you’re a smoker in search of your first vape kit or device. Given the ease of going back to smoking, finding a vape that won’t let you down is key to sticking with vaping. This means choosing reliable devices designed just for smokers. But you should also buy from trusted vape suppliers that can offer full product guarantees, warranties and certificates.

Reviews of recommended vape kits designed for smokers

Look at my reviews of each vape model here to see which is the most suitable one for you as a heavy, regular or light smoker:

1. Uwell Caliburn G

  • Ideal choice for light or regular smokers

Uwell’s new Caliburn G is the perfect ready-to-go UK kit for light and regular smokers trying to quit cigarettes. It offers excellent flavour production, satisfying nicotine buzz and easy-to-use functions in a reliable, pocket-sized device. Though the Caliburn G doesn’t look that much like a real cigarette, its strong flavours and smooth throat hits nevertheless do get you very close to the feel of smoking.

Benefits for smokers

Rich and confident flavours, which are exactly what smokers trying to quit need in a first vape kit.

Draw is also reassuringly tight, to give a realistic cigarette-like suction effect. Flipping and re-inserting the mouthpiece makes airflow looser or tighter. This function is perfect for recent quitters, who may want the option of getting suction and resistance closer to the feeling of smoking.

Nicotine buzz from the Caliburn G is noticeably strong, and especially with high PG nicotine salt liquids. I got a strong buzz and very smooth throat hit on this device using 12mg nicotine salt liquid at 75% PG.

UK price and where to buy

The Caliburn G costs about £21 in the UK. The device is currently available from several UK suppliers, including New Vaping, Electric Tobacconist and Ecigarette Direct.

Features in detail

With a weight of only 37g and length of 11cm, Uwell’s Caliburn G is compact and portable. It’s also light enough to hold in the hand like a cigarette which is reassuring for quitters.

That said, the more-than-adequate 690 mAh built-in battery power will give light and regular smokers at least 3 or 4 hours of vaping between charges.

You can activate vapour from the Caliburn G either by pressing the circular power button or else by sucking, for a more realistic smoking action. I found the suction activation option to be especially responsive, providing immediate streams of vapour with even the gentlest of sucks.

In this way, the Caliburn responds much more like a cigarette, which is a big bonus when you’re trying to quit smoking.

The Caliburn G takes replaceable coils, which makes it more versatile than many other smoker-friendly pod vape kits, which only take disposable pods. This means you only need to replace coils when they wear out, and you can refill pods with your own vape liquids.

You can use either 0.8 mesh coils or 1.0 coils in the Caliburn G. However, the 1.0 coils provide a much more realistic smoking experience for quitters in terms of nicotine buzz, resistance and flavour than the 0.8s.

Key points

  • Excellent vapour flavour and variable draw resistance for quitters
  • Smooth throat hit and strong nicotine buzz at 12mg 50/50 vg-pg (salts)
  • Highly responsive button and suction activation
  • 15 watts max output
  • Dual airflow for more realistic cigarette draw
  • Replaceable coils and 2ml refillable pods

2. Jac Vapour S22 Mesh Kit

  • Most reliable vape for regular or heavy smokers

If you’re a regular or heavy smoker looking for a first vape to help you quit smoking in 2021, the S22 Mesh kit is a very reliable all-British kit. Designed 100% in the UK by established UK vape supplier Jac Vapour, this is a user-friendly kit made just for people trying to stop smoking.

The smoking feel is there alright, but for best effects, you’ll need to go for the (supplied) 1.0 MTL coil with a good, strong tobacco nic salt e liquid.

Benefits for smokers

Somewhere between a vape pen and a tank mod combo, the solid-looking S22 Mesh Kit offers heavier smokers more power than a pod vape and more control over airflow.

This model gives smokers about a day of fairly heavy vaping between charges draw tightness is easy to adjust. The kit also allows more choice in terms of available coil types and coil resistances. The fixed power feature also means recent quitters have no worries with having to adjust voltages.

UK price and where to buy

The S22 Mesh Kit costs £37.99 from the Jac Vapour UK online store. First-time customers can get 15% off this kit with this discount code: ECF

Features in detail

Nicotine hits out of the S22 Mesh are strong with the right coil and liquid combination. MTL 1.0 S-coils can tolerate 50/50 VG/PG e-liquids but give smokers richer, more powerful hits with thinner liquids.

This kit comprises a 2ml top-filling tank unit and 2900 mAh rechargeable battery. MTL coils (mesh or non-mesh) are replaceable and easy to fit, even for smokers new to vaping.

The S22 Mesh Kit is also profoundly durable and hard-wearing and will resist all but the most severe bumps and scratches.

Finally, quitters wanting to adjust suction resistance can benefit from the simple-to-use airflow spinner at the base of the tank. This switches airflow very smoothly from wide open to almost closed, the recommended vape setting for a stronger, more cigarette-like draw for heavier smokers.

Key points

  • hard-wearing design and solid build
  • less chunky and more portable than a serious tank mod combo
  • enough battery power for one day of vaping even for heavy smokers
  • airflow and suction can be controlled with a simple twist
  • top-fill feature means easy refilling
  • wide choice of coil types and resistances

3. Uppends Uppen

  • a lightweight vape pen for regular or light smokers

The Uppends Uppen is a refillable, rechargeable vape pen ideally recommended for regular and light smokers trying to quit cigarettes. The Uppen gives you simple features and comfortable vaping in a pen-shaped device. The Uppen’s shape and weight means it feels a bit more like a real cigarette, and nicotine buzz is also very good with the right e liquid.

Meanwhile, a spit-back-protected mesh coil system and a smoker-friendly antibacterial mouthpiece make for safer vaping.

Benefits for smokers

The Uppen vape pen is a bit bigger than a pod vape in length (130mm) and width (16mm). However, it’s still very light and comfortable enough for smokers to hold. Vapour quality is excellent, and nicotine hit is strong enough to satisfy cigarette cravings after you’ve quit smoking.

UK price and where to buy

The Uppen Vape Pen Kit costs £23.99 and you can order it online from UK supplier, New Vaping.

Features in detail

Initial set-up is very easy as you only need to drop the 2ml magnetic pods into place into the 600mAh rechargeable power unit to start vaping. With its snap-on pods, the Uppen works more like a basic pod vape rather than a vape pen, and vapes much like a pod too.

The Uppen’s slightly looser draw is well-matched to needs of lighter smokers. But vapour and nicotine hits are still smooth and strong enough to satisfy regular smokers using 12 mg e-liquids and above. My recommended e-liquid match for light smokers with this vape pen is 8-10 mg, with 12-18 mg for regular tobacco users.

Comfortable mouthpiece

Apart from its excellent vapour production, for me, the Uppen’s main attraction for smokers is its mouthpiece. Small and comfortable, and with a nozzle that concentrates vapour onto the tongue for a more realistic cigarette-smoking experience.

Key points

  • Pod-style vape feel in a larger vape pen design
  • Extremely easy for recent quitters to set up and use
  • Comfortable, anti-bacterial mouthpiece 
  • Refillable spit-back protected 1.2 ohm mesh coil pods
  • Rechargeable 600 mAh battery so enough charge for day-long vaping for lighter smokers
  • Smooth strong and satisfying vapour with right e-liquid set up

4. Innokin Kroma-R Zlide

  • Best mini vape tank combo for heavy smokers

The Innokin Kroma-R Zlide is a great mod-tank MTL combo and the best choice of vape device for heavy smokers trying to quit. The Zlide offers up to 80 watts of power and highly-responsive vaping with scope for adjustments and customisation. Realistic smoking feel and excellent vapour production and flavour.

Benefits for smokers

With its 18650 rechargeable battery, the Kroma-R Zlide is a real powerhouse, allowing at least a day of vaping for even the heaviest of smokers.

UK price and where to buy

The UK price of the Innokin Kroma-R Zlide varies, but usually sells for around £49. Note also that kits do not include the 18650 battery, which is sold separately. This kit is supplied by several UK stores including Pure Eliquids, Vape Club UK and others.

Features in detail

Alongside simple-to-use up-down VV/VW power controls, the vape mod unit also offers more demanding smokers a useful “taste modes” display feature. This lets you crank up from soft and normal to boost settings for deeper, richer flavours in a couple of clicks.

The Zlide-R’s 2ml refillable tank is well-suited to mouth-to-lung (cigarette-style) vaping. The larger viewport makes e-liquid levels easy to monitor, while the adjustable airflow feature fine-tunes draw resistance. These features are perfect for more persistent smokers, who generally get through more e-liquid and prefer a tighter, richer vape.

Heavier smokers will find the 1.2 ohm coil included gives a much tighter draw and richer vapour than the 0.8ohm version. However, for optimum vape performance, Innokin 1.0ohm Z-coils (separate purchase) offer smokers heavier draws and more satisfying nicotine hits.

My recommended set-up for this vape kit for heavy smokers is at 14 watts power with restricted airflow. The “normal” taste mode will also give out strong hits using a 12mg nic salt high-PG tobacco e-liquid.

Alternatively, dropping wattage to 10 watts with 18mg liquid gives out smoother, cooler vapour. This set-up is strong enough to satisfy more frequent smokers.

Key points

  • Manual draw activation (power button)
  • Near-instant responsiveness (0.003 seconds)
  • Excellent airflow control to give a heavier draw
  • Three-stage vapour taste mode feature to help smokers fine-tune flavours
  • More battery power so longer vape sessions for heavy smokers
  • Compatible with Zenith-type MTL coils
  • Pocket-sized but sturdy, hard wearing appearance

5. Innokin Coolfire Z50

  • Ideal vape kit for heavy or regular smokers

The Coolfire Z50 Zlide is a small but powerful MTL mini vape combo, ideal for regular to heavy cigarette users planning to quit smoking.

Benefits for smokers

A two-part 50W mod-tank combo with 2100mAh output, the Z50 is ideal for heavier smokers who want longer, more intense vape sessions in less-complicated device. The benefit of variable power settings gives you more control over vapour flavour and strength. This allows you more options to get your vape closer to the taste and feel of smoking that you prefer.

With the right set-up, the Z50 offers more habitual smokers stronger flavours and more powerful nicotine hits. And this makes heavier smokers more likely to stay on track with vaping after quitting smoking.

UK price and where to buy

UK prices for the Innokin Coolfire Z50 start at £37.99 (from New Vaping). Other suppliers of this kit include Vape Club, Vapestore and Vape UK, though prices are higher.

Features in detail

Its slightly smaller 2100mAh power unit is built-in, meaning no batteries to remove for recharging. Likewise, the display is also simple, showing only voltage and wattage power settings.

The Coolfire Z50 comes with a Zlide tank with 2ml liquid capacity, which gives smokers at least 4-5 hours of heavy vaping between refills.

The tank is also compatible with replaceable 0.8 and 1.2 ohm Innokin Z-Coils. One of each of these coils comes with the kit.

For regular smokers, either of these coil resistances will work fine. However, heavier smokers and very recent quitters may find the 1.2 ohm version gives a stronger hit.

If you’re a heavy or everyday smoker looking for a substantial but user-friendly device that gives you more power than a pod, the Coolfire Z50 is the perfect quit kit for you.

Key points

  • pocket-sized mini-mod tank
  • 4-5 hours vaping with every refill
  • 2100 mAh built-in power so longer vaping for heavy users
  • simple controls so easier for recent quitters to use than many other mod combos
  • choice of 0.8 and 1.2 ohm replaceable Z-coils 

6. EPuffer XPOD

  • Best vape for light smokers trying to quit smoking

EPuffer is one of the few remaining UK vape suppliers that still focuses primarily on smokers as their main target customer. Their own in-house XPOD vape pod is the perfect choice for light or occasional smokers who want a lightweight, no-nonsense device that feels like a cigarette with a minimum of fuss. Super easy to use and next to no set up.

Benefits for smokers

With no real setting up to do, and no worrying about small parts, quitters can vape and recharge the XPOD whenever and wherever they like. It gives out a very cool and satisfying vapour, and 2mg pods provide fast and noticeable relief from cigarette cravings.

Features in detail

This MTL vape pod comes with built-in 375 mAh power, and will fully recharge in around 45 minutes to give light smokers almost a day of moderate vaping.

Flavours from the XPOD’s pre-filled pods are rich enough to satisfy lighter smokers’ needs. Meanwhile, pod refill liquids are very strong (2mg) and will give quitters consistently powerful, satisfying and realistic cigarette-like hits.

The device can be assembled in seconds thanks to snap-on 1.5ml magnetic pods which drop snugly into place with a single action. Recharging is also simple. You just attach one end of the USB supplied to your device and the other into your laptop, car or wall socket adapter.

EPuffer supply both refillable and pre-filled pods for the XPOD. The refillable pods work out much cheaper for quitters in the longer term and are easy enough to refill.

However, I’d recommend those buying the XPOD as a first device go for the pre-filled (disposable) pods at first, just for simplicity. These work out at about £3 each and give light smokers about 300 puffs per pod.

UK price and where to buy

The XPOD costs £24.95 plus postage from EPuffer’s UK website.

Quitters can also get 10% discount off this kit and other products with the following discount coupon: ECIGFIND

Key points

  • very easy set-up and zero maintenance – just refill and go
  • very lightweight so feels more like a cigarette in your hand
  • fast recharging (45 mins)
  • very small and light enough to hold comfortably
  • strong hits and flavours so ideal for quitting smoking
  • nearly a day’s worth of moderate vaping with every pod/charge
  • choice of refillable or pre-filled pods + 3 refillables included in kit

7. Vaporesso Osmall

  • Best value vape pod for light smokers

The Vaporesso Osmall is a very affordable, lightweight pod vape device that’s the perfect vape for occasional or light smokers. With fantastic flavour and reliable nicotine hits, the 11w Osmall is a super-lightweight refillable that packs a punch.

Benefits for smokers

The Osmall is a fixed power device, so there are no buttons or displays to worry about. What’s more, built-in power means quick and easy recharging via USB from your laptop or wall adapter.

The Osmall Pod comes with handy refillable pods, fitted with a 1.2ohm coil to gives out around 11 watts of power per puff. Pods are side-refillable, with fill ports that are easy enough to refill quickly. For light smokers, I’d recommend a 12mg high-PG vape liquid for best results with the Osmall.

Pods with this kit have 2ml capacity, which is enough to give lighter smokers around a day of moderate vaping.

Draw resistance is a little looser than with some pod vape systems, though this is ideal for light smokers who usually prefer softer suction.

The Osmall’s modest 350mAh battery size will give you around three hours of regular vaping between charges. But very light or occasional smokers who just want the odd puff to kill cravings should be able to get by on just one recharge per day.

UK price and where to buy

The Vaporesso Osmall costs around £10-12.

It can be ordered online from many British online suppliers, such as New Vaping, Pure Eliquids, Ecigarette Direct, and others.

Key points

  • 2ml capacity
  • highly-responsive suction-operated draw 
  • no need to adjust power
  • small, lightweight and portable
  • comfortable wide mouthpiece
  • 40 mins to recharge 
  • reliable nicotine satisfaction
  • looser draw ideal for light smokers
  • super-affordable

Information about vape devices for smokers

Which kinds of vape kit are best for smokers?

With so many different kinds of vape kit on the market, making that initial choice of vape kit or device can be confusing if you’re a smoker. Generally speaking, smokers can choose from most types of vape kit or device, though there are some they should avoid.

Pod vapes (Juul, etc) are currently the go-to option for UK smokers trying to quit. Basic pod-style vapes are designed with smokers’ – and not vapers’ – needs in mind. This means they often look, feel and taste very similar to actual cigarettes.

Pod vapes are also cheap to buy, quick to recharge, easy to refill and use, and very portable. More specifically, pod vapes are designed to produce reliable nicotine hits and satisfying flavours. All of these features make them a popular first-vape option for smokers.

Vape pens are also a suitable choice of kit for smokers as (like pod vapes) they’re small, light and easy to carry around. But unlike with pods, vape pens can sometimes be trickier to refill and usually come in several parts.

Some of the lower wattage (less than 60w) mod-tank combos are also recommended for (especially heavy) smokers, as they are more powerful and can be customised. However, they do require more knowledge on the part of the user. For this reason, combos are less suitable if all you want is something basic to quit smoking with.

Finally, cigalikes, which were the first type of e-cigarette to become popular with smokers, are now outdated. For this reason, in my opinion they are best avoided, due to weak vapour and poor battery life.

Frequently asked questions about vape kits for smokers

Which vape device features are most suitable for a heavy smoker?

Above all, heavy smokers should choose vape devices with enough battery lifetime (10 hours+ ideally) to deal with continuous or frequent use. Mod-tanks, vape pens and “all-in-one” pod vape kits combine long battery life with MTL compatibility and all are ideal in this respect. Strong flavour and reliable nicotine satisfaction are also key must-have qualities in vapes for heavier smokers.

What is the best vape liquid for smokers when starting vaping?

Firstly, smokers should go for thinner e-liquids, with high PG ratios (e.g. 25 VG to 75 PG) as these tend to give out more flavour and strength. Smokers coming to vaping should also give nicotine salts a try, as these are a lot smoother than regular e-liquids. Finally, choosing a strong enough liquid (12-18mg) is a good idea, as is picking a flavour that’s rich and distinctive enough to keep you vaping.

How do I clean my vape pen, tank or pod?

Vape juice (or e-liquid) is fully water-soluble. This means any gunk that collects in your vape pen, pod or tank can be washed away easily with hot water. You can use an old toothbrush to clean hard-to-get parts (if you have a tank), though any dirt should come away easily. Just remember to drip-dry your device for a few minutes before you use it again.