Best Black Note Flavour

If you’re rich enough to afford it, Black Note e liquid promises a luxurious, smoking-like experience for gourmet tobacco lovers. But which is the best Black Note flavour?

Here is a flavour-by-flavour review of all liquids from the Classic Black Note range.

For a cheaper alternative to this Classic Range, also check out my review of Black Note’s newer and more affordable V-Line range. Some excellent flavours here for real tobacco lovers on a budget.

What’s so special about Black Note e-liquid?

Black Note e liquid is made from natural tobacco essences, and claims to contain no artificial additives or flavourings.

These high-end juices are quickly gaining ground among serious gourmet tobacco-lovers in search of realistic tobacco flavours.

Here’s my flavour review of the Black Note Classic range.


Black Note Best Flavour review

Black Note e liquids all have a 50% VG/50%PG mix. Available nicotine strengths (five in total) range from 3mg through to 24mg.

All e liquids were tested with a 3ml subtank and rebuildable Kanthal wire coil. This was cleaned and rewicked with pure cotton between refills to avoid cross-contamination of flavours.

1. Cadenza

Cadenza is a full-flavoured, complex, rich tobacco concoction, and is my absolute favourite Black Note flavour of all.

Warm and sweet on the inhale, drier, richer and slightly spicy on the exhale, Cadenza is complex and full of character.

In my opinion, this slightly smoky, fruity and full-bodied e liquid is the best flavour to go for if you want to see what Black Note is all about.

Cadenza has lighter, sweeter strawy overtones. These really shine at lower, power levels (7.0-9.0 Watts). Meanwhile, top tobacco notes are brighter with a hotter coil (10 watts+). Highly distinctive flavour and a real experience. 10/10

2. Bravura

Bravura is my second favourite Black Note flavour.

Clean, warm, soft and sweet flavours overall. Subtle creamy low notes of nougat, honey and nutmeg, with a confident, rich and distinctive tobacco key note.

Very smooth throat hit and an extremely mellow session vape.

Again, Bravura flavours are fullest and most complex at lower wattages. 8/10

3. Black Note Prelude

Prelude has a dry, tobacco flavour that is subtle though distinctive, but nothing really overpowering. To me Black Note Prelude was the one that took longest to really “get” in terms of overall character.

Unlike Cadenza and Bravura, Prelude is slightly smoky.

However, this doesn’t seem to interfere with –  or obscure the main tobacco essence flavours.

I didn’t get any sweetness on the tongue with this one at all, even at high wattage. Black Note Prelude is probably the most grown-up and elusive Black Note flavour of the pack. 8/10

4. Legato

Legato is in a different league from other members of the Black Note family in terms of heavy smokiness.

Unlike Cadenza, Legato’s key note is wood smoke, though this is still light enough for strong dark, Kentucky tobacco notes to shine through.

Very well-balanced on the whole, and a real campfire vape, though probably best to save this one for special occasions.

I would recommend reserving a separate tank or drip set up for Legato. This is because the smokiness is strong enough to otherwise overpower flavours of any subsequent e liquid you put in your tank.

Legato is the darkest, most distinctive Black Note flavour by far and probably the closest you’ll ever get to smoking an actual Gauloise. That said, its very obvious smokiness may not be for everyone. 9/10

5. Solo

Solo is the only menthol member of the Black Note family. But this menthol e-liquid isn’t the antiseptic flavour of generic menthol e-liquids that freeze your tongue like mouthwash.

Solo offers a warm, soft, well-rounded peppermint flavour, that tastes like it’s meant to be there.

Most importantly, the menthol flavour is distinctive enough to be refreshing, though gentle enough to allow underlying rich tobacco tones to hum along in the background.

A very well-balanced and extremely satisfying menthol e liquid, Solo is the softest and most satisfying tobacco menthol I have tried to date. 10/10

6. Adagio

Adagio is one of the more subtle Black Note e liquids. For some, it may be a good one to start with if you just want to get a taste of Black Note without committing to the whole lot.

Above all, Adagio has very mellow, bright, smooth and light notes with no determinable heavy flavours. The tobacco flavour is definitely there somewhere in the background, but it’s just not that prominent.

Although Adagio did start to grow on me after half an hour or so, it didn’t bowl me over.  There’s a little smokiness, and vapour is smooth as always. However, I felt this one lacked the distinctiveness and richness of some of the other flavours.

Adagio is probably the lightest and cleanest of all the flavours I’ve tried, and a great everyday vape. For me though, the flavours were a bit too subtle to enjoy. 7/10

7. Sonata

Sonata is a sweetish, woody flavour that tastes a little sharper – and slightly more acidic – than the other flavours.

This one is a vaguely citrus morning vape. In all, this was the brightest of all the Black Note e liquid flavours I reviewed, but no cigar, I’m afraid.

I like the freshness of Sonata, and also the usual subtle tobacco flavour with minimal smokiness. But this one doesn’t even get close to Bravura, Cadenza or Legato. 7/10

8. Forte

Forte is “Burley” blend of tobacco essences and the tobacco flavour is certainly rich enough to satisfy.

Again, another great all-day vape and a really smooth, full flavoured e liquid.

Probably the closest in terms of flavour to Bravura, Forte is another fairly realistic tobacco e liquid. Warm, woody and resiny, Forte is best vaped at low wattages. Give this one time to show its true colours. 8/10

Which is the best Black Note e liquid?

For me, the real winner in the Classic Black note pack is Cadenza, made from extractions of Greek Basma tobacco.

The balance of flavours is really first rate, and vapour is rich, warm, thick and very, very satisfying.

Bravura and soft menthol Solo come a close second and third. Meanwhile, the dark, mysterious and super-smoky Legato would certainly be on my list too, but only as an occasional vape.

Get the most out of Black Note

  • Remember to give Black Note e liquids time to soak through coil or cotton before you vape. Pre-loading your cotton with a flavourless base liquid also gives good results
  • Vape them on a fresh cotton build on your first tasting. This is to avoid subtle flavours becoming contaminated by whatever liquids you’ve been vaping on beforehand
  • As there’s no Black Note nicotine salt version yet, you’ll have to run a workaround, instead. In other words, nic salts fans can buy the low nic version and add their own nicotine salt to get the strength right
  • Black Note e-liquids are a gourmet vape with a price tag to match. Don’t waste them by pouring them into a massive Sub-ohm tank.  Drip and vape with an MTL coil to savour the flavours

Black Note Nicotine Salt version?

However great these tobacco flavours are, there’s still no Black Note nicotine salt version available. I wish there was, as nicotine salt e liquid makes vapour a lot smoother on the throat, in my experience.

Although Black Note e liquid is already quite soft on the mouth and throat, I’d nevertheless welcome a salt version of these flavours. This way, I think it would be even better,

One workaround for the lack of salt nic in Black Note is to buy the low nic version, then add your own nicotine salt. This method works for me, and you should also be able to get good results this way.

I really hope Black Note decide to add a nicotine salt version of their juices in the future. It wouldn’t be hard for them to do this as there’s already a huge market for salt nicotine products. If they did, it would turn an great range of high-end e liquids into an even more spectacular vape.