Just received the newly-released Aspire Triton 2 sub-ohm tank and have spent the last day or so putting it through its paces.

Here’s my initial review of this new tank – more info will be added over the next few days and weeks if problems etc appear.

A shorter review of the Triton 2 is available here.

Aspire Triton 2 Review

At the moment, only this store seems to be selling the Triton 2, though I guess more will follow, at which point I will run a price compare page, so watch this space.

Aspire Triton 2: first impressions

Appearances compared to the original Aspire Triton are pretty different from the outside.

The windowed steel tank chamber of the previous model has now been replaced with a simpler and flusher all-pyrex design, making the Triton 2 look more like its all-glass Aspire cousin, the Atlantis 2.

Just like the last version, the Aspire Triton 2 also fills from the top, and uses pretty much  the same mechanism to open and close the fill holes around the coil unit inside the tank.

Likewise, the airflow slots and spinner for lung/mouth vape settings at the base look pretty identical to the Triton, though to me the unit has a chubbier, chunkier, and more solid feel as a whole.

This seems odd as the Triton 2 is 6.5mm shorter than its predecessor, which also had 0.5ml more tank capacity (Triton 2 holds 3ml max) – maybe it’s just that the shape is less elongated that it seems more solid.

Refilling Aspire Triton 2So far, the biggest difference for me are the fittings, which are definitely neater, tighter and more precise than before. I had a few leakage issues with my first Triton (mostly around the drip tip), though this time round it looks the Aspire folks have put more thought into making sure that seals actually fit this time, and that parts lock tightly into one another.

I’ve already refilled a couple of times and even the few drops of liquid left carelessly around the filling holes seem to have been “absorbed” or otherwise made safe by the drip system.

I’ve also tried shaking, tilting, and inverting the unit and am getting no drips or leaks at all so far, which is positive.

Triton 2 Airflow

If you’re into the direct to lung vape thing (I’m not the biggest fan) Triton 2 is probably for you as the airflow spinner control dial has an extremely smooth action, and opens up wider than you would ever need.

Triton airholes openThough the lung vape isn’t really my cup o’ tea, I did test the direct to lung function out using the spinner and 0.5 Ohm Clapton coil that is supplied for this purpose and was impressed at the coolness (and huge quantity) of the vapour generated.

Personally, I like the fact that Triton 2’s airflow function is fully customisable, and that you can regulate flow to your taste with such precision (or just close it completely, in my case).

How to Refill Triton 2

If you bought the original Triton back in the summer, you’ll be familiar with the handy “top-fill” feature, which means you no longer have to flip your device upside-down, unscrew the whole thing and drip e liquid all over your clothes.

Anyway, if you didn’t, here’s how to refill the Triton 2 in four easy steps!

Triton 2 - Drip Valve in Open PositionTriton 2 now has exactly the same feature, which involves the following Unscrew Triton 2 drip unit to reveal filling holessteps: 1. open the filling valves by twisting the dial lining up the arrow on the “drip” setting

2. holding the tank upright, unscrew the drip unit -with or without your drip tip attached

3. refill your tank by squirting e liquid through the filling holes (see previous pic) under the drip system that will appear if you opened the valve in step one.

The final step (4) is to twist shut the drip valve to the “vape” setting, and screw back the drip unit, all of which will (hopefully) stop any liquid getting out.

Performance Review of Triton 2

As mentioned above I briefly tested the Triton 2 with the 0.5 coil supplied, though settled on the 1.8 coil for a more traditional session and this coped pretty well with the VG-heavy liquid I threw at it.

Vapour production was not quite so amazing with this higher resistance coil but flavour was excellent and vapour thick, cool and smooth.

I mostly stick to lower wattages for the purposes of maintaining flavour over vapour and strength, and I found the 1.8 coil worked best at 11.5 watts on my mod device.

Any more and vapour was still good, but a bit too warm.

Final Thoughts

The Aspire Triton 2 is definitely a close relative of all the other Aspire tanks, and is definitely an improvement on the first Triton, in terms of a sturdier build, better connections and leakage control.

I think it even looks better, despite the all-glass chamber. Triton 2 will also be a hit with lung vapers thanks to its versatile and generous airflow system.

It is however slightly smaller, so if 3.5 ml capacity wasn’t enough for you last time, you might not be happy with losing that extra half a millilitre this time around – the choice is yours..

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